- Development Updates - Day 5

Hello Hive Community Members,

With this post, let me give you updates on the app development.


  • In yesterday's update, you can see that user can navigate from list/grid to post details.
  • But if you notice the browser navigation bar text, it isn't changing.
  • I did an extensive research on that.
  • It is regex based path/route to be supported.
  • So far app had static paths - e.g. /hot, /trending, /new etc.
  • With post detail, @anyusername/post-permlink-goes here
  • we'll have any username & any permlink.
  • I've successfully implemented the navigation based on that route/path.
  • App is detecting the route & passing values to post details accordingly.
  • Code isn't ready to be deployed.

Show me the code.


  • I am so happy after integrating this.
  • With this in place, we'll have a proper progressive-web-app.

Post Details changes

  • Earlier we were passing data from list/grid to Post details screen.
  • Now that we're doing route based navigation, post details screen needs to fetch data on it's own.
  • I have added a new request.
  • I am yet to integrate this request in post details screen.
  • here is the preview of the code for generating the request for post details screen


What else?

  • I am also experimenting on Dark & Light mode.
  • As soon as it is ready, I'll publish the chanes & push it on the web-app.

What's next?

  • Further experiments on markdown
  • Show more details on post page apart from post-body

Where do I try out above UI?

Explore code

Want to know more?

Previous Updates

Lots of ❤️ Love for Hive

  • This is open source contribution
  • It's all contribution for the hive Community
  • Wish me luck

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