#MarketFriday Basket

Two years ago, it crossed my mind to buy a market basket. I first saw it from my local grocer. They were imported from Africa.

I since have been looking through the internet for the right size, but nothing out there was the appropriate design and size.

I want a basket that is large, with a handle that won't squash the contents, the way traditional grocery bags would. Just like one I saw two years ago.

There was ONE basket being sold at the Farmers' Market!

This one was made from Africa by African Market Baskets, popularly called Bolga Baskets. They are made by artisans in Bolgatanga, Ghana.

It comes with three reusable mesh for produce, which I think is so neat.

And a tag of the Farmer's Market!

It is the largest basket in the market, and I think it is worth the price tag.

This Bolga Basket cost $55.00. It was exactly what I wanted... like the one I came across 2 years ago. So... I bought it!

Pretty, isn't it?


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