Splinterlands - How To Get to Silver League?


With the new Splinterlands update it is apparent that players need to play at least at silver league in order to earn DEC and decent rewards. Below that the rank battle wins only earns credits.

The limitations in Silver League is shown in picture below:


Knowing the limitations will help in guiding players as to how much to spend in order to play in the silver league.

+1,000 Rating & +15,000 Collection Power

Players need to have a rating above 1,000 and a collection power of 15,000 or more in order to be qualified in the Silver League. The two requirements work hand it hand. Have more cards helps increase collection power while with more cards there are more combinations to put in formations to win battles.

In regards to cards players should focus on limiting monster levels that is limited in the silver league. Common can only go up to level 5 therefore a player in silver league should not invest in a monster higher than level 5. Anything more won't benefit in the silver league. Same goes for rare at level 4 and epic at level 4 and legendary at level 2.


Courtesy of splintercards.com you can search which league and the card's maximum level of use within the league on all cards in the game.


Renting Cards

If players do not have the income to purchase cards the best route is to rent out cards. As it requires DEC to rent cards the goal is to only rent cards that will serve you to silver league rating. Again follow what is the limitation of the cards at silver league and only rent up to those levels.

Mimimum Level 3 Rare Summoners


Over two years ago when I started playing Splinterlands I knew from the get go that I needed to own summoners higher than level 1. The limitations of level 1 summoners were quickly apparent. You need higher level summoners in order to use higher level monsters.


Back in the day I had been buying alpha summoners and in order to reach silver league I need a level 4 rare summoners. I have them which allow me to maximize my competitiveness in silver league.

From Beta and Untamed the required summoners bcxs to get to level 4 rare were slightly more.






The main reason players have to get to silver league is so that they can earn DEC in rank battle wins. If that is not their intention than they can stay below silver league.

The other part of having silver league ready cards is so to progress in the game. As to all who play the game is it not true the main goal is really to reach the top of the leader board or at least be reaching for higher ranking?

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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