No cards this time!

While last season I was lucky and got myself a few cards and potions, this time I got dealt mostly credit. While one needs 4000 credits to buy a pack of cards, the total of 18 credits I got in this season doesn't help much. At this rate it would take very long before I would have enough credits!


Similar to the season loot, I also wasn't lucky with the airdrop of the card sales. Over time I've gathered 6 packs to give me eligibility for the airdrops. Unfortunately, I didn't get any though. I guess against other players with 1000s of packs, my chances are quite slim.


The good thing, as the picture above shows, there are quite a few more airdrops coming! Goal for that is to accumulate some more packs over time to increase my chances!

Off to a new season of battling and looting. Enjoy folks!

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