Splinterlands - Are Bots Really An Epidemic?

Not to brag too much but yesterday when I started my daily routine of playing 10 - 15 battles I encounter a set of bots with the name that starts with HAOGE. To my surprise they were all easy to beat, likely due to their lack of cards playable.

I went on a win streak facing bot after bot up to something like 12 wins in a row. At first I found it amusing as it meant I was getting bonus for wins that I likely never get in gold league. Yet then it hit me, how many of these bots are there from HAOGE? How much rewards are they snatching away from real players?

Exploring Bot Earnings

I decided to look up the last bot I defeated from the HAOGE gang, and disappoint to see just today they snagged a Chaos pack.

Dig a little into it as the bot transferred their pack to another player which I think is the main account: tommasovittori

Oddly enough peakmonsters can not see any of their cards?

But what was able to be viewed were its rentals and how many other accounts transferred packs to the account.

The main account has been collecting packs from likely bot accounts every few minutes! By my count the main account has 80 packs in the past 4 hours accumulated. That would mean in one day it has approximately 480 packs a day!

Bots Bots Bots

I could not find much more info other than the account move's its collected Chaos packs and sells it on Hive-Engine.

A lot of packs are off loaded and the proceeds went to mainly this account fabriziomancini.


In this account I was able to see that it had approximately $5.5k worth of cards. What was shocking though was that there are a staggering +203k of cards in the account.

It appears the bots had been thriving and continue in one big massive group. I don't know how much they are profiting but with the Soul Bound cards they are accumulating I would imagine this is increasingly likely that only a few control the majority of the reward cards. This is frustrating to see as I play daily and barely yield any cards let alone 1 pack lol.

I have no resolution to this bot epidemic. I am only posting this as to show what I have uncovered and don't feel I want to go further as it is only making me even more depressed. Imagine a few accounts holding majority of the reward cards just leaves a bad impression. What do you guys think?

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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