Crochet Hero Frontliner Bear

I have been crocheting a little bit seriously some two years ago. Almost simultaneously after I resigned from my job and got semi locked down inside the house as a full-time stay-at-home-mom. And I have loved every project I created.

Being on a lock down is kinda bumming everyone out. But being in this lockdown gave a lot of crochet project ideas for me. The first I made was the covid amigurumi, then the earsavers for our lifesavers. And today, I'm sharing my other project: The Hero Frontliner Bear.

I got the free pattern from Yarn It Darn It PH a few weeks ago. I've been wanting to crochet a lot of stuff that would help lift up people's spirits during these trying times. And that is why, I present to you Teddy the Hero Frontliner Bear.

I made a whole set of alphabet amigurumi last year for my kid and recently, I made the covid virus amigurumi as well. There was a point in my crocheting life that I wouldn't have imagined making a crocheted doll. RIght now, my kid doesn't go anywhere - and I mean anywhere - without little Teddy here. She was actually very excited while I was completing the project. Watching me every single step of the way.

The first part was actually linked to the second and third. You'll need to work the legs first, then attach the torso next, and then lastly the head. I gotta be honest, I had some trouble locating/identifying the front loop and back loop but after a couple of frogging and restitching, I was able to complete it.

You got to fill the body with the stuffings as you go. You can use fiber fillings but I used fabric scraps cut into small pieces to stuff inside the Teddy Bear. Little kid even helped out in filling the bear with stuffing.


Once you've closed up the head, the next part you should be working on are the arms. Again, the problem with identifying the front loop and the back loop since I'm working on a round, and I'm a leftie following a rightie's instruction manual. But then again, I came through. Again, fill up the arms with the fabric scraps as you go along.

After that, you should work on the ears, eyes, nose, mask, and cap. I ran out of blue yarn so I wasn't able to make my frontliner bear a cap. It's alright. As soon as this lockdown is over, I'll buy this little hero some yarns so I could complete his outfit.

If you want to make your own frontliner bear, just follow the link above for the pattern. Don't forget to credit Yarn It, Darn It when you share your finished product. Have fun!

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