Splinterlands - Opening 4 Chaos Legion packs!

Hello community, how are you all? I opened 4 more chaos legion packs and would like to show you which cards came! In total, I dropped 6 rares and 1 epic, unfortunately none legendary or gold, but opening packs is always fun!

First Pack

The highlight is the rare card MERDAALI GUARDIAN
Being with 2 cards combined, I believe that I will soon get some more in packs and I can put them at level 2.

Second Pack

The highlight are the 2 rare cards that came from the earth element: GOBLIN TOWER and MYCELIC INFANTRY


I don't usually use these 2 cards a lot, only in very specific rules or because of mana, or something like that, but I believe they are very strong cards with a lot of potential.

Third Pack

The highlight are the 2 rare cards that came, in particular, a summoner card: PELACOR ARBALEST and KELYA FRENDUL


This pack was very good, because although both cards are at level 1, they are core cards, because PELACOR ARBALEST has a 100% synergy with the summoner GENERAL SLOAN that grants +1 attack for ranged.

And summoner card is always very good to take regardless of what it is, as was the case with KELYA FRENDUL, which I can try to look for 1 nice price and put on level 2.

Fourth Pack

The highlights are the rare and epic card that came in this latest pack: MAGI OF CHAOS and TENYII STRIKER


Another pack that came with strong cards and that I really liked. MAGI OF CHAOS is a neutral magic attack unit that can go into many deck combinations, especially with the OBSIDIAN summoner, which grants +1 and magic attack.

TENYII STRIKER already enters very well in matches where we can use TARSA the fire summoner, which grants +1 attack and health, so the synergy of the 2 is very good.



The last 2 packs were the best, I leave above the value of the cards I took in each one. Far beyond the value, I'm sure I'll be able to get the best out of each card over time.

Now it's time to keep an eye on the market and take advantage of some low-price sales and buy strategic cards to level up.

Thank you for your support! See you next time!
If you want to meet, give it a chance and let's play together!

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