When the Albatross survives the whole battle behind the Furious Chicken (2021.10.23)

When you play with a Magic summoner, it is a good idea to put the Furious Chicken in the first place, and the Albatross in the second place, supporting them with Venari Wavesmith. At least this is how I see it in the Bronze league.

While the enemy team is busy attacking them, your magic monsters can slowly vipe out the enemy team.

The other leagues may be different, mainly because of the leveled up monsters, because they have different stats and they also have additional abilities.

Generally there is a high chance for the enemy to miss their attacks against Albatross (if the enemy is not another Magic team, and if they do not have the "Snare" and/or the "True Strike" ability) (as you can see it in this battle), because the Albatross has the "Flying" ability, and in this case both the Albatross and also the Furious Chicken survived more than one hit, because the Venari Wavesmith armored them (and every other friendly monster) up. The Goblin Shaman from the enemy team reduced the health of every friendly monster by one, but I still won the battle.

This battle was lasted for three rounds.

I earned 0.978 Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) for winning this battle. Not much, but Splinterlands is fun to play. I like to play it.

This battle was against @beem2.

Battle link: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_046b6defae5ccb103ff9ca2c02f27de5&ref=xplosive

A screenshot from the replay:



3 columns
2 columns
1 column