SPS Day 74 (yesterday)

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta!

img_0.08581241157719259.jpg10,000 SPS staked

Hey everyone!
I hope you're having a great weekend. I finally got a day off to myself after such a long week.

I think I am going to spend Saturdays making video content for 3Speak talking about Splinterlands from on.

I have also started an @aureal account so that my podcast "Easy Like A Sunday Morn" can be supported by Hive users. That's something I have always wanted.

Should I make a podcast talking about Splinterlands?

Let me know in the comments below.

Wow look at the price of SPS go!
It's well over $0.60 now and it's only going to get better.

Fantastic stuff.

But this post was mainly to highlight that I had cracked the 10,000 SPS mark.

That's 74 days to generate over $6000!!!

That's more money than I have ever had in one spot in my life.

Plus, with a limit print run of 5 years and upcoming burn mechanisms to be introduced, the price of SPS is only going to be worth so much more in the future.

It feels amazing to be on the cusp of something so revolutionary and financially rewarding at the same time.

Right now, the future looks really bright and I am here for it.

Update: The price of SPS is above $0.73 right now and it's only going to climb. My SPS is now worth over $7300.
I think I might need to sit down. Chuckle.

Thank you for reading.

Until next time, see you in the Splinterlands!


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