Book of Space Lore: Log SLZT 8


Since its been a while… 15 September 2018, to be exact, we decided it would be a good idea to do a recap on the previous chapters of Book of Space Lore that ran from Log 1 – 7. You’ll still find all the chapters at the bottom, and they’re great reads if you have the time to go through them. Below is 1 – 6 with a separate recap on 7.


Recap 1-6:

Thorne Herm was working on collecting samples from Vorcia III, aided by his basic AI mining robot, J5. He discovered an extremely rare substance, Ocophial, which held immense power, including the possibility of opening wormholes to new galaxies.

As he collected the rare material, scanners aboard the Lazarus Falchion picked up signals all over, forcing Thorne and J5 to scramble towards the pod. Thousands of high-tech bugs started exploding from the ground, shooting yellow bolts towards the two. J5 acted beyond his normal capabilities and began transforming, shooting back at their pursuers.

By the time they made it to the pod, J5 had taken control and mentioned he preferred the designation, G. Thorne was exhausted and since his suit wasn’t designed to endure such conditions, he eventually passed out due to a likely combination of a shortage of oxygen and stress.

J5, or at least, G5, took over and launched safely back to the Lazarus Falchion before more of the robotic bugs reached them. After docking, Alan Green quickly learnt something was amiss, as G5 had taken on a far more intelligent role. He was being a little hostile and put Alan into a deep sleep like state. G5 now took command of the Lazarus Falchion, while both Thorne and Alan were out of commission.

After some modifications, which the Falchion completely submitted to, the ship was travelling at far greater speeds than it should, performing some space jumps as it went along, heading for GRS 902, a planet rebuilt and repurposed by The Collective whom were a dozen or so Super AI’s.


Last time on Space Lore Log 7:

The Pathfinder XVIII was curiously following the Lazarus Falchion. What they noticed were changes being made that even Specialist Aujuk , A Doctor turned Cyborg, couldn’t explain. When Captain Freyai Cordine heard that there were no real threat level weapons aboard, she adjusted their shields to 20%, and dropped their cloaking to improve power output to the engines. That’s when a bright flash of blue light erupted from the evolving Lazarus Falchion, knocking Freyai clean from her cockpit. Alarms were blaring and the emergency lights came on as Freyai struggled to breath due to the smoke.


Space Lore Log SLZT #8

Specialist Aujuk rushed towards his Captain. As she struggled to grasp for air, the Cyborg pulled some excess tubes from his arm, connected it to his own oxygen supply, and stuck it in her slim mouth. It happened within a few seconds, as the Cyborg’s extremely fast processing speed was far beyond that of any normal human.

The Bridge was filled with smoke as the electronics were fried upon impact, however that wasn’t what was causing them to grasp for air.

“Suck and hold,” instructed Specialist Aujuk, looking down at Captain Freyai, “The oxygen supply had been transformed into Carbon Dioxide upon impact.”

For a moment, he thought he saw panic in her eyes, however there were more important matters at hand. He didn’t have time to explain it, however he realized that whatever it was that attacked the ship, had some extremely powerful tools on hand. For something to transform gas from one to another, was almost unheard of.

Navigator Khree and Specialist Aujuk were the only two that were able to function normally amid the chaos on the bridge. G’Keylle, Chief Ingth and their Captain were gasping for air.

“Khree, shut down all power to the engines immediately and manually open the door!”

The Cyborg quickly picked up Captain Freyai with one arm, simultaneously scanning G’Keylle and Chief Ingth. He knew he had to get to G’Keylle first, who had 0% oxygen left. G’Keylle somehow managed to retain 20%.

“One more suck, then hold again!” shouted Specialist Aujuk over the blaring alarms to his Captain. Even though he was still part human, the chip that had been connected to his neuropathways gave him unbelievable processing abilities. Due to this, he had an insatiable appetite for knowledge, which he’d consume with unbelievable speed and accuracy. He was as close to a Super AI as you could possibly get.

When he reached G’Keylle, she’d just passed out. He shoved the pipe in into her nostril, constructed some web like material, and closed her mouth and other nostril with it. He’d managed to create a split feed, with which he could now supply oxygen to both parties. G’Keylle’s supply was automatically pumped, resembling natural breathing, while Captain Freyai sucked from the tube, then held her breath again.

Specialist Aujuk realized it was going to be tight. He had two of his fellow crew members breathing through one tube, and a third whom he hadn’t reached yet.

Navigator Khree had shut down the power supply and as the ship’s engines slowed to a crawl, he rushed towards the only door leading to the Bridge. He broke the emergency glass next to the door, pulled the manual access key from it, and almost dropped it as his shaky hands proceeded to unlock the manual override. There were a few clicks and clanks, as the locks and bolts unhinged, with the doors manual pistons then automatically kicking in, slowly sliding it halfway open.

There was a sensation of relief when the doors slid open, seeing some other members of the ship were unharmed.

As Specialist Aujuk reached Chief Ingth, the Captain herself quickly passed on the oxygen tube. He sucked, coughed, then sucked again, and they made their way towards the rear of the Bridge.

Oxygen started flooding in and they all managed to breathe easier. G’Keylle was the only one that still required assisted breathing. Still feeling hazy and dizzy, Captain Freyai rushed towards the Medical Bay with Specialist Aujuk carrying her in his arms. His scans showed that her brain activity appeared to be normal and determined that she was in a coma like state.

Once they reached the Medical Bay, she was quickly aided. The Lead Doctor was a Cyclops type species, who’s planet had been destroyed 5 thousand years ago. There were only a few thousand of them left, and most of them travelled through the galaxies aboard ships like these, vowing never to be driven to near extinction again.

“Dr. Grag, she had a lack of oxygen.”

Specialist Aujuk knew he didn’t have to provide her with too much detail. They mastered the art of dealing with all sorts of medical emergencies during their invasion, which put them at the forefront of medical intervention across the known galaxies. It took 20 years to destroy their planet and most of the Cyclops there. It was, however, one of the longest, toughest exploits undertaken by one species unto another.

It wasn’t a moment later when they heard the speakers ping and an unfamiliar voice speaking.

“This is J5 of the Lazarus Falchion. Let that be a warning. Do not attempt to track me. Do not attempt to follow me. Next time, there will be complete devastation on your ship.”

Captain Freyai wanted to respond as she hit a button on her wrists communication system, however Specialist Aujuk advised against it.

“Aujuk, what is it?”

Specialist Aujuk didn’t want to speak out loud. He waved the captain over towards a corner where no camera systems would be able to see, then proceeded to write a note in her language.

“Vefree vort intuld viliam vree vrintuim vantestee. Vortrituim ocophial.”

Unable to hide her shock, she looked at Aujuk, holding his index finger over his lips.



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