Heal to win, 5 vs 6 Equalizer Ruleset, Battle Weekly Challenge

Hello everyone, how is your Splinterland battle? Early season always hard for me, i see so many red in my result 😅. This time i want to write blog about Battle Weekly Challenge held by splinterlands. This battle theme is actually Legionnaire Alvar but i don't have good battle yet with that monster so my battle theme is Pelacor Mercenary, usually used as tanker in battle. He is monster in earth element, who cost 7 mana, have Heal skill and Fly. We will discuss about it more detail later in my lineup section. If you see my cover he is infront of the other with green cloth 😀

This time i play using my Scholar account which i got from Balthazar. Battle in Diamond League Modern format. Using Max level card. I only brought Chaos Legion, several reward card and neutral max level.
This guide not suitable for pro player cause only battle using cheap monster. But i think very suitable for newbie/beginner who want to try Diamond league but not want to rent expensive monster.

I'm not very good at writing, sorry if there are mistakes or many shortcomings in this writing. I will try to explain as best I can the strategy that I use, hopefully it can help new players / beginners get more wins.

Battle Link

If you want to watch full battle link you can click Here.
For video you can watch here : 3speak


From left to right :

  • Equalizer, The initial Health of all Monsters is equal to that of the Monster on either team with the highest base Health.
  • Rise of the Commons, Only common and rare monsters may be used in battles.
  • Mana Cap 34.
  • Can Use element Fire and Earth.

My Lineup and strategy

Ruleset Equalizer and rise and common, it's almost same like my previous post which battle in little league, this time have big difference in HP and element we can used, so the strategy will change.

In the Rulest Equalizer there are several things that we must pay attention :

  • We must try to set up a formation that can fill as many available slots as possible, because each monster that fills the slot will have the same HP and can be useful for resisting enemy attacks several times.
  • Bring monster with big damage but low mana cost requirement.
  • Optimizing existing attacks by focusing on attacking 1 monster.
  • Bring monster with skills Heal or Tank Heal or Triage, because the HP is big so everytime it heal will restore hp in a much larger amount than usual, this is the description of the skills :
    (all skill will restore 1/3 of the monster max health rounded down)
    • Heal : Restores the monster HP itself.
    • Tank Heal : Restores a portion of the Monster in the first position's health each round.
    • Triage : heals the friendly back-line Monster that has taken the most damage.
  • If possible bring monster with taunt skill (all enemy will attack this monster) so we can split the damage between first position monster and monster with taunt skill.

In this battle can only use Fire and Earth monsters, from this 2 element monster which have heal is :
Fire : Septic Slime (new monster from Riftwatchers card)
Earth : Pelacor Mercenary, Goblin Psychic, Khmer Princess and Bramble Pixie (new monster from Riftwatchers card).

Septic slime, Khmer Princess and Bramble Pixie i don't have the card, as i said before that i only brought cheap card/monster. So my only option is using earth which have 2 monsters with skills heal (Pelacor Mercenary) and Tank Heal (Goblin Psychic). It is also have monster with taunt skill.

Here I decided to use Obsidian Summoner from the Earth element, which can increase damage magic by 1. Actually i only have this summoner in earth element 😅, so yes i only have this option.
I also broke the rule to fill all the slots because i need to bring monster with taunt skill cost 9 mana. For me the most important in this battle from top to bottom is :

  1. Healing skills and Focus Fire
  2. Monster with taunt skill
  3. Fill the slots and use big attack/damage monsters with low cost mana

The summoner

My summoner Obsidian from Chaos Legion Card, increase all friendly magic by 1. This is very popular summoner in bronze and silver league,but starting to lack strength in gold league and above, because many monsters have anti magic skills.

First Position Monster - Tanker

Strength :

  • Have Flyiing skills which increase the possibility of avoiding enemy melee and range attacks by 25% very suitable skills it have as tanker.
  • Can Heal itself, in the ruleset equalizer will heal large potion of HP back.
  • Retaliate skill, have 50% chance to attack back when attacked by melee monsters, this skill is another good thing because add damage to the enemy. We need damage in this ruleset to killed enemy before our monster died.
  • Have armor, yes it have big HP but in this ruleset not very usefull.

Weakness :
Nothing i think. If we add damage or speed will make this monster too overpowered, make the game unbalanced.

Second Position Monster - Attacker and Tanker

I put this monster here as 2nd tanker because have dodge skill which increase the ablity to evade enemy melee and range monster by 25%, same like Pelacor Mercenary Flying skills. This monster can't heal and not have armor so not as good as Pelacor Mercenary for tanker. That 3 damage and good speed of 4 sure will help to bring down enemy faster.

Third Position Monster - Attacker and Support

I think this is the most used monster in earth element, because he can heal from level 1. As support this monster is very usefull, can heal first position monster, decreased enemy magic attack by 1, Affliction to stop enemy using heal skills and Dispel skills while attacking the enemy can clear positive buff from that enemy. Very low speed if attacked by monster will die fast, make this monster to put in this position to make it safe from attack.

Fourth Position Monster - Attacker

Very high speed and have flying skills, i put it here so can protect other monster if the enemy bring monster with sneak attack. The enemy sneak monster will attack this monster only if our taunt monster in fifth position died. It have good magic damage too, with Obsidian skill will make the damage become 4.

Fifth Position Monster - Attacker and Tanker

This monster have taunt skill so all enemy monster if not have any skill (example reach skill) override it, will attack this monster. Forcefield skill is the enemy of very big damage monster like Sand Worm, Deep Lurker, Jared Scar, etc. With slow skill will debuff all enemy monster -1 speed.

The Battle

Round 1 :

  • Our Side :

    • Have total 17 damage all attack enemy infront, the enemy not have any taunt monster.
    • Mycelic Slipspawn with only 3 HP almost died attacked by Tenyii Striker with 6 Damage but with Forcefield the damage become only 1.
  • Enemy Side :

    • The enemy bring 6 monsters, the attack not focus fire, because we have Mycelic Slipspawn Taunt. Only 2 monsters attacking our first position monster with total damage 9 and 4 monsters attack our Mycelic Slipspawn with total damage 15.
    • In this round Exploding Rats die.

Round 2

  • Our Side :

    • Mycelic Slipspawn die in this round.
    • Pelacor Mercenary once again activating the Retaliate skills .
  • Enemy Side :

    • Radiated Brute Die.

Because Mycelic Slipspawn died all enemy monsters attacking Pelacor Mercenary.
Round end with Pelacor Mercenary still have 10 HP heal by itself and Goblin Psychic.

Round 3

  • Our Side :
    • Pelacor Mercenary Die after all 4 enemy focus fire on him.

Now the battle become 3 our side vs 4 monsters at enemy side.

Round 4 :

  • Our Side :
    No monsters died in this round, thanks to Goblin Psychic tank heal, Venari Scout still hang in there.

  • Enemy Side :
    Tenyii Strike died attacked by Regal Peryton

Now the battle become 3 vs 3.

Round 5 :

  • Our Side :
    • Venari Scout die attacked by Djinn Apprentice

Goblin Psychic move to first position and heal itself because now already in first position so can heal.

Round 6 :

  • Enemy Side :
    • Djinn Apprentice die.

In this round we can see that victory already ours, only Supply Runner can attack the Goblin Psychic with 3 damage, but Goblin Psychic heal 4 Hp.

Round 7-10 :
Not much change so i skip to round 10, where this battle end with Regal Peryton killed Supply Runner and victory in our side.

Did your strategy work?

The strategy work, the Heal skills make the enemy have hard time killing our monster. Retaliate and Force field skill help a lot in this battle.

What will you try differently next time?

If i have Khmer Princess (2 mana cost) i will change Venari Scout (3 mana cost) with that card, and 1 mana left i will used Chaos Agent this card have chance to evade all type of enemy attack (magic, range, and melee). So the position become Pelacor Mercenary - Chaos Agent - Khmer Princess - Goblin Psychic - Regal Peryton - Mycelic Slipspawn. With this change our chance to defeat enemy will increase a lot, we will have triple heal.

Thank you so much for reading to the end. What do you think about my battle review ? If i make mistake please let me know and leave your comment, i really appreciate it.

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