NeedleWorkMonday Featured Posts #102 and this week's 500 HP 7 Days Delegation Winner Announcement!

Greetings to all needle artists and supporters!

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Welcome to NeedleWorkMonday Community’s 102nd Featured Post!

Our motto is to Support and Inspire

Let us as a community, continue to show our love and support by visiting and commenting on each other's work while inspiring one another with the beautiful works of needle art that we do. Nothing makes a heart happier than to read a supportive comment from a fellow member :)

500HP Delegation for 7 Days

This posting drive is running from 22 June 2020 until 24 August 2020. One winner will be randomly chosen each week for a 500HP Delegation for 7 Days!

For this week's Monday, those who posted directly from the NeedleWorkMonday Community and followed our posting guidelines, therefore eligible to enter the drawing for the 500HP Delegation for 7 Days from @shanibeer are as follows:

@akipponn, @carolinacardoza, @inici-arte, @jluvs2fly, @lauramica, @mers, @neumannsalva, @puellacreativa, @romeskie, @rowee22, @silviamaria and @tasri.

And the winner is.....


Congratulations @silviamaria🎉

Please follow the posting guidelines (found in our FAQs) and post directly from the NeedleWorkMonday Community on Mondays! Remember to include "needleworkmonday" as one of the tags!


We are so excited to bring to you another weekly curation showcasing the needlework of our very own HIVEians. Every Monday we get together to share our love and passion for the needle arts, posting from the NeedleWorkMonday community and using the #needleworkmonday tag. On all other days we use the #needlework tag. We enjoy each other’s creations, ideas, patterns, tips and shortcuts.

We strive to bring to you great quality work filled with tutorials and inspiration. Please help us keep these wonderful needle arts alive and thriving by supporting our creative work and community!


Here are our featured posts this week from members who posted into the NeedleWorkMonday Community and followed our posting guidelines.

The things we make can be sorted into one of three categories: useful, decorative or fun. But often our work includes more than one of these and our fesatured posts today are perfect examples for that!

Crochet Toy Stethoscope by @romeskie


@romeskie shows us how she made this toy for her daughter (Categories: fun and useful). She opens our eyes to make us see how easy it is (with some practice) to make such things. We just have to use our eyes and imagination, think about the "how" and start to work. Crochet is perfect for such projects.


I made a panty using fabric scraps! / ¡Hice una panty con retazos! by @lauramica


Sewing is the answer if you don't find suitable clothing - be it that everything you can get is the wrong size, because it's too expensive or you can't shop for it near you. Most sewers will think about making underwear themselves - but few do it. @lauramica did, with leftover scraps and the result is awesome. Definitely useful - and in a way both decorative and fun!


Crochet Hanging Planter by @rowee22


I think we all have plants in our home. But the place is often limited if you don't have a lot of window sills. Hanging planters are a good way to give plants a good home, with the best light without having them clatter every space. Making these planters yourself means you can make them fitting the pots and adapt them in color to their surroundings (which make them useful and decorative). @rowee22 has a tutorial - let's give our plants a new home overhead!


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If you are a needlework artist we’d love to have you join us every Monday to share your work and inspire this community to give a craft a try.


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