IYC Community Contest 4 - PEACE



Energy follows attention - Inspired by Yoko Ono's big light panels "IMAGINE PEACE", I would like to put the 4th contest of the Introduce Your City Community under the sign of peace.

As always, it's about the cities you live in or have lived in for a longer time. (no holiday tourist reports) Pictures and stories of your world through your own eyes, the eyes of a person who spends his life in this place.


Here is the topic:

Symbols and Signs for Peace

This can be many things, let your creativity flow!

New, old, current, Peace statues, Memorials for peace, but there are also often smaller signs, such as paintings or inscriptions on the walls of houses for example.

Graffiti on shabby walls or just a place that for some reason is a good symbol for peace. Or maybe there was / is a famous citizen or sombody else you know in your town who lived / lives for peace?

Whatever comes to your mind, how big or small the symbol is doesn't matter. The main thing is that the topic of PEACE is in the center of the post, that it is your hometown and that you use your own photos and words.

For a valid participation please read the rules at the end of this post!


The contest goes over 2 weeks, so you have enough time. After one week there will be a tie up post to remember you and summarize the meanwhile submitted entries.



I would like to ask the winners of the previous contest if they would like to be the judges for this contest:

@livinguktaiwan @melinda010100 @hlezama

Please, please ;-) I would be very happy. The only disadvantage would be that you could only submit an own entry "out of competition" this time. Please let us know if you would like to do that.



  1. place 3 HIVE and 300 Ecency Points
  2. place 2 HIVE and 200 Ecency Points
  3. place 1 HIVE and 100 Ecency Points

If anyone wants to sponsor any other prizes, feel free to get in touch, they could be announced in the tie up post. You can find me here or on discord.


Info in general about the community leadership:

After @freedomprepper has been absent from HIVE for 3 months for private reasons, I have decided to continue the IYC project alone but with a few changes:

  • Although I got posting and active key from IYC in his last message from December, I will do the contest posts with my personal account
  • I'm looking for alternating judges to help me with the winner selection (see above, maybe the previous winners).
  • I will try to curate all the nice posts as good as possible, but unfortunately my power is still very limited.
  • We already had so incredibly beautiful entries in the last contests and so it would be nice if a few big fish can be found, who just drop by from time to time in the community.


Rules for a valid Entry

  • Post your article IN the Introduce Your City Community

  • Mention IYC Contest and the Country you live in the TITLE of your post!!!

  • Write somewhere in your post, that this is your Entry to the IYC Contest

  • Important: Post your link in the comment section of this post and there also add your best photo.

  • Your posts should be in English or bilingual with English as one of the languages

  • Only post one entry per person

  • All pictures and texts have to be your own

In addition to the rules, we would be happy, if you mention and invite a friend to join the contest and reblog this article to get the word out.


Remember - its about PEACE in general, not only about the recent blue/yellow arts. There have been so many wars over tousands of years and each time a war ended people set up symbols and monuments for the highest good that we as a world society can have: PEACE

I'm looking foreward to collect them all here in our Introduce Your City Community :-) Yours, B.

all graphics @beeber


Read the RULES?! Ok, so you have 2 weeks time form NOW on :-)

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