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If you love your hometown or region and don't want to travel the world to create exceptional posts, this is your Community.

In our eyes, there is beauty in metropolitan areas as well as in the smallest of villages and everything inbetween. We want to learn about the world from you.

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- Post about the places you live in; no travel postings. no cross-posting.

- Articles should be written in English or bilingual, with English as one of the languages.

- We don't tolerate plagiarism. Texts and photos must be your own or correctly cited.

- IYC is a broad community about the places we live in, be it villages, towns or cities. There is leeway in your selection of topics, but completely off-topic posts will be muted and the author will be asked to refrain from posting off-topic again.

- When posting links, please make sure you trust them and no them to be secure.

- Be kind to other IYC users and try to support them. We want to build a embracing and loving community.

- Contest-/Challenge Rules will be provided each week with the corresponent contest-post, which will be pinned to the top of the community-feed.

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