Come read about Sobolo, A healthy juice in Ghana.

Have you ever wondered about a beverage which has gotten nationwide attention and its fame is evening spread across the globe? Well, in Ghana the drink Sobolo is the superstar of all beverages locally made. Sobolo or bisab as some call it is known popular in Ghana and West African and is in grain in the very depth of our culture.

What is sobolo?

It is a locally made beverage made from dried hibiscus flowers paired with ginger, the flavour of your choice, and cloves with sugar to taste. Sobolo has a tart and wine colour and it dark
reddish appearance makes it more appealing to the eyes. It has a superb and refreshing taste.


  • wash and soak dried hibiscus lefts in a pot overnight.
  • set fire, add ginger, cloves and pineapple peels(as my flavour) and allow to boil for about an hour.
  • turn off the fire and drain with a strainer to remove the leaves from the solution
  • add sugar to taste and allow to cool
  • once it is cold, put it in a refrigerator to chill and serve once cold.

Health benefits

  1. It is believed to contain antimicrobial properties
  2. It helps with weight lost
  3. Help with cold recovery because it is rich in vitamin C.
  4. It also helps boost liver strength
  5. It also helps lower blood pressure
  6. Hibiscus can also help with the kidney and possibly other health benefits yet to discover.

In conclusion

If you need a healthy but refreshing beverage, sobolo should be considered. Now that you have a recipe, you can prepare for yourself and your family using the flavour you cherish the most and I bet you will have a story to tell.
Find more info on the health benefit here

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