Riftwing, Cheap Solution in ruleset counterspell, Battle weekly challenge !!

Hello Splinterlands fans! Have you achieved your desired rating goal? The battle may have started off simple, but if it's still proving difficult, try battling at different times, such as at night if it's hard during the day. Wishing everyone the best in reaching their goal and earning a Gold Foil Legendary card.
This season is the final opportunity to get reward cards before they are replaced with Soulbound cards.

I will doing a blog about Battle Weekly Challenge held by Splinterlands, with the Riftwing theme, featuring a monster that can't attack but can kill enemy monsters, from the death element, has a speed of 5, and 8 HP. We'll delve into the monster's features in more detail in the strategy section.

I recently fought in Diamond League Modern Format with my scholar account from Balthazar. My deck consists of max level chaos legion cards, some neutral cards, and reward cards acquired through both purchases and delegate gifts from other scholars.

This approach does not utilize Mylor or lthain , who is an excellent summoner in the counterspell ruleset that restricts the usage of monsters with specific types of attacks, in this battle scenario.

This guide is not meant for professional players as it only focuses on using cheaper monsters in battle. However, it is ideal for new or beginner players who wish to participate in Diamond League without renting an expensive monster.

I apologize for any errors or inadequacies in my writing as I am not very proficient in writing. I will do my best to clearly explain the strategy I use in the hopes of assisting new players/beginners to improve their win rate.

Battle Link

If you want to watch full battle link you can click Here.
For video you can watch here : 3speak


From left to right :

  • Silenced Summoners, Summoners do not give any stat buffs or debuffs or grant or use any abilities.
  • Counterspell : all monsters have a magic reflect ability.
  • Healed Out : All healing abilities are removed from Monsters and Summoners.
  • Mana Cap 23.
  • Can use element Fire, Life, Death and Dragon.

My Lineup and strategy

This is my recommended approach for battling in each of the three current rulesets :

  1. The Silent Summoner ruleset :

    • Pick the summoner with the lowest mana cost.
    • If there is a Dragon element, choose Dragon as it is more advantageous in the Silent Summoner ruleset, as it allows the use of monsters from Dragon and other elements. For Dragon, the best options are summoners with a mana cost of 3 and 4, such as:
      • 3 mana: Kretch Tallevor, Camilla Sungazer.
      • 4 mana: Drake of Arnak, Shispa, Brightoon Bloom, Quick the Devious.
  2. Counterspell Ruleset :
    Avoid bringing magic attack-type monsters if possible. We can assume that the enemy will think the same.

  3. Ruleset Healed Out :
    Even though in this ruleset we cannot activate the heal skill, there are other ways to increase HP by bringing monsters with Scavenger or Life Leech skills.

To further refine our monster and strategy choices:

  1. Avoid magic attack type monsters and use Dragon summoner.
  2. With a mana cap of 23, don't bring high mana cost monsters.
  3. To handle range and melee attacks:
    • For range we have a choice: use Pelacor Conjurer (Life element, 2 mana) or Riftwing (Death element, 4 mana).

    • For melee we have an option :

      • Place monsters with Thorns skill at the back row such as Windeku and Djinn Chwala.
      • Use high speed monsters or monsters with skills that increase the probability of avoiding attacks such as flying, Dodge, blind, and Swiftness. High speed offers several benefits:
        • Increased chance to dodge enemy attacks.
        • The ability to attack first.
        • Improved accuracy and reduces the chance of miss attack.

Conclusion :
We will use the Dragon summoner Quick the Devious since this is our only Dragon summoner. Other monsters we will use are Riftwing, Naga Assassin, and Chaos Agent. These monsters are chosen to prioritize avoiding enemy attacks, reduce damage from range monsters, and prioritize speed to increase the chances of avoiding enemy attacks and going first attack in battle. We will explain more in the lineup section.
For the attacking team, we leave it to monsters with sneak skills. Yes, we will focus fire on the enemy backline.

The monster lineup that we will use is as follows:

The summoner

My summoner Quix the Devious from Chaos Legion Card, for this ruleset this summoner do nothing

First Position Monster - Tanker

As the main tanker who has many support skills that can make him survive for a long time.

Strengths :

  • Skill support Headwinds which can reduce the enemy monster's damage range by 1,
  • Has high speed and Dodge skills which can increase the chance of dodging enemy attacks by 25%.
  • The Scavenger Skill will make this monster more difficult to kill because every time a monster dies its HP will increase by 1.
  • The Backfire skill will also be very useful here because even though it can't attack, this monster can kill enemies.

Weaknesses :

  • Can't attack.
  • Weak against magic attacks, but in this battle with the counterspell ruleset makes enemies think twice before bringing in magic attack type monsters.

Second Position Monster - Attacker (sneak team)

The main task is to attack and kill the enemy in the last position (sneak skill). Has a very useful poison skill, monsters that are affected by poison at the start of each round will decrease by 2 HP. Have 1 armor which is very useful to withstand enemy attacks.

Third Position Monster - Attacker (sneak team)

It's a monster that has a greater attack power than Uraeus, who has 2 attack, and can attack twice per round due to its double strike skill make total damage become 4. However, this monster lacks armor making it susceptible to enemy attacks, therefore it is positioned behind Uraeus for protection.

Fourth Position Monster - Attacker (sneak team)

This monster with sneak skill is the fastest, and has the biggest damage, with the Piercing skill the attack can reduce the enemy's armor as well as HP. It can also be said that this is the boss😀 and the protector of the other team's sneak monsters.
With great speed, he is placed in 3rd position so he can protect other sneak monsters from enemy attacks with Sneak skills. With the high speed, it is hoped that it can avoid several enemy attacks.

Naga Assassin - Attacker, Tanker and Support

This is the key to our strategy this time, with the Swiftness skill we can increase the speed of all the monsters we have.
Apart from that, Naga Assassin also has the Backfire attack skill which supports its high speed. With this skill, if the enemy's attack misses, the Naga Assassin will deal 2 damage to the enemy.
Placed in the 2nd position from the back with the aim that if our tanker in the last position dies being attacked by a sneak monster from the enemy then the Naga Assassin with high speed will have the opportunity to avoid the attack and give our sneak monsters a chance to kill monsters on the enemy side. The monster is considered great due to its ability and low mana cost of only 2.

Sixth Position Monster - Tanker


Tankers that sometimes can be frustrating for enemies due to their decent speed and 25% increased chance of avoiding attacks through their Dodge skills. Able to dodge all types of ranged, melee, and magic attacks. Similar to Naga Assassin, the Chaos Agent also has a backfire skill that returns attacks if the enemy's attack misses.

The Battle

Round 1:
The battle starts with the application of buffs and debuffs, with the enemy's ranged damage reduced by 1 due to Riftwing's Headwinds skill. Windeku decreased our speed, but we counteracted this with Naga Assassins who increased our speed.

On our side:

  • Chaos Agent dead attacked by Silent Sha-Vi, who has high speed.
  • Riftwing managed to dodge Windeku's attack and used the Backfire skill to make Windeku take 2 damage in return. At the end of this round, Riftwing's HP was 12, due to casualties on both sides.

On the enemy side:

  • Corpse Fiend, Weirding Warrior, and Soul Strangler were killed before they could attack as they received attacks from our sneak monster team.

Round 2:

Our Side :

  • The Naga Assassins were killed by Silent Sha-Vi, resulting in the loss of the Swiftness skill and a decrease in speed for all our monsters. This monster already doing his role to increase the speed of all our monsters so can kill the enemy range monsters before they can attack.

Enemy side:

  • Silent Sha-Vi died under attack from Uraeus.

Round 3:
In this round, the enemy's options are limited as only two monsters remain. Windeku will have a hard time killing Riftwing, who now has 10 HP.

Our side: No monsters die.

Enemy side:

  • Uraeus died under attack from Silent Sha-Vi.
  • Windeku died under attack from the Dhampir infiltrator.

Did your strategy work?

The strategy was successful, but there was an unexpected outcome. By bringing the Riftwing with the Headwinds skill, enemy range attacks were reduced and the slower speed of the enemy's range monsters allowed the sneak team to defeat them first before they can attack. As we guessed the enemy doesn't carry a magic attack type monster because of the Counterspell ruleset, the enemy attack is divided into 2, attacks on monsters in the first and last positions. While most of our attacks focus on attacking monsters in the back line.

What was unexpected was that the Chaos Agent and Naga Assassin were easily attacked by enemies without being able to avoid them at all, maybe because the speed difference is not big due to the slow skills possessed by Windeku's enemy monsters, so the additional speed of the Naga Assassin had no effect.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read through my battle review. If there are any mistakes, please let me know and leave a comment.

If you're new to the game, feel free to use my referral code https://splinterlands.com?ref=poplar-22 to join.


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