Jeanne D' Arc, the Silvershield Valkyrie

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Sources and Materials

Below are the materials I used in this art.

Materials Pen Pencil Eraser.png

Materials Colored Pencil.png


I wanted to try a new armored character. The armored theme in Splinterlands is Silvershields so I want to make something that complements but does not overlap. I remembered a game from Playstation 1 days called, "Valkyrie Profile" and thought a Silvershield Valkyrie would be good for the theme.

With that as my intro, let me introduce Jeanne D' Arc, the Silvershield Valkyrie.

Step 1 Draft

Step 1 Draft.jpg

My first idea is someone holding a sword down with their eyes closed with a guardian angrl or goddess or something giving their blessing. This my initial idea for this week's art.

Step 2 Full Draft

Step 2 Full Draft.jpg

During this step, I mostly laid out the foundation and have a vision on how it would end. You can see it but it can still have minor changes along the way.

Step 3 Ink

Step 3 Ink.jpg

Using my Dong-A My Gel Black, I did the inking part to finalize the drawing. Inking is an important step for me to allow laying down the colors without messing up the drawing.

In digital art, this part is called, "Line Art" stage.

Step 4 Hair and Skin

Step 4 Hair and Skin.jpg

I always wanted a blonde character and thought this is a good idea to do one. I made a braid or lock on the left side while bundled hair on the right just to show the hair color.

A simple laid down hair would be fine but it's too simple. That's why I took an extra mile for Jeanne D' Arc.

Skin is colored with peach for base and orange for shadows.

Step 5 Sword

Step 7 Sword.JPG

The sword is done with a simple cross-like blade and shaft. I added a sun like symbol that I was used by other Splinterlands Silvershield characters. I think this is an emblem of some sort so I added it.

Step 6 Armor

Step 5 Armor.jpg

The armor is composed of 2 layers, the plate mail, which is the solid outer one, and the chain mail, which is that criss-crossed one.

The Plate Mail is the hard ones that protects you from everything. I made it with white uncolored spots accompanied by gray shadows from my Mongol #2 pencil.

Step 5b Chainmail.jpg

The chainmail, in reality, is composed of woven metals. This is normally added inside the armors like how people use bulletproof vests inside the vests.

Using chainmail makes the Silvershield Valkyrie more protected while showing a but of skin, at the same time, for a bit sexiness.

Step 7 Goddess

Step 6 Goddess.jpg

The human like figure at the back is the Goddess protecting Jeanne. I added this because Valkyries are said to come from the heaven to collect souls of fallen warriors. It eould be weird if there's no divine being or protection provided while doing her mission.

There are two versions of this. I made one with the eyes closed at the beginning.

Step 6b Goddess with pen highlights.jpg

But then, I decided to put a blindfold to her. Blindfold is a sign of fairness in the symbol of Justice, which fits how pure our lovely maiden's heart is.

Step 8 Effects and Emblem

Step 8 effects and emblem.jpg

The effects I am telling you is the glow. Both the Valkyrie and Goddess posses a Yellow glow to represent that the Valkyrie is getting her power from the said Goddess.


The Emblem or shield-like symbol behind the Goddess is a representation of the Silvershields. Just like what I put above, it is a shield with cross in the middle that can be found on Jeanne's armor and sun-like symbol that can also be found in the Silvershield Valkyrie's sword.

Both the cross and the sun can be found in a handful of silvershields. I added those to add the connection.

Step 9 Background

Step 9 Background.jpg

The background might look easy and rushed but it was actually decided when I was drawing the Silvershield Valkyrie.

There are variety of weapons on the floor representing each warriors who fell in battle and their weapon of choice. This is an important scene or part that connects the lore and is directly related to thr Valkyrie's mission.

Author's Notes

Aqua Teacher.png

Valkyries are messengers of God. Their main purpose is to gather souls and guide the competent warriors to heaven to help for the final battle of the Gods, which is also popularly known as the legendary battle "Ragnarok".

Jeanne D' Arc acts as a guide for these warriors and collects their souls if they fell in battle. Silvershield has a lot of warriors that are masters of their own weapons. This is a good place for the Valkyrie to find and collect the souls of those who would turn the tides of battle when the world ends.


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