Splinterlands - September My Account Review


I am a few days late in reviewing my monthly progress in Splinterlands, but today I get a chance to go over it. For the month of September I increased my card collections with the new Chao Legion reward cards. In the tune of close to 7k DEC burn rate in just those cards.


Along the way I also earned my first Guild cards:


SPS Staked


Its been over two months since the start of SPS air drop and currently I have around 11k SPS all staked. I have purchase close to a 1k SPS on top of what I earned in the air drop and intent to continue staking SPS for the foreseeable future.

Season 58 Results


Last season I was only able to end at Gold II even though I reached all the way to Gold I due to new rules I ended with Gold II rewards since I season end that was where I ended.



For daily chests results and DEC earned in battles it came out to be much less than I would have had in past seasons. Combining both chest rewards and DEC won I barely surpassed 3.5k in DEC value. Although I am somewhat at fault as I did not do at minimum 20 battles a day for two weeks to keep my ERC bar below 100%. I have since changed and hope upcoming season will yield better results.


The crust of my earnings for the season came in the form of rental cards. As I never really went into full detail my deck of cards have multiple duplicates and I tried to focus on renting out the unused cards as much and as long as possible. Sometimes I sacrifice the need of a card and instead rent it out to earn passive DEC. In total for the season I had nearly amassed 51k DEC with the rental market.

I have since seen rental prices decline dramatically. Therefore I have been daily adjusting my rental prices lower. Hence in the upcoming season when it ends the results for my rental will likely have to adjust lower in earnings.


At the beginning of the post I talked about my card additions to my collection. The goal of reaching 1 million DEC burn rate is still in my sight after all these months I have been trying to reach to that milestone. I believe I should be able to reach it in a season or two on the premise I continue to add more Chao Legion cards to my collection.

With less than two weeks to go for the new upcoming presale of the actual Chao Legion cards I am trying to also save enough equity to make some sort of move during the presale. At initial thought I was going to sell my vouchers and save my DEC for the actually launch of the card series. However with all the hype and my temptation to spend I may just splurge on a pack or two.

I have no plans on selling anything and I intend to be adding to my collection up until at least the end of the year. This includes all the reward cards that I earn in daily and season rewards I am keeping. I may combine them to level up but not sure yet. For now each card added brings me closer to that all mighty threshold of 1 million DEC burn rate number.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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