Ecency Discord Posting Topic Week 24: COLOR CHALLENGE

This little weekly challenge #ecencydiscord is supposed to give our fellows some ideas, what to post.

eccontests24 source

For this weeks ecency discord posting topic we want to look at something, existing for longer time:


  • Monday RED
  • Tuesday ORANGE
  • Wednesday YELLOW
  • Thursday GREEN
  • Friday BLUE
  • Saturday INDIGO
  • Sunday PURPLE

As always, how you approach the topic is completely up to you.
You can choose to step into these color suggestions wich have only one color for each day and they usually use the tag #colorchallenge

Second possibility: Dont focus on the daily colors suggested, just write about your favorite color and take great colorful pictures yourself.

In general for this week I would suggest: MAKE YOUR OWN COLOR PHOTOS. You should be able to find motives of your favorite color around you, dont you think?

As always, these are just suggestions! Anything you can think of on the broad topic of "COLOR CHALLENGE" is of course possible.


  • Use the tag #ecencydiscord
  • Write at least 200 words and make a good content post out of the topic
  • No need to mention that it should be your own content, right?

Why use the #ecencydiscord? First, so we can find your post and second, because we want our Discord members to interact more with each other on chain as well, and this is a possibility to find each other and leaving a nice comment.

>>> How did I come up with this topic?

Saturday saw the first ever "Weekend Hangout Show", a life voice chat in ecency discord, hosted by @blackman15

source discord with permission: @blackman15

We didn't know what to expect, because this was the absolute premiere! The more surprised we all were, because we had so much fun! Everyone was able to present their latest post to the others and when our host lost internet connection @stevensson7 stepped in to moderate.
Also hearing the voices of @melinda010100 @bhattg @seckorama @unklebonehead @chillyanca @dwarflordnoj I think made us all even more of an "online family". Also a absolut newbie @masol82 joined in, once again welcome to our world! @chaosmagic23 and @zakludick have been there, but got no voice connection.

Blackman had also prepared a few questions, one of them was: "WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR" and this inspired me to take up the topic of COLORS as the main theme for this week's Ecency Discord Posting Topic.

@good-karma and @ecency gave points to give out for those who join into the weekly posting topics! Thank you so much :-)

>>> Review last week

For their wonderful postings from last weeks topic "NEWBIES" each @kaazoom @emeka4 @babstar and @jmis101 will receive 50 ecency points.

Thank you for your good posts from week 23:

My First Week On Ecency And I'm Still Puzzled by @kaazoom

my journey been a newbie by @emeka4

Ecency Discord Posting Topic : Newbies by @jmis101

The Journey So Far as a Newbie by @babstar

>>> This Week:

We arrived in week 24/2022, we have another posting topic and now it's your turn:

Come and join in to the Ecency Discord Weekly Posting Topic 24/22


Make a great post, dont forget the tag #ecencydiscord, thats it!

This posting topic is open to everyone, not only for our discord members.

Have fun posting and take the chance to be seen in a quiet chain time :-) Yours, B.

Picture by unsplash edited by me with corel draw
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