Filthy Pirates join "The Blue-Ballers!"

Top of the evening to you, my fine Sir or Madam!

I hope that news of my ongoing attempts to battle myself to blockchain riches reaches you in good health!

In my attempt to reach the upper limits of the lowest ranks of Splinterlands players and bots, I have decided to "pour in" the financial firepower of my own personal dream project (not launched) (Arctic Blocks) or (Arctic DeFi ... ((news breaking any day now.))

So again (4 days in between) I have emptied the SWAP accounts I held at Beeswap emptied , as i drugged up and hopeful undertook the Challenges of my rivAls!! armed to the teeth with these two Convicted Pirates having joined the team during their own personal "bad patch" in their life.

I present to you, fans, friends and foes alike!!!

The Filthy Pirates!

What filthy bastards! But don't tell them that because they can't read.

The "De-Ranged Animals," as they were jokingly called (by the Manager & senior-ranking officials of the Blue Ballers' office staff!)

These two ocean-faring thieves and murderers cost ONLY 2 mana The Pirate Archer having an 1 damage ranged attack, with a speed of 2 as well as a 3 Life AS WELL AS THE BLAST ABILITY!

Yeah, I got kind of psyched about that! The Blast ability means that the ranged monsters' attacks also damage nearby units, making this cheap "Butt-Witt," dumb-ass, a cheap cannon fodder, that also damages to a "wider" portion of the enemy´s monsters' team.

Damaging up to 3 monsters! (With the 3 Life stats the faggot might even stay around and do it again in round two!)

That is value!

Look at that Asshole again!


!LULZ i'm also considering having sex with both his wife and daughter, however, the move is frowned upon when i bring it up at the home, I'll see about it!

I'll find a way to make sure he doesn't feel too respected at "The Ballers-Palace!" Our home field, (a rural muddy pond where I have the monsters and pirates train, sometimes without supplies or heating. (Only the Pirates'cabin and wagon, of course,! LOL!)

However, look at that schmuck's father!


A disgusting trailer-park, a gambling alcoholic, and a self-proclaimed "proud domestic abuser!" who pokes fun at "rarely losing a fight at home court". Tacky! isn't it?

I´m not even bothering to upload another photo of that "boat-whore!"

However, I have been considering, after a short break from writing this post to try and refrain from using all those descriptive swear words.

And turn again to writing about becoming the best in the world, which i used to be!

However these days, rarely managing above Bronze I even currently, even employing my new cheap as father-son de-ranged fighting pirates only barely managing to hang in there in the Bronze II , .

People want to know how to make these DEC´s

With the win rate abysmal (around the single digits as I ordered a break from battling last week to rest the "fountain!")

Then, a victorious battle gained me the owner 0.032 DEC!

I am seriously considering becoming a card-rental-service only.! and just to acquire rentable cards in the future. rather than ones with utility for a professional e-sports team. And stop behaving like some billionaire sports team manager (even if I might be one, I´d always act like a "known thug" and O.G. of course!)

F***! i can be quick at deciding, one more humiliating defeat i had to watch as those drunk Pirates didn't even show!

Well, that's not as good a "Value" is it?

I´m a Card-renter / hustler now ONLY!

And of course, "the O.G of NFT´s," having conceptualized both the blockchain as well as NFT´s before Satoshi unleashed his admittedly much much more developed and realistic plan, "The Bitcoin!"

However I just went and went "LOCO" on putting "Blue-Ballers" from the lowest ranks to the coolest, most violent, and expensive members of the squad to the renting markets!


That resulted in the following numbers

51.964 DEC/day out of 52.973 DEC/day listed which amounts to a 22.93% yearly ROA.

Which isn't the highest in the Cryptosphere, but not bad at all and I´m more than happy taking a short vacation from managing that band of known thugs. I can still chill with that slut though!

That´s it from me getting my D polished at an "unknown beach location" by that mer-woman NFT card!

Dont ask me how, i think one could find a way to make this happen!

Thats all from "The Blue-Ballers" This week!

Peace & Love! Mr.Eythorphoto!

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