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Happiness is treating yourself, indeed!


Yesterday was a mundane day for me. I did the tasks at home such as cleaning the house, cooking meals, washing the dishes, and so much more. I was still on a vacation though, so I'm embracing the time that I still have the time to do what I want to do. August 22 is waving and it's back to school again, so I have to enjoy the remaining days of our vacation.

So much for that, in the afternoon, around 3 pm, we decided to go to Riley's to buy some treats. But before we stopped by Riley's, we first went to the gasoline station to fill the car's tank. The price of gasoline was down a bit, and it made everyone happy.





As we reached the gasoline station, I took a photo of the trees on the side. Honestly, I love looking at them, they look so neat, and they're tall too. The rusty trucks also caught my attention, I wonder how many months since they were placed there. I also enjoyed taking ultra-wide shots of the store in the gasoline station, a dog was also caught in the picture. The dog was scratching its body and there I was calling it hoping that it would listen to my voice.

After buying fuel for the car, we suddenly headed to Riley's store. The store was only a few meters from the gasoline station. I also loved their ice cream there, so I voted that we would visit the store.

This is what the side and front of the store look like:





As I was capturing these photos, I was amazed at how the sun added beauty to the overall shot. It looks like the sun was a paid background here or something.

Although I have been here a lot of times already, I realized that I haven't had photos of myself around the area, so I decided to take some shots of myself.



As usual, the peaceful surroundings welcomed us. There were no other customers around that time. Usually, several people would buy food when it starts to get dark.






The place was also surrounded by a lot of plants which makes it a great place for chilling. The plants alone could wipe all your worries away. And it's also away from the busy streets.



Now, as we entered the store, it was like the usual convenience store. There are stalls for food and other products and on the fridge, they placed their drinks and stuff.





A lot of food in the corner, but what caught my attention is my ever favorite ice cream in their place. It's the thing that made me want to visit this store a lot. Their ice cream tastes so good. I even tried most of the flavors, except for the chili ice cream. They also have bread and doughnuts available.



Without another word, I bought cookies n' cream ice cream. It's one of my favorites! I'm supposed to buy the Tablea flavor, but it's not available so I chose cookies n' cream instead. That time my craving was only for ice cream so that's the only thing that I bought, I even end up buying two ice creams that time.


So we stayed there for like 30 minutes. We decided to just chill around there because the house seems so suffocating. It's been a while since I haven't been going out, so chillin' around the place is surely a great help to refresh my mind and unload all the negativity that's roaming around.

There's also a wall art of the Lawis river outside of the store. I have never been to Lawis, but I wanted to visit it one day. My friends even went there last time, but since I was quite busy, I wasn't able to join, hopefully soon.



By the way, let me show you what's outside the store. The whole place is called Claren's Square. In Claren's Square, there is a gasoline station called Colex and there are also other businesses around such as Parasat and Pryce Gas. I believe that if the area around will be more progressive, a lot of businesses will be added to the area. I also love the trees and plants they have around.




So far, we did enjoy our stay in the store yesterday. It was a sunny afternoon too which I like. Usually, it rains most of the time lately so witnessing a sunny afternoon is indeed a great feeling.


Shadow photo of myself

Riley's is indeed my go-to place most of the time especially when I just want to chill with their homemade ice cream on my side.

Disclaimer: All photos are my own.

Cheers to #MarketFriday initiated by @dswigle.
Such a great way for us to witness the different markets all over the world.

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