Ecency Discord Posting Topic Week 25: FEELING ALIVE

Another week, another weekly posting topic for #ecencydiscord is supposed to give you ideas what to post, learn new facts about our postig world and use your chance to be seen in a quiet chain time. Open for everyone!



What makes you feel alive through and through? What does it mean to be and feel alive? When are you the best version of yourself?

The intention this week is also for our ecency people to get to know the We Are Alive Tribe and hopefully vice versa :-)

There is a rolling weekly schedule in, where you find also a contest every day: 2 winners for 50 HP for 4 weeks, and 2 more winner for 500 Alive Power for 4 weeks!

Schedule Alive Chat:
Monday: Plan Your New Week - @ironshield
Tuesday: Alive Burning Contest - @ironshield
Wednesday: Stake ALIVE - @flaxz
Thursday: Larry Is Alive - @edgerik
Friday: Share Your Friday - @edgerik
Saturday: Engagement grow your network - @edgerik
Sunday: Hive Goals Weekly - @ironshield

To participate the Alive Chat Contest, go to one of posts to read how it works. You will have to write a post on the scheduled topics and make a meaningful comment to this days alive chat post.

For our #ecencdiscord weekly posting topic, as always, how you approach the topic is completely up to you:

  • You can only write a post on the topic "Feeling Alive" for #ecencydiscord
  • You can go with the #aliveanthriving instruction you find below
  • Or you can choose to step into the suggestions and go with the weekly schedule of We Are Alive Tribe

As always, these are just suggestions! Anything you can think of on the broad topic of "FEELING ALIVE" is of course possible. This is no contest, it's just for bringing you to the keyboards and write!


  • Use the tag #ecencydiscord
  • Write at least 200 words and make a good content post out of the topic
  • No need to mention that it should be your own content, right?

This have been the regular "rules" we have each week, to reach some of this weeks ALIVE Power, use #ecencydiscord but also go with the following instructions from We Are Alive Tribe:

  • The 4 points of #AliveAndThriving, the first point is mandatory, then add one or more of the rest, share your journey to thrive in life.

Why use the #ecencydiscord? First, so we can find you, second, because we want our Discord members to interact more with each other on chain as well, and this is a possibility to find each other and leaving a nice comment.

>>> How did I come up with this topic?

Once again the idea came out of Saturdays "Weekend Hangout Show", a life voice chat in ecency discord, hosted by @blackman15. This time we had very intersting new - new to ecency discord ;-) - people joining us and I was happy to meet @raymondspeaks @stickupboys and @flaxz. Guys with great projects, doing a lot of work for our chain.
@flaxz entered with a post to show us, wich caught my attention. I had already seen a lot of the ALIVE Tribe, but I had not really dealt with it yet:

So I asked him and he liked the idea, to go together with #alive #aliveanthriving and #ecencydiscord for this week. He explained me a lot about the We Are Alive Tribe and also sponsered 500 ALIVE wich will be divided and given out as ALIVE Power, wich is staked ALIVE and will bring you daily earnings of BRO, PGM and LOLZ.

>>> Review last week

For their postings from last weeks topic "COLOR CHALLENGE" @asgharali deserved 150 points, because he made 4 wonderful colored posts! @kaazoom 75 points. @seckorama @bluepark @gurseerat @guurry123 @jmis101 @nexcis1 @jelenaa and @weone will receive 50 ecency points.

Thank you all for joining in week 24 "COLOR CHALLENGE"

Here you see some examples, to find them all just look at #ecencydiscord

Blue: The Color of My Horizons by @bluepark

Color Challenge by @seckorama

My entry for #ecencydiscord by @guurry123

Ecency Discord Posting - prompt : colors by @jmis101

Tawa Icecream in Purple flavour by @asgharali

Color challenge - Indigo Saturday by @jelenaa

>>> This Week:

We got Ecency Points to give out from @good-karma and @ecency and for this week we also got 500 ALIVE token, wich will be contributed to those joining in #ecencydiscord and #aliveanthriving (see "RULES") as staked AP (ALIVE Power)
And we got another donation! @unklebonehead sent 6000 ! Ecency Points, wich I will use to boost underrated good posts in our weekly posting topic.
Thank you all so much for sponsoring!

We arrived in week 25/2022 and now it's your turn, to tell us when you are


Make a great post, read the rules above ( !!! ) and if you have questions, please just ask in the comments or join us on ecency discord.

This posting topic is open to everyone, not only for our discord members.

Have fun posting and up to the keyboards with you :-) Yours, B.

Picture by unsplash edited by me with corel draw
Other pictures from the origin posts / persons mentioned and from @flaxz Alive Tribe
I hope the informations about Alive Tribe are all correct, at least I did my best. If not, please let me know to correct it.

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