Splinterlands Weekly Challenge - Goblin Shaman


Hey everyone!
Let me share with you two of my battles for the weekly challenge… I’m currently trying to climb back to Silver, because of the end of the season, so both battles were in Bronze II. Also, I used Starter cards, but I rented higher level ones, to climb faster in the ranks.

First battle: ruleset.

- Standard gameplay rules ------------ - All Splinters allowed ----------------- - Mana cap: 27--------------------------------------------------------------------

Lineup and strategy.

Battle 1.png

My opponent didn’t use water in his previous fights, so I felt confident in using fire.

  • Summoner: I usually prefer speed, over strength, so I rented a level 2 Pyre.

  • Tank: plenty of mana to spare, so I went with a level 2 Living Lava, great tank against melee and ranged attacks.

  • Second position: Kobold Miner, just there as a nuissance. In case of blast it goes down first, protecting for a round the other monsters.

  • Third position: a level 3 Goblin Shaman. At this level it has 1 magic attack, on top of his weaken effect, so it works good in that position, for it’s 3 mana cost.
    Sin título.png

  • Fourth position: a level 3 Serpentine Spy. A card that we all play when using fire Splinter, thanks to it’s speed and opportunity effect. I try to protect it as much as I can, so I always put it somewhere in the middle. It’s fall usually provokes the fall of the rest of the team.

  • Fifth position: a level 2 Fire Elemental. Good ranged attack card with blast. It’s fast, so you can always be sure that is going to kill something before falling.

  • Sixth position: a level 2 Spark Pixies. At this level it has 6 points of speed, plus one more for the Summoner, plus flying effect. Nothing to envy to the Phantom of the Abyss. I always put it in the back as cover against sneak.
    Sin título2.png

Battle Link

Second battle: ruleset

- Little league: only monsters & summoners that cost 4 mana or les may be used in battle.----------------- - Only fire, water and dragon splinters allowed.--------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Mana cap: 15. -------------------------------------------------------------------

Lineup & strategy

Battle 2.png

  • Same summoner, level 2 Pyre
  • Tank: obvius choice here, the Cerberus.
  • Second position: level 3 Goblin Shaman, for the challenge.
  • Third position: level 3 Serpentine Spy, his speed at this level is the reason I won. Also, if my opponent had put his Serpentine Spy in third position, instead of second, another would be the story.
  • Fourth position: Goblin Fireballer, just to fill in the mana gap.

Battle Link

How i feel about the Goblin Shaman

It’s a card that I like to use. The combination of it’s effect alongside with blast, can help you get rid of some enemy monsters fast. I like to put it in second position, in case of blast or as a backup tank, to protect, for at least a round, the rest of the team.

Thanks for stopping by!

Goblin Shaman.png

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