Double Leech in Equalizer Ruleset, Social Media Challenge !!

Hello everyone how is your EOS result? Hope all of you got big reward chest. This time i want to write blog about Social Media Challenge held by splinterlands. This battle theme is about 2 monsters who have skill Life leech (can get some HP everytime it attack the enemy monster), monster from Death Element :

  • Venari Bonesmith, monster with 4 mana cost and magic damage
  • Life Sapper, monster with 3 mana cost and magic damage

This time i play using my Scholar account which i got from Balthazar. Battle in Gold League Modern format.

I'm not very good at writing, sorry if there are mistakes or many shortcomings in this writing. I will try to explain as best I can the strategy that I use, hopefully it can help new players / beginners get more wins.

Battle Link

If you want to watch full battle link you can click Here.
For video you can watch here :


From left to right :

  • Equalizer, The initial Health of all Monsters is equal to that of the Monster on either team with the highest base Health.
  • Little League, Only Monsters & Summoners that cost 4 Mana or less may be used in battles.
  • Mana Cap 17.
  • Can Use element Fire, Water, Earth and Death.

My Lineup and strategy

Ruleset Equalizer with Little League, even though the HP is all the same, the HP won't be too big because it only uses monsters that have a small mana cost. So in this rule, monsters with poison skills will be able to kill enemies quickly. Every round start monster affected by poison will lose 2 HP.

In the Rulest Equalizer there are several things that we must pay attention to:

  • We must try to set up a formation that can fill as many available slots as possible, because each monster that fills the slot will have the same HP and can be useful for resisting enemy attacks several times.
  • Optimizing existing attacks by focusing on attacking 1 monster.

There are 2 types of poison attack available :

  • Uraeus, melee attack from neutral elements with sneak skills
  • Venari Bonesmith, a magic attack from the Death element

Here I decided to use Summoner from the Death element, which can reduce magic damage by 1 just in case the enemy uses the summoner Obsidian.

The lineup that I use:

The summoner

My summoner Thaddius Brood, Decrease the enemy magic and HP by 1.

First Position Monster - Tanker

Have dodge skills which increase the possibility of avoiding enemy attacks by 25%. Chaos Agent only cost 1 mana and can't attack.
It's very good tanker with low mana cost, with Phase skill have a possibility to evade all type of attack from melee, range and magic.

Second Position Monster - Attacker

Strength :

  • Life Leech skill, if the monster can life long enough will have big HP.
  • Poison, in little league poison is deadly.


  • No armor, must put it in safe position, to give chance this monster to build up it's HP

Third Position Monster - Attacker

Strength :

  • Life Leech skill, same like Venari Bonesmith must put it in safe position.
  • only cost 3 mana with 2 magic damage is good.


  • No armor, and small HP

Fourth Position Monster - Attacker

For 3 mana this monster have high damage, but small HP (with equalizer this weakness is gone). Low speed make the monster to put in this position. I think the safest place is here.

Fifth Position Monster - Attacker

I used this monster because of his 2 mana cost and can help focus fire attacking the enemy infront. After put this monster here i don't have any mana left.

Sixth Position Monster - Tanker

This is our backline tanker, monster with zero mana cost. With this last monster all of our slots already used.

The Battle

Round 1 :
The enemy using sneak focus fire, but Coral Wraith of the sneak monster have magic damage. Because of our summoner it get reduce attack so only have 1 damage.

  • Our Side :

    • Have 4 total magic damage and 6 range damage total 10 damage per round.
    • in this round Corpse Fiend die attacked by 3 enemy sneak team.
  • Enemy Side :

    • Have 5 damage total for sneak team attacking our backline, 2 range damage and 1 melee with total 3 damage attacking our fronline.
    • In this round Hardy Stonefish, Torrent Fiend die

The enemy have difficulty to kill our backline because they only have 5 damage, and we have 10 so we can kill 2 monster at once in 1 round.

Round 2

  • Our Side :
    no one die, because enemy Coral Wraith move to first position so only 2 enemy sneak team left for total 4 damage. Our monster have 5 HP.

  • Enemy Side :
    Coral Wraith die

You can see in this round that Life Sapper and Venary Bonesmith HP already increased by 7 after killed Coral Wraith.

Round 3 :

  • Our Side :
    Chaos Agent killed by Uraeus and Weirding Warrior die attacked by Pelacor Bandit

  • Enemy Side :
    Uraeus Die attacked by 2 double leech monster make their HP become 8 now.

In this round we can see that the victory is ours. Life Sapper and Venari Bonesmith have high HP already compare to the enemy, and using magic attack make their attack can't miss

Round 4 and 5 :
Pelacor Bandit killed by Life Sapper. Round ended with Venari Bonesmith Killed Igor Darkspear.

Did your strategy work?

The strategy didn't work completely, I just realized that fighting in little league and using the summoner Thaddius Brood makes the enemy's HP too low so the poison skill doesn't have time to work and the enemy dies first.

In the other hand the strategy to focus fire is working, the enemy choose to used Sneak team monster, Only 3 monster of their team can focus fire using sneak skills and one sneak monster got debuff from our summoner make the magic damage become 1.

Whereas all our monster attacking the frontline besides Corpse Fiend. Because all our monster attack one enemy at once their frontline easy to kill.

Learn from this battle

  • Maximize Focus fire.
  • Bring monster with big damage. No need to have poison skill.
  • Use a summoner who can increase our monster's HP or reduce the enemy's HP.
  • If you can fill all the slots.

Do you like skill Life Leech in death monsters ?

Yes I like it and use it alot in the battle low to middle mana, especially the Venari Bonesmith, because the poison skill this monster have very usefull in the battle.

Thank you so much for reading to the end. What do you think about my battle review ? If i make mistake please let me know and leave your comment, i really appreciate it.

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