NeedleWorkMonday FAQs


The NeedleWorkMonday FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) contains the most commonly sought information about our initiative. If you have questions about who we are and what we do, the way our community is ran, guidelines, tag usage etc. you will find your answers here. Going forward, there will be a link to this page added to all of our community posts for easy access.

Section 1:

What is NeedleWorkMonday?

The Vision and Founding History...

The #NeedleWorkMonday tag was created in July of 2017 by @crosheille. She wanted to make an easier way for needleworkers to find one another to share their love and passion for the needle arts. This tag would bring needlers together to support each other in their efforts through upvotes, encouraging comments and positive feedback. It would be a way for needlers to meet up sharing ideas, tips, patterns, shortcuts, inspirations, failures and victories. The tag would also inspire others on the Hive blockchain to dust off their needles and begin crafting again while encouraging others to give it a try for the first time.

Later on she was joined by @crystalize who was named Co-Chair for helping to invite new needleworkers, organize and fund community projects and contests and supporting all of the needleworkers with upvotes and comments.

What started out as a tag but became an actual community. We are a community that supports and interacts with one another every week, working hard to share our inspiring work with everyone. We hold each other accountable, helping one another to stay on task and not give up when things get difficult or when time is limited. We are the NeedleWorkMonday Community!


Section 2:

Who Can Join?

We welcome all levels of needleworkers! We have those who just purchased their first skein of yarn and hook to those that have been needling for years! We are all here to learn and grow together. Even the most advanced can learn new things when becoming a member of the NeedleWorkMonday Community.

You are welcome to join us if you do any of the following needle crafts but certainly not limited to:

• Sewing
• Crochet
• Knitting
• Cross-Stitch
• Embroidery
• Upholstery
• Needle Felting
• Quilting
• Beadwork
• String Art
• Appliqué
• Needle Lace
• Ribbon Work
• Tatting Work
• Textile Arts and Crafts
• Crewel Work
• Costume Artists
• Tapestry
• Macramé

We also welcome and accept any form of fiber arts that deal with knotting, braiding, felting, lacing or any form of manipulation of fabrics and yarns.


Section 3:

What are the Member Expectations?

We emphasize the importance and appreciation of interaction and support within our community. This community was built on these principles and we have worked hard to keep it that way.

We are not a drop off community where you stop by, share your post, expect support and then leave. If you expect support we expect you to support others. A simple comment to show you have read, enjoyed, appreciated, learned from etc. a post, will suffice. We ask that you at least support two other needleworkers on the Monday’s you share a post!

Everyone that is a part of our community wants to be here and loves being engaged with what is going on. If you are not willing to give support in return, we ask that you refrain from using the #needleworkmonday tag which is used by the @needleworkmonday community. There have been many hours and work put into building this community and we ask that you would adhere to these expectations.


Section 4:

What are the Guidelines?


When using the #needleworkmonday tag your post must:

• be needlework or fiber art related
• be posted on Monday (according to your time zone) directly from the NeedleWorkMonday Community
• include your original handmade work and not have any plagiarism or filled with copy and paste content
• cite correctly any sources (pictures, content from other sites etc.) used
• include an English translation if you are writing in your native language

Featured Posts

In order for your post to be featured in our showcase it must:

• meet all of the posting guidelines
• be of good quality
• include clear photos (of project process or completed work) if applicable

Attention New Members

Upon joining the #NeedleWorkMonday Community we require you at least share one post that includes process photos of your original work in order to be eligible for a feature in our showcase. This validates and proves the work you are sharing in the community is yours. All of our veteran members have already validated their work. We ask that you at least share two photos of your work process but encourage you share more.

Our members have worked hard to put out original quality posts for others to enjoy. They spend time here engaging, commenting, voting and encouraging one another. We want to make sure the needleworkers we are supporting are indeed submitting their own original work if stated. You are likely to gain more support and more engagement on your posts once you have validated your work.


Section 5:

What Does a Quality Post Look Like?

Every Monday posts that meet the posting guidelines will receive an upvote from the @needleworkmonday account. Getting a feature in our showcase is earned by those putting in the effort to make a quality post. These posts are a representation of our community and we want to highlight them!

A Quality Post for the NeedleWorkMonday Community meets all of the posting and featured post guidelines. We don’t require, but look for post that share the process of their work through quality photos and/or clear step by step instructions.

A Quality Post is easy to read and follow along, if pictures are included they are clear and of good quality and has been checked thoroughly for grammar errors.

We understand there are new ways to make a Hive post ie. through Instagram and Twitter feeds but the @needleworkmonday community expects more from our members. If you post a picture of your work please don’t leave it at,

Here’s what I worked on this week.

Please elaborate and tell us:

1) What the project is.
2) How long you worked on it.
3) What materials, type of yarn or threads and tools were used.
4) Why you are making this.
5) If it’s a new skill you’re trying out.
6) How you felt while working on it.
7) What goals have you set.

Etc. Etc.

A Quality Post gives a little more than a picture and one or two sentences. If you’ve joined other communities or contest here on Hive most ask for a minimum of 100 words in your post. Help us to interact with you better by sharing a little more :)


Section 6:

What about Tag Usage?

On Monday’s we use the #needleworkmonday tag to stick to our theme/name and on all other days we use the #needlework tag to find each other’s work. The @needleworkmonday account upvotes posts that use the #needlework tag throughout the week.

Please only use the #needleworkmonday tag on Monday’s only! Please only use the tag when your post is needlework or fiber art related! Please post directly from the NeedleWorkMonday Community!


Posting Summary

NeedleWorkMonday posts don’t always have to be about a project you have made. You can share exhibitions you have visited, a cool new pattern you found, a craft shop you love, an online picture that has inspired you, what your mother made years ago, what you friend sent you etc. These types of things further enrich our lives and give us motivation to try new things. As long as it is needlework related and you give credits (cite sources) where it’s due, it is acceptable to post for NeedleWorkMonday. If you are not posting your original work please state that and tell us who’s work it is. If you do choose to share just a pattern or picture of inspiration please elaborate in your post about it and not just leave it as a one sentence post. If you wish to be chosen for our showcase please keep in mind what we look for.

When posting using the #needleworkmonday and #needlework tag please refer to and use Section numbers 4, 5 and 6 as your guide.

Section 7:

Are there any Community Projects & Contests?

Community Projects

Occasionally we will challenge the needlework community to give of their time to certain projects. We feel it’s important to give to others and bless them with our skills and talents. We want everyone that is interested to be able to participate regardless of the skill you possess. We are always open for suggestions!



We have lots of fun sharing in the NeedleWorkMonday Community. Contests are a fun way to keep us interacting and engaged. They also allow us to reward our members by giving away prizes to the winners! We would love to see everyone participate as often as they can in these contests! Contest are a lot more exciting when we have more participation. Depending on what the contest is, it may run for one or two weeks.

On occasion we will collaborate with other communities when we run our contests!


Section 8:

What about Delegations & Donations?

We welcome delegations to the @needleworkmonday community account and are able to offer a small daily upvote in return. We are currently working on the details.

We also welcome donations for contests and prizes. If you would like to leave donations you can transfer Hive or Hbd to the @needlworkmonday community account and put contest prize in the memo field. You can also reach out to @crosheille (crosheille#0986) on discord if you have further questions or want to discuss your donation.

A public record of all delegations and donations will be listed and updated in the NeedleWorkMonday RUN (reports, updates and news) articles. We greatly appreciate all of your support in what we are doing! Thank you so much for all of you that have contributed and/or delegated to the community account.


Section 9:

Can I Use the NeedleWorkMonday Logos in My Posts?

All members are welcome and encouraged to use our community logo (created by @coinbelly) at the end of their #needleworkmonday and #needlework posts. Just simply save the images to your device and paste when ready to use!





The NeedleWorkMonday FAQs will be updated as needed. Thank you to all of our members and supporters for helping our community continue to thrive!


We’re on Discord!! To join us please click on the logo below!

We look forward to seeing you all there and are excited to chat with you directly!!

Thank You!

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NeedleWorkMonday Founder:


This FAQ post brought to you by @crosheille

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