Ecency Art Contest - Surfing

Hello dear community.
This is my participation in 2nd Annual Ecency Art Contest.

This was at the last minute... I found out about this competition on September 4. and I saw that I lack time to do something quality, but I simply had to participate in this competition.

My idea was to present some HIVE levels surfing the waves using surfboards. In this case, I introduced some of the frontends as sponsors on the boards. The first board shows the HIVE logo - as an association to the Hive blog, then the second board shows PEAKD, and the third surf board presents my favorite app Ecency.

The little Fish is presented as a beginner who enters the world of crypto, more precisely HIVE, who uses the Hive blog for his first posts.
After her is a Dolphin who uses a better application for his posts - PEAKD.
At the end is Whale, who as an experienced blogger uses Ecency.
To make sure there is no confusion, I also use PEAD and I think it's a great frontend too, but I mostly use Ecency because of the mobile application.

Below you can see a few steps:

Until the next contest... 😀

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