Sending to my warm greetings to all my wonderful Ladies Of Hive. This is another opportunity to all of us to write and ourselves in this community. For this contest I will be answering the second question

Since gifts are given at this time of year, or any time of year, what would you like to receive if you could choose your own gift, and why?

For me I don't always get to say what I want to be given as a gift. I love surprises and I'm pretty sure everyone does especially when it come in wraps and fancy ribbons. But now,I have gotten the opportunity to say what I actually want and it's something I don't want to miss.

If I could wish for a gift, I'd love to have a new phone.

I'm sure you might be wondering.
Why do you need a new phone?

I'll love to share my story.
It was a seemingly wonderful morning on 28th November 2022. It was a Monday,I had planned how my day was going to turn out and I left home.But things don't always go as planned and unfortunately I ran into the bad guys and things turned ugly.

I lost my phone,my ATM card and the cash I had at hand. Not only that,within few minutes I lost all the money I had in my account. To add to that,the scammers were calling everyone I had contact with telling them I had a bad accident,I was taken to the hospital for treatments and that they needed huge sums of money to keep up with the treatments(apparently,they said they picked up my phone at the scene of the accident)

Imagine that.

My friends had to reach me through my family members to confirm, otherwise they would have fallen victims to the scammers.
I was really hurt because I saved up throughout Highschool to get that phone and I lost barely a year after.

It hasn't been easily recovering some of my data in the lost phone and struggle is real.
Right now,my Mom is kind enough to let me use hers to make posts and do some other stuff because I have been inactive here since then.
I know I can't keeping using it forever,I'd either save up again or get a surprise from someone.
Either ways it's going to remain the top of my wishlist

This is my entry to this contest and thanks for readingšŸ„°

Pictures are from Pixabay

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