ecoTrain QOTW: Name five or more people that you listen to. Why do you trust them?

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Naturally we humans are observers, as much as we talk, we generally listen too. Our listening skills often Influences our feedbacks, our reactions, our assertions and our positions concerning a whole lot that relates to life's issues and that's why who we adequately listen to matters a whole lot. I want to talk about who I generally listen to and who of course influences me in a whole lot of ramifications. But then I want to start from a point of default, from an aspect where we have to listen or have no choice than to listen then reach a point where chose to listen.

The Voice Of The Society

We must understand that there are times we listen simply because the voice is assertive and we have no choice and there are times we chose to listen simply because we make choices to listen. First of all THE SOCIETY is a voice that talks and we listen irrespective of how selective our perceptive filter is. Inasmuch as we don't know, our society has a voice that generally speaks to us about the life lessons we must imbibe by generally teaching us through the experience of people, their success and their failures. I categorically listen to the voice of the society because "it's all-knowing", it's like an ocean of knowledge we must tap into to take charge or control of our lives.

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The Voice Within Me

The Voice Within me is my conscience, my intuition and and it acts as a watchdog. Many at times in life we're caught up in a dilemma trying to make good decisions. Many may not know they have a voice within and this is because they have shut down the ability to tap into their soul, listen to it's throbbings. They have gone deaf to the little voice in them that comes like a ripple or like a silent wave. In reality I listen to the voice within because it acts as a check to my emotions. Sometimes we find ourselves making irrational decisions however there's always hesitation. That hesitation we feel when we're about to make an emotional decision is the voice within warning us.

The Voice Of Age and Experience

Now the voice of age and experience comes from aged people, grey haired people all around us. Now why is it important to listen to this voice? This is because no one understands every twist and turns of life. We as humans we're one part of a whole and we need ourselves to feel complete. Aged people boasts of many life experiences and listening to them would rather guide us through our course of action instead of influencing it in totality. That said, we wouldn't be opportuned to go through every lessons of life because our we have a limited time, however we have the opportunity to learn about a lot of experiences by listening to people who have lived these experiences themselves.

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The Voice Of The Media

The media is an external communicative tendency that generally surrounds us in form of television, newspaper and the internet. Now why is it essential to listen to the voice of the media? The media influences us more psychologically it educates us about trends which can really be of benefit to us inasmuch as this isn't always the case. People can be mislead by the media but nevertheless it comes as a tool of education or a tool of misguidiance and that's why we're blessed with the sense of initiation to know which is what to ignore and which is what to imbibe.

The Voice Of God & Conclusion

In life, there's a voice that communicates evil to us and there's another voice that basically checkmates it. The Voice of God is more internal in us rather than external. In life we have the forces of good and evil and sometimes when people decide to succumb to the will of good after they have been regularly bad people in the past, it means they have experienced a change which comes by listening to something different which has made them totally change their course of action. Sometimes I go through a phase in life not knowing what to do, who to trust or who to listen to, we don't know God has a voice because we don't listen to our dreams, the signs when we wake or just stand in the bus shed or even talk to random people, the voice of God is real and many atimes I tend to listen.

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