🎉 Year 2023 - Starting Dev of https://the-hive-mobile.app 🎉

DApp for Hive as a new year's resolution

Hello Hive Community members,
One of the resolution which I have for year 2023 is building the new decentralised app for Hive.
I also have resolution to start an RPC node for Hive.
It's little expensive but hey I've a full year to figure/sort it out.


  • I have already purchased the domain https://the-hive-mobile.app
  • Let me know if there are any conflicts with this name.
  • I am open to suggestions & input

What to Expect?

  • Please Please don't expect anything to work.
  • This post is to inform you that I am about to start the work this year.
  • I've just added the listing of different feeds of Hive
  • That's the only functional thing I've built so far
  • I will start working & keep the site updated.
  • I will also distribute the app via TestFlight & Firebase.

What do I intend to do?

  • I intend to build mobile-application for Hive Community members.
  • If possible, progressive-web-app too.

Where do I want to publish?

  • I wish to distribute the-hive-mobile.app
  • via AppStore for iOS Users
  • via GooglePlay Store for Android Users
  • If possible, I'll also deploy the pwa (progressive web-app)
  • at domain https://the-hive-mobile.app


  • As far as I know, there are following front-ends / dApps
  • https://hive.blog
  • Ecency
  • Peakd
  • Leo
  • and many more
  • Some of the front-ends are open sources & some of them are not.
  • Most of them target web/desktop users.
  • As per my knowledge, Ecency has mobile app.
  • I want to build an OPEN-SOURCE mobile-app code
  • Each community of Hive can take advantage of it & they can also publish their own version of App if they want.
  • In future, I am planning to assist different community members, if they wish to publish their app on AppStore.
  • But first, I would have to build the app
  • So, that answers why part - Help hive-community-members to grow without any hindrance

Screenshots of what I've built so far.

Screenshot of how it looks on a web


Screenshot of how it looks on iPhone SE

iPhone SE

Another Screenshot of how it looks on iPhone SE

iPhone SE

Screenshot of how it looks on a Tablet/iPad


Screenshot of Github Repo


How long is it gonna take?

  • I can not say an exact figure but it will take 4-5 months at least for most common features like viewing posts, add a post, vote a content etc.
  • Hive has so many features & based on feedback + inputs from community members, I will continue building the app.
  • I wish to put in 3 hours a day at least for app Development.

How frequently will I provide updates?

  • I intend to provide updates alternate days if possible.
  • But within 2-3 days let's say I've minimal things to share, I'll switch to weekly update.
  • In updates, I'll share screenshots of whats done, what's planned & take feedback from community members.
  • I'll also try to share new builds for both iOS & Android users on weekly basis.

Where do I find source code?

  • Everything I do is open source.
  • I am pushing all my changes at GitLab.
  • Anyone can access the repo, fork it make changes & raise a merge request.
  • https://gitlab.com/sag333ar/the-hive-mobile.app
  • It's all OPEN SOURCE for Hive community members.

What is the Tech-Set?

  • I am using followings
  • Flutter SDK for building Material User-Interface
  • Dart Programming Language
  • Android Studio as IDE
  • Of course, you can not avoid Javascript.
  • For some of the chain operations I might be using JavaScript libraries of Hive-Chain like dhive.

Any plans for Proposals?

  • Not at the moment.
  • I would like to give it a go for 1 or 2 months.
  • I want to hear feedback from community members.
  • I wish to develop the app first
  • Once app has some basic features like listing posts & viewing post details, I will think of creating a proposal.
  • How much per day? - In future, when I will create, I am thinking of keeping 75 HBD per day. but I am open to suggestions, feedback & thoughts.

What do I need from community?

  • Share me positive vibes.
  • Wish me luck for this new endeavour
  • Share this to as many hive community members as possible.
  • Re-Post if possible
  • Write your own post & mention about this project
  • Share your expectations. Share Feedback.
  • Follow me on Hive
  • Upvote my content
  • Vote me as witness
  • In future if I raise proposal for this project, please vote for the proposal.

Lots of ❤️ Love for Hive

  • The new journey begins
  • I am excited for this new venture
  • Wish me luck

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