Mindfulness: Forming Diverse Assertions Of What We Really Are Despite Internal Or External Influence.

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Ascertaining What Want

Everyone has a clear picture, an imagination or vivid understanding of what they deem to be good for them. Now how do people make this valuation? Sometimes the feedbacks we're exposed to often usually form some percentage of the perception which we hold of ourselves. Another thing is self valuation.

If you ask some people who they are, they define themselves based on the valuation on the perception of people of who they are and the of course how they self value themselves. Now self valuation can be negative, it can also be positive. Sometimes our self valuation of who we are might slightly be wrong even if we feel we own our life and can comfortably interpret or place intent of happenings around us that should totally definite us.

Things like pomposity, self adulation, hatred and self inferiority a sense of "feeling less" are what influences how we inculcate self valuation. The out turn of event in people's lives often are how they value themselves but like I said our valuation and people's valuation of who we are can totally be wrong and this is because not everything we believe about ourselves is factual.

Someone might say "I'm easily jealous" while that's a more mild form of reiterating how envious and cantankerous they are. Someone might say "they hate me because I'm better than than" while they actually dislike your attitude because of your pride. Sometimes our emotions often get in the way.

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Internal & External Feedbacks

This makes us concoct an aggrandised perspective which forms an opinion of who we are. We might sometimes feel "I'm not so beautiful and that's why they rejected me" meanwhile the reality was that beauty in itself is a mirage and sometimes it's not everyone that looks at beauty, sometimes people who we are fixated on are fixated on something different and as a result of this we create an opinion that beauty should be the reason why we have lost out on the people who we want in our lives.

In reality the human psychological anatomy is enigmatic and verbose, sometimes people act in a certain perceived way not because of evactly what we think it is, but for different reasons which they may or may not understand. Sometimes we accept or reject people without even a concise reason as to why that is so.

In a nutshell, we know that physicality often influences people's choices. The things people see often interprets feelings and suggests emotions to them but then this is totally fleeting. Overtime we will come to separate between what we really think we want and the thing we really need. Obviously we tend to force emotions and force feelings but this isn't who we should be.

Sustainability has always been the issue, when you can't sustain or maintain a feeling this means we have opened up our emotions too much to sentiments but then we often do so because of desire, cravings, wants and to maintain a healthy sound mind but at the end we do not achieve sound mind, we only accrue pain, loss and regret.

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Spiritual Fulfilment Over Human Feelings

The vivid image or picture of what we want sometimes puts us in these situation. It's hard to ignore our emotions but then our emotions are a clear representation of how open we are to external and internal manipulation from the things we think and envisage. Nevertheless we can never fault ourselves for placing a valuation on ourselves. We sometimes needs to feel we are something, and these things we feel needs to have a rather realistic but positive outlook. All in all no matter what, we are not completely who we think we are.

Sometimes we go through abject pain because of what we are, how we look, our failures, our successes, our weaknesses and a whole lot more but we have to look beyond human interpretations and assertions to find internal peace, our mindfulness is necessary to actualise that peak of satisfaction because we sometimes need an extra motivation to cultivate even positive assertions and accept ourselves the way we actually are.

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