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A couple of weeks ago, my daughter went shopping online with her father and bought two dolls. As soon as she received the package, her initial complaint was that the shoes kept falling off. To which my husband blurted out and promised to her, that I will be crocheting new shoes for her dolls. I was just glad that she was happy with the crochet doll shoes that I made for her. And so she was back to her jolly time playing with her new dolls.

Then a thought came to her mind. She said Elsa and Anna should have a ninja protecting them at all times. We went back and forth with the discussion about them not needing additional protection because Elsa already has powers. In the end, I gave in to her argument saying that it's summer and Elsa would also need some rest so a ninja would be handy.

I don't think I can argue with that so into the crochet cave I went. At this point, I have made a couple of amigurumi dolls like the Frontliner bear and Miss Dolly. These two dolls have something in common, their feet are all round-shaped. This time, I made sure the ninja doll I'll make will have a flat sole.

It's a good thing that I had refreshed my sole crocheting technique with the doll shoes last week. But the soles and feet and legs are not all that this amigurumi ninja has. Scroll down a little bit more and I will share with you the journey of the Ninja Amigurumi.


You may use any stitch marker you can find. I used a yarn leftover from my old projects.

Take it to the head


This amigurumi Ninja is 100% my own creation made from my imagination. For the first time, I did not really look for any yarnspirations online nor any patterns. I'd like to take my crocheting to the next level by trying to come up with my own pattern.

Head Pattern

Magic ring
6sc into the magic ring
(I used continuous stitching for this pattern)
Make 2 sc on the first sc you made on the last round.
(Put a stitch marker on the next stitch before making the first sc for your second round.)
Continue making 2 SCs until you reach the stitch marker.
Increase the next round by making 1 sc on the first stitch from the previous round (don't forget to put a stitch marker) and then 2 SC on the next.
Continue making the alternate 1 sc, 2sc until you reach the stitch marker you put.
Next, make 1 sc on the first stitch from the marker (don't forget to put another marker for this round) 2sc on the next stitch, then 1 sc on the next. Repeat the same process until you reach the stitch marker.
You may refer to my post about making the perfect crochet circle to make it easier to follow.
Continue doing this until you've made 9 rows of beautiful perfect crochet circle.
After the 9th round, make SCs on each stitch, making sure to put a stitch marker at the beginning of each round. Make 5 rounds of this.
On the sixth round without increases, change yarn color (white) and sc on 16 stitches, then on the 17th, change back to black. Once again, don't forget to put a stitch marker. Make 4 rounds of this.

Stop crocheting for a bit to attach the eyes.

After 4 rounds with the white yarn, make sc on each stitch using the black yarn. Make 5 rounds of this.

Then decrease the way you increased at the start. Do not close off completely. Leave space for the fiber filling and for the neck to be attached do.



I didn't want to make it too complicated. So I based my pattern from the lesson I learned from the crochet doll shoes.

Row 1
Make 4 chains.
Using the front loops only (FLO), 3 SC on the 2nd ch from the hook, 1 sc on the next stitch.
Make 3 SCs on the next stitch using the back loop only (BLO), 2 sc on the next stitch then slip stitch on the first sc.

Row 2
Ch 1
2sc on the next 2 stitches
1 sc on the next 2 stitches
2 sc on the next 3 stitches
1 sc on the next 2 stitches
2 sc on the next stitch.
slip stitch

Row 3
1 ch
1 sc on each stitch FLO
slip stitch

Row 4
1 ch
1 sc on the next 6 stitches
SC2Tog on the next 2 stitches
sc on the next 6 stitches
Slip stitch

Row 5
1 ch
sc on the next 5 stitches

Row 6
1 ch
1 sc on each stitch
slip stitch
[Repeat 12 times]

I have mentioned before how I despise making pairs because I couldn't seem to make those two little things equal and balanced. I found the secret in making pairs of anything crochet. 1. Stop at each round (or each stitch if need be) to write down the pattern to the T. 2. Make the two pieces in one go. (If at all possible.) Of course, it's easy if you have just two small pieces to complete. But if you're working on a gigantic pair of headdress maybe, or big socks, or sleeves. But well, that's how I overcome my struggle with pairs on this project.



Now that the legs are done, it's time to attach them to each other and then add the hips and the torso.

Hold 1 leg, then make 3 sc, make 2 chains, grab the other leg and make an sc on the 2nd to the last stitches then sc all over. Slip stitch to close.

Chain 1 make an increase all over by doing 2 sc, then 1 sc all over.

Chain 1, SC on all stitches.

Chain 1, SC on 9 stitches then 2 sc on the next stitch. Repeat the sc and 2sc pattern all over the round.

Next, make use of the stitch markers at the start of each round, sc on each stitch. Repeat for 2 rounds.

SC2tog, then sc on the next 9 stitches. Repeat all over the round.

SC on each stitch for the next 2 rounds.

Repeat all over for each round:
8 sc, sc2tog
sc2tog, 7 sc on each stitch
3sc, sc2tog, 3sc

sc on each stitch

5 sc, sc2tog throughout the round

sc on each stitch

sc on 2 stitches, sc2tog, sc on 2 stitches throughout the round

1sc on each stitch

3 sc, sc2tog throughout the round

1sc, sc2tog, 1sc throughout the round

Time to Fill in the Blanks


Grab your fiber fillings, and start filling up the spaces on the head, legs, and torso. Make sure to fill up as much space as you can without distorting the shapes crocheted. Too much fillings and you lose the shape, too little and the doll will look limp. I used a small crochet hook to push the fillings on hard-to-reach corners.

I added an extra on the neck and torso. I inserted a glue stick just to make sure that the torso and the quite invisible neck will be able to pull up the head.



Again, with the pairs! But this pattern is a little bit simple and less complicated. I started it with a magic circle. Then made 5SC into the MC. Increased the circle by making 2 sc on each sc I made at the start. Continued making the increase by making 1 sc, 2sc alternatingly. I was feeling a little bit of an expert at this point so I did not use any stitch markers anymore. I completed the arm by making 2 sc on each stitch, making 2 rows of this. on the last row, I made 1 sc, then sc2tog around, filled the arm with fillers, then stitched the arms closed.

After I completed the second arm, I went ahead and stitched them into the torso. The arms were a little bit too wobbly so I kinda stitched the imaginary elbow into the torso to keep them stable. Also, this way, I will avoid having my daughter accidentally pulling the arms of the amigurumi that the arms would come undone. It happened to the amigurumi front liner bear. Of course, the lesson has been learned. Never again!


I haven't done a commissioned work in a while, but so far, my one and only client have been giving me so many hugs and kisses as payment for my hard work. I learned new things about crocheting, I get to challenge myself into making new patterns, and I get paid with hugs and kisses. I think this is more than any mom crocheters could ever wish for. Judging by the way she's been having fun with her new dolls and her mysterious amigurumi Ninja, whom we haven't agreed if it's a boy or a girl, she really does love it. She actually has another request which is once again, keeping me busy.

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