Empowering Women: A Battle Against Street Enemies" (LOH 163)


Women have a strong battle, a battle against the Enemies of the street! What are these enemies?

  • Violence: This may include robbery or assault, acts of physical violence

  • Harassment or catcalling: Unwelcome advances, gestures or comments in public spaces. This often leads to feelings of discomfort and vulnerability

  • Sexual assault: Sexual assault can occur in several settings like poorly lit areas, spaces that are secluded or during late nights

  • Robbery: Women may be overpowered and robbed of their belongings on the street

  • Stalking: Unwanted and persistent attention can make women feel unsafe and violated

These and more are the enemies of the street that women are in battle with...

In the face of man's physical strength women are considered weak, so she must prepare herself when she goes out to the wild street.

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We live in a world world where physical safety is of growing concern and the need for preparedness for both physical and psychological threats cannot be overemphasized. This is true for both genders but especially for women, women are considered weak and vulnerable in certain situations.

Women, however needs to equip themselves with the tools and knowledge that necessary for self-defense.


Like my mom will always say: Don't stay out late at night! Don't talk to strangers in the street, Don't accept anything from them! I know they are for our protection.

Yes, these knowledge and tools are very necessary for girls to defend themselves. They need to:

  • Have a self-defense mindset. This involves being aware of the potential threats without being overly afraid, and cultivating confidence to act decisively.

  • Some may choose to seek self-defense training as it may be helpful on some situations

  • Be aware of her situations. Know how to identify upcoming danger and to avoid it, always being mindful of surroundings.

  • I also know that physical and mental exercise will be of so much help to the woman as it will help to relieve stress and makes one smarter. It also boosts confidence and foster the overall sense of empowerment

I always prepare myself for dangers outside, I make sure to avoid lonely roads, staying out at night, bad company, strangers...

It's always best to keep ourselves safe from danger, after all even the bible says:

The shrewd one sees the danger and conceals himself ~


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