Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge: Dragons!

Hello, friends! A new season has begun in Splinterlands, and while I'm climbing the Gold III league I decided to take part in the new Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge round from the Splinterlands team and try out some strategies with the Dragon element.

On top of that, the guild delegated me a great Chromaic Dragon card last week, so I've had time to build up some interesting combinations.

This time, I decided on this card combination:

drake_of_arnak.jpgDRAKE OF ARNAK summoner, with shield boosting ability
gloridax_soldier.jpgGLORIDAX SOLDIER on the first position with the ability to "minimize" damage from attacks
manticore_1.jpgMANTICORE with great speed and ability to attack from second position
screenshot_6_.jpegSEA GENE which I like the combination of summon cost, magic attacks and speed
djinn_oshannus.jpgthe mighty DJINN OSHANNUS with a huge amount of health and powerful attacks. Protected by shield it becomes an ultimatum card.
naga_assasin.jpgNAGA ASSASSIN is one of my favorite "cheap" archers and her great speed gives an impressive advantage over the enemy
creeping_ooze.jpgCompleted a CREEPIN OOZE combo that slows enemy cards and thus makes my cards even more dangerous

My opponent picked a pretty impressive set of gold cards and CURSED WINDEKU on the first position, as well as SILENT SHA-VI level 3 were a little dangerous, especially since I didn't make sure to have at least one sniper in my combo, but I benefited from EQUAL OPPORTUNITY and EARTHQUAKE rules. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY and EARTHQUAKE helped me quickly deal with my opponent's weak cards, and Earthquake was a great way to deal damage to my opponent's non-flying cards.

I ended up with minimal losses against his RIFTWING, which was easy to destroy.


It was a pleasure to share my experience and I hope you enjoyed the new format of my "combat" posts :)

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