Vision - Token exchange, username/path find and more just got another great updates for you. We now have dedicated token exchange/market page where you can exchange HIVE <-> HBD with ease. Writing content get even better and easier, you can easily mention and find usernames while writing, you can even find any content without leaving editor screen. Read on to learn more about new changes that went live to our website.


What's new

  • Market, decentralized exchange, trade HIVE/HBD tokens. We are happy to share first iteration of Token exchange page and excited about future of this page, check market here:
  • Username and Path/Post finding within Editor, mentioning and linking posts got super simple. Watch attached video below to learn how it works.
  • Transfer/tipping to other people when viewing their wallet page
  • Witness page improved for mobile browsing
  • Main filters style change to get ready for upcoming new filters
  • Downvote percent bug fixed
  • Community muting feed fixed
  • Slow commenting on posts with thousands of replies, bug fixed
  • Welcoming feeds beautified for better user onboarding
  • Route between filters and community, navigation improved
  • More transaction history items improved with better wording
  • Emoji selection size increased
  • New translation strings, updated
  • Many other bug fixes which you can monitor from our official Github page

How to mention account and link content on Ecency?

We are expecting to release desktop app with these new changes in couple days after thorough checks.
Are you developer or translator or just want to contribute to Ecency? Feel free to check our opensource projects and join our discord to get in touch.


Support Ecency, check our proposal:

Hivesigner: Vote for Proposal

Stay healthy, stay excited, stay united! Don't forget to share news with your friends.

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