Hey Needleworkers and Needlework Lovers! You Can Now Subscribe to Our NeedleWorkMonday Community!


Some of you may be saying

I thought we were already a community.

Yes, we have already established a wonderful and beautiful community with all of our @needleworkmonday members. However, recently there was an official launch of Hivemind communities which allows for better organization and moderating abilities. I see it as the next level to using tags because you decide which audience you want your particular posts to appear in front of. We can now share our posts with communities that were made exactly for the content we love to share. For instance, if your post talks about educating at home you can post in the Homeeders community. Or if you are showcasing your photography you can share that post directly with the Photography community.

There is still a lot to learn but we wanted to make this post giving you some pointers on what we have grasped so far. First let me give you the direct links to join our community:



When posting in the NeedleWorkMonday community please do the following:

  • add #needleworkmonday if you post on a Monday
  • add #needlework if you post on any other day
  • use the posting guidelines found in our FAQs if you want to receive a vote and resteem

If you write your post within the community and want it to show up on your personal blog, you must resteem the post. A resteemed message will not show up on your blog, it will be as if you wrote it directly from there.

When you post within the community you will see that it shows your name, then your community role and then written in NeedleWorkMonday...

needleworkmonday example 2.jpg

@Muscara submitted her awesome pattern of the week post on Saturday so she did not include the #needleworkmonday tag but only the #needlework tag...

needleworkmonday example.jpg

Another option on how to share posts to the community is cross posting. Note that this feature is currently only available on the Steempeak interface. The cross-posting feature is really for bringing other people's work into the NeedleworkMonday Community, rather than your own work. When you cross post you are creating a new post and it will receive autovotes from your followers. If you cross-post your own posts (or other people's posts) too frequently you may irritate and lose your voting support.

The best thing to do is to post directly in the NeedleworkMonday Community.

For further details on how to cross post on Steempeak please visit Introducing the "Community Cross Posting" Feature.


We also wanted to inform you that our FAQs have been updated and now include the following:

Attention New Members

Upon joining the #NeedleWorkMonday community we require you at least share one post that includes process photos of your original work in order to be eligible for a resteem and/or feature in our showcase. This validates and proves the work you are sharing in the community is yours. All of our veteran members have already validated their work. We ask that you at least share two photos of your work process but encourage you share more.

Our members have worked hard to put out original quality posts for others to enjoy. They spend time here engaging, commenting, voting and encouraging one another. We want to make sure the needleworkers we are supporting are indeed submitting their own original work if stated. You are likely to gain more support and more engagement on your posts once you have validated your work.


So please Subscribe, Subscribe, Subscribe to our community! We will continue to update you as we learn more about these new features and how to post in communities. If you know of any great posts that gives a howto on communities please share in the comments below. We look forward to sharing and engaging with you!


NWM Discord LInk.jpg

If you have any questions or need more guidance you can reach out to anyone in our leadership team:

Founder/Admin @crosheille

Admin @muscara

Admin @marblely

Admin @shanibeer

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