Crochet Doll Shoes


A few weeks ago, my daughter and my husband was having a serious conversation while they were both intently looking at the phone. I took a peek to see what was going on. They were online shopping for dolls. The little kiddo wanted to spend some of her money for dolls. Recently, she had a switch of interest from cars and trucks to tea parties and dolls.

After a few days, the dolls came and she was ecstatic! Her new Anna and Elsa dolls were amazing. She loves the music they play when you press the little amulet necklace. But there was something she did not like about them.

The shoes kept falling off. I think my kid may have a little bit of an OCD because it really bothers her when something is not right. I know I taught her to make sure her toys and books are in order, but sometimes she takes it further. The dolls' shoes falling off over and over bothers the heck out of her.

To console his daughter, Tatay promised that I will make her dolls new crochet shoes. Without even asking me. Of course I am very much happy to oblige. I am just happy that I make them happy with my crocheting.

Although when it comes to constructing a flat sole for my amigurumi dolls, my experience is almost next to zero. But I remember I have made a pair of baby shoes for my neighbor before. And we all know baby feet are just as cute as doll feet. So I tried to remember how I made the baby shoes - the soles that is.



I opened up my yarn stash for the little kiddo and asked her which colors she wanted to use for each dolls. She went with purple for Anna and blue for Elsa.

I also used a 3.5mm yarn hook. This is best for tight stitches. And the hook I got is from the set with the silicone handles, it has helped me a lot with getting the perfect grip without hurting my fingers to much.

Then a pair of scissors, some light, and we're good to go.

Symbols and Terminology

Ch - chain
SC - single crochet
sc2tog - single crochet two together
BLO - back loop only

The entire project consists of pretty much the basic stitch which is the single crochet. I only added a few techniques which made the doll shoes look like jow it looked like.



Start with 7 chains.

Using the front loop only, make 3 sc's on the second loop. Then make 1 sc on the next 3 stitches. Make 3 sc's on the first stitch. Working on the other loop of the base chain, make 1 sc on the next 4 stitches. Close the row with a slip stitch to the first sc.

Chain 1. Make 2sc's on the next 3 stitches. Sc on the next 4 stitches. 2sc's on the next 3 stitches. Sc on the next 4 stitches. Slip stitch on the first sc.

Chain 1. Make 2sc's on the next stitch. Then 1 sc on the next. Do the [2sc, 1sc] pattern 3 times. Sc on rhe next stitches then slip stitch on the first sc you made.

Chain 1. Using the back loop only (BLO), sc on each stitch. Slip stitch to close the row.

Chain 1. Slip stitch on each stitch using both loops.

Chain 1. Sc on the next 13 stitches. Sc2tog 3 times. (To make an sc2tog, make a single crochet by yarning over once, then pull through one loop. Instead of pulling through 2 loops to complete the single crochet, yarn over, insert the hook to the next stitch, then pull through one loop. Afterwards, pull through all the loops in the hook.) Sc on the next 7 stitches. Slip stitch on the first sc to close the row.


Chain 1. Sc on the next 11 stitches. Sc2tog on the next 2 stitches. Sc on the next 7 stitches. Slip stitch to close.

Sc on each stitch. Use a stitch marker to help you count how many rows you've made. I wanted a slightly high boots so I made 8 rows of this. You may add more depending on the length you want to make. Cut end off. Fasten off.


Final product

I am not a fan of crocheting pairs because I couldn't seem to perfect both. But with this project, since it's just a tiny little bit of boots, I was able to make two perfect pairs! This is a perfect exercise for making balance crochet pairs.


It looks like my little client was very much satisfied with the finished product, she requested for another crochet item. I will be sharing the process too for that project so stick around!


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