Void Dragon against Agor Longtail with double heal + triple resurrect, using cheap monster

Greetings to everyone who enjoys playing Splinterlands now that the new season has come, battles have become more intense. Fortunately, the Fog of War ruleset has recently been updated to include the 'opportunity skill' which has caused some players to make mistakes, resulting in easier wins for some other players.

Right now I will do a blog about Social Media Challenge held by Splinterlands, with the theme Void Dragon, a monster from Dragon Element. This monster has cost 5 mana and has the chance to evade any type of attack, melee, range, and magic. We'll delve into the monster's features in more detail in the strategy section.

I recently fought in Diamond League Modern Format with my scholar account from Balthazar. My deck consists of max level chaos legion cards, some neutral cards, and reward cards acquired through both purchases and delegate gifts from other scholars.

This guide is not meant for professional players as it only focuses on using cheaper monsters in battle. However, it is ideal for new or beginner players who wish to participate in the Diamond or Champion League without renting an expensive monster. You can check my account cards, with these cards I can reach champion 3.

I apologize for any errors or inadequacies in my writing as I am not very proficient in writing. I will do my best to clearly explain the strategy I use in the hopes of assisting new players/beginners to improve their win rate.

Battle Link

If you want to watch the full battle link you can click Here.
For the video you can watch it here : 3speak


From left to right :

  • Equalizer, The initial Health of all Monsters is equal to that of the Monster on either team with the highest base Health.
  • Silenced Summoners, Summoners do not give any stat buffs or debuffs or grant or use any abilities.
  • Up to Eleven, all monsters have the amplify ability (Increases Magic Reflect, Return Fire, and Thorns damage to all enemy monsters by 1)
  • Mana Cap 99.
  • Can use element Fire, Life, Death, and Dragon.

My Lineup and strategy

From Previous battle in Equalizer and Silent Summoner we already have some tips or guide on how to pick a monster you can read them in here :

  1. @poplar-22/heal-to-win-5-vs : ruleset Equalizer with only monster common and rare can join, with mana cap 34 and only fire and earth element.
  2. @poplar-22/double-leech-in-equalizer-ruleset : ruleset Equalizer, this battle using summoner and monster that cost 4 mana or less, mana cap 17 and only water, earth, and death can join.
  3. @poplar-22/riftwing-cheap-solution-in-ruleset ruleset Silent Summoner, mana cap 23, with element Fire, Life, Death, and Dragon.

But don't worry I still write again the guide and tips in there and make adjustments according to this ruleset battle. This is how I think step by step, let's see what ruleset we have :

  1. The Silent Summoner ruleset with a 99 mana cap, for this high mana cap, you can choose any monster and summoner. Mana cost is not a problem anymore.
    • If there is a Dragon element, choose Dragon as it is more advantageous in the Silent Summoner ruleset, as it allows the use of monsters from Dragon and other elements.
  2. In the Ruleset Equalizer with 99 mana cap there are several things that we must pay attention to:
    • Bring a monster with big damage.
    • Optimizing existing attacks by focusing on attacking 1 monster.
    • If you can, bring a monster with skills Heal or Tank Heal or Triage, because the HP is big so every time it heals will restore HP in a much larger amount than usual, this is the description of the skills : (all skill will restore 1/3 of the monster max health rounded down)
      • Heal : Restores the monster HP itself.
      • Tank Heal : Restores a portion of the Monster in the first position's health each round.
      • Triage : heals the friendly back-line Monster that has taken the most damage.
    • If possible bring the monster with taunt skill (all enemies will attack this monster) so we can split the damage between first position monster and monster with taunt skill. For this battle, we don't have the monster with taunt skill in the element we can use.
  3. Up to Eleven rulesets with 99 mana cap :
    For this high mana battle, I don't really care about this amplify ability, cause the damage of the monster to exceed the effect of this skill. So I'm more concerned with the damage of the monsters,

This is how we choose the Summoner and monster according to the information we have above :

  1. There is Dragon Summoner so we choose Dragon Summoner.
  2. We need to bring monsters who can attack an enemy in the first position, we can assume that the enemy will think the same. For a monster with sneak skill is not an option, because we don't have a monster with skill sneak who has great damage, and a sneak monster can't focus fire, cause a monster in the first position will always attack the monster in the first position.
    First, we analyze the best tanker in each element we have :
    • Fire, Forgotten one, and Grump Flameblade but it's too slow,
    • Life, Uriel Purifier great damage can heal, have flying skill useful for evading enemy attack, but only attack every 2 round
    • Death, Windeku, Djinn Muirat, and Harklaw.
      • Windeku easy to die not to have defensive skills only have heal and thorn.
      • Harklaw is good against range and melee attacks but weak against magic.
      • Djinn Muirat is good against magic attacks but an easy target for melee and ranged attacks because of the slow speed.
    • Dragon, we have a monster with great damage like Djinn Chwala, Desert Dragon, Carnage Titan, but these 3 are weak against magic. We have other monsters in Dragon who can evade all types of attacks this monster is Void Dragon. The damage is only 2, but the ability to evade enemy attacks is great.

The monster we choose :
Instead of worrying about whether the enemy wants to use magic attacks or range monsters when focusing fire, we finally decided to choose the Void Dragon as a tanker, a monster that can avoid all types of attacks. How long can a void dragon survive enemy attacks depending on the speed it has, we need to increase its speed by using other monsters that have swiftness skills or using slow skills to decrease enemy speed.

Yes, it's not according to our strategy guide above, we now focus on speed, instead of damage or heal skill. but that's how I thought before submitting my team to battle. Sometimes we found or have an idea about new formations because the mana cap and element we can use are different from the previous battle.

When writing the blog I will include several strategies that can be used for ruleset in this battle, so that there are choices when faced with different situations, which are different mana caps, different monster elements, combination with other rulesets and so on

The monster lineup that we will use is as follows:

The summoner

My summoner Quix the Devious from Chaos Legion Card, for this ruleset this summoner does nothing

Void Dragon, first position - Tanker

As the main tanker, it has a great chance to evade the enemy attack.

Strengths :

  • Have a high speed of 5 and skill flying, this skill increase change to dodge the enemy attack by 25%
  • Void makes enemy magic attack reduce by half.
  • Phase skill with this skill void Dragon have chance to evade the enemy magic attack.

Weaknesses :

  • Only have 2 magic attacks.

Carnage Titan, second position - Attacker

This is our main attacker to attack the first position monster and has very high damage because of the skill double strike. Every round will attack twice so the total damage becomes 8. Shield skill makes damage from melee and ranged attack reduced by half.

Chaos Dragon, third position - Attacker

Okay, this monster is actually not according to our strategy to focus fire but we only have 1 slot left and we need a monster with big damage. This monster attack is random it can attack first position monsters or monsters in other position, the attack has blast skill effect, and give additional damage to Monsters adjacent to the target Monster. Let's hope this monster can attack the second position monster so will damage the first and third position monsters. Blind will increase the chance for all friendly monsters to evade enemy melee and range by 15%. This will help Void Dragon to have a greater chance to evade the enemy attack.

Time Mage, fourth position - Attacker and support

We choose this monster because have the slow skill, to make all enemy speed decrease by 1, and Rust skill will reduce the enemy armor by 2. This monster is hard to hit by range or melee because of the high speed it has.

Supply runner Fifth Position - Attacker and Support

Swiftness and Strengthen skills will make all friendly monster speed and HP increase by 1. Same like Time mage has high speed.

Naga Assassin Sixth Position - Tanker and Support

Very fast monster, this is our main tanker for backline position, in case the enemy brings a monster with sneak skill. Can Increase all friendly monster speed by 1. Have backfire skill, If an enemy misses this Monster with an attack, the attacker takes 2 damage.

The Battle

Round 1:
The battle starts with the application of buffs and debuffs. All enemy speed is very low compared to our monster. No monster died in this round. We almost kill the Agor Longtail, but he got double heal, at the end of the round, his HP is back to 14. 😨

Round 2:

  • Enemy Side :
    Due to the large speed difference, Agor received repeated attacks from our monsters and did not have time to activate his healing skills, as well as Oshuur Constantia, whose speed was only 2, did not have time to heal Agor. Agor Dies for the first time and is revived by Oshuur Constantia.
  • Our Side :
    In this round, the Void Dragon's HP was reduced by 1 from Adelade Brightwing's attacks. The other monsters that attacked the Void Dragon all of their attacks were successfully avoided.

Round 3:

  • Enemy Side :
    Agor dies for the second time, just like in round 3 the enemy didn't have time to activate his heal skill, because all of our monsters attack first due to the big speed difference. This time it was revived by Adelade Brightwing.

  • Our Side :
    In this round, the Void Dragon's HP was reduced by 1 again due to Adelade Brightwing's attack and 7 HP remained, just like in round 2, the other monsters' attacks that attacked the Void Dragon were successfully avoided.

Round 4 :

  • Enemy Side :
    Agor dies for the third time from an attack from the Supply Runner. This time it was revived by High Priest Darius.

  • Our Side :
    In this round, the Void Dragon's HP was reduced by 3 from the attacks of Adelade Brightwing and Djinn Renova and 4 HP remained, the attacks from the other monsters that attacked the Void Dragon were successfully avoided.

Round 5 :

  • Enemy Side :
    Agor dies for the fourth time from an attack from the Supply Runner. And this time forever.😀

  • Our Side :
    In this round the Void Dragon's HP did not decrease at all, all enemy attacks were successfully avoided.
    At the end of this round, the enemy is still dangerous if the Void Dragon dies and is replaced by a Carnage Titan who doesn't have the skills to defend against magic attacks and will be easily killed.

Round 6 :

  • Enemy Side :
    Oshuur Constantia dies from a Supply Runner attack.
  • Our Side :
    In this round, Void Dragon was hit by Bila the Radiant and had 2 HP remaining. Void Dragon was really working hard in this battle, he or she? keep evading so many attacks. He looks like more pink than red,😀. But for the sake of her fierce look, let's call it he.

Round 6 :

  • Enemy Side :

    • Bila the Radiant dies from a Time Mage attack.
    • Adelade Brightwing dies from a CarnageTitan attack.
  • Our Side :

    • Goodbye our hero Void Dragon, he finally died being attacked by Djinn renova. Great job defending the frontline.

In this round it is certain that victory will be on our side, the enemy only has 2 monsters left.

Round 7-9 :
I skip the battle to round 9 because not much enemy can do at this point, will be boring if i write about the battle, so just let see the end.

  • Enemy Side : High Priest Darius died attacked by the Time Mage and victory is ours.

Did your strategy work?

Here we can see the enemy formation using one of the methods in the strategy section that we wrote above, they brought 3 monsters that can heal and also focus fire on attacking our monsters in the first position, and almost all of these monsters have great magic damage or have support skills like heal/resurrect.

This is almost like playing against my own strategy, this new strategic focus on speed and using the Void dragon as a tanker work very well, the enemy has a more expensive and better monster but we manage to defeat it, so I will add this strategy in my guide to battle in equalizer and silenced summoner ruleset.

This strategy have fatal weakness, if the enemy brings a monster with the skill Snare (When attacking enemies with Flying, removes the Flying ability and cannot miss) I think for sure we will be lost.

This is the best I can do in this ruleset, I don't have any other monsters that are more powerful than the ones I mentioned above, but if you have Oshuur Constantia, you could replace Chaos Dragon with it to provide healing for Void Dragon.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read through my battle review. If there are any mistakes, please let me know and leave a comment.

If you're new to the game, feel free to use my referral code https://splinterlands.com?ref=poplar-22 to join.


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