Battle Challenge featuring Molten Ash Golem

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It's my pleasure to be back on the keys with another post in line with the splinterlands share your battle challenge. This week I will be discussing a rare fire element card, which also is a ranged attack monster. This card by name is Molten Ash Golem. The publication for this week's battle challenge stating the guidelines for participation by the splinterlands community can be accessed following the link provided here

Molten Ash Golem

Molten Ash Golem is a rare card that is found in the fire element deck. It is a ranged attack monster with three abilities in its most advanced stage. According to the story of Molten Ash Golem, they came from a fiery beast creature known as the forgotten one. The forgotten one is so powerful to the extent that its power sometimes spills over, leaving trails of molten ash in its wake. These piles of ash within a day start having feelings, which form the Golem. Anyway, a well-detailed story of Molten Ash Golem is provided at the lore tab on the splinterlands site

Statistical Display of Molten Ash Golem

The above image shows the stat of Molten Ash Golem as recorded on the splinterlands website. Glancing at the image, it shows an eight-column stat that begins from the attainable level of this card, then to the number of cards required to achieve each level, next is the number of damage, followed by the number of battling speed, the armor number, health possessed at each level, estimated power and finally possessed abilities. For the numbers displayed in the image, I will be skipping their explanation as there look pretty clear for understanding. However, I will throw more light on the abilities probably for non-players who don't understand what each ability does. As I have previously stated and also shown in the above image, Molten Ash Golem has three abilities in which only one of the three is common among all levels.

The first ability is called "close range". Normally, ranged attack monsters are unable to attack from the first position unless the game rule permits them but with the close-range ability, these monsters can attack from anywhere, be it first, middle, or last position.

The second ability is known as "weaken", and what this ability does is to reduce the health of all enemy monsters.

The third ability which is called "Demoralize" affects negatively all enemy melee attack monsters by reducing their damage by a minus one melee damage.

It's always advised to look out for these abilities while selecting a team because they matter a lot and can help determine the outcomes of battles. So my advice, knowing what every ability does will help one a better player.

Molten Ash Golen Market

The above image shows the chart of Molten Ash Golen price, quantity, and volume. Over the past 24 hrs, the average price of this monster at level one is recorded as $0.063 with a volume of $1.25. Also, 266 of these cards have been sold over the past 24hrs. The heading of this section is a link that will take you to the market in case you need to know more. In rentals, this card can be gotten at 0.1DEC per day for level one and an average of 3DEC per day for the highest level.

Now, let's talk about the battle.

The Battle

Battle Details
Mana Cap44
Set RulesSuper Sneak: All melee attack monsters have the sneak ability & Counterspell: All monsters have the magic reflect ability
Available ElementsFire & Life
Battling ElementsFire vs Life

Watch Battle Here

Team Selection


Tarsa is a summoner from the fire element. Its special ability is to give plus one melee damage to all friendly monsters and plus one health to all friendly monsters.


Because of the set rules which empower melee monsters, I went for Molten Ash Golem for the first position.

DISINTEGRATOR Disintegrator came second on the team to reduce the melee damage of all enemy monsters and also participate in the battling since all melee are sneak.

SCAVO-HIRELING In the hope that the opponent will option for melee attack monsters which in this game rule will start their attack from behind, Scavo Hireling was brought in to replace the armor of friendly monsters.


Gargoya Lion in the third position was selected because of its flying ability with the hope that it can evade some melee attacks when targeted



Antoid platoon & Living Lava came in last in the team. I did think the enemy will use melee monsters which is why both of this monster was positioned backwards to used their shield ability and withstand some melee hits

Strategy Behind The Battle

This might go down the history books as the worst strategy I have ever used in a battle. Obviously, the strategy was too bad to the extent that I couldn't even eliminate just a monster on the enemy's side. Maybe I can console myself by say I haven't gotten a strong deck when it comes to fire battles but that wouldn't justify why I was so bad in this battle. For the record, I was taken totally by surprise. I must have prepared to battle against melee monsters only for the enemy to outsmart me by avoiding melees and optioned for ranged monsters. It was a poorly thought strategy and perhaps next time I will do better.

My Opinion of the chosen monster "Molten Ash Golem": By abilities, this monster have got to be a big threat. It is such a wonderful monster with high health, although totally unprotected to targets. I doubt if I have truly experienced it's prowess because using the level one of it in battle doesn't seem to provide me the wonders I expect. Although, I can say that anyone who is in need of the abilities found in this monster should probably go for Molten Ash Golem because it cost next to nothing in the market.

That will be all for this week.

Again, I'm hitting the pause button here for this week. I'd hope to see you next week when I hit the resume button

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