🍷🍻🍹🍸Happy New Year!!!!🎆🎇🎉🎊

Wanted to say that in the title. I toasted glasses with all the princesses this year. I with my peach wine and they with their orange sorbet floats! We also lit off some fireworks which we shared in the castle on a live stream with anyone that wanted to hop in while the girls ran around with sparklers and I burned my fingers on 500mg firework wicks. 😜





We also had some movies showing, big shout out to @brisby for hosting them! We casually watched Free Guy and Game Time (I think, I'm pretty juiced atm). I saw @saffisara in there. @jamerussell and @dynamicgreentk. @snook popped in for a bit, @thekittygirl, @marybellrg and Peter Pan? @stayten and @wesphilbin said Happy New Year.

I also saw @tattoodjay, @camiloferrua and @wwwiebe stop by with warm greetings. We saw @simgirl, @inthenow and @sacra97. Shouts also to @definethedollar, @katrina-ariel, @papacrusher and @latino.romano. Thank all of you for taking the time with well wishes and ringing in the new year. I appreciate the visits. Cheers!



I'm surprised any of them made it to midnight, as they were out by 11 last year. The princess of life and love didn't make it much past that though as she fell asleep on my lap at 12:07😊 Stay safe my lovely humans and REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, even when I knock over the Jenga tower.

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chaoslegion splinterlands hive thecryptopimp.gifThe Chaos is inevitable.
The Legions will swarm.
Prepared to shatter the norm?
Have what it takes to brawl?
Maybe you're just a chicken.
Maybe you have the nerve?
Maybe you don't.
I'm guessing you don't.
Think you do?
Come find me.
I dare you.
I DARE you to play.

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