ecoTrain QOTW #22 : If you could choose, what would you incarnate as in your next life?

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Our universe, our world, our life and our consciousness is a mystery and would remain a mystery even beyond our existence. So many people have gotten the opportunity to die for a moment and then they're rescucitated again and when they are, most of the times they're always saying the same thing; "a dark path and an endless road, a chilly feeling and a sense of emptiness". To me I believe we're alive after death but it's a different kind of consciousness where we exist on a separate plain that operates on different rules. Remember, we have a spirit and a soul and a body, now while the body is meant to guard our consciousness on earth when it's stripped by death then the spirit and soul gets to live on. Our physical consciousness is stripped buy then we that's when our spirit and soul begin to exist in a different dimensions.

One of the reason why people dying people can see things is because their consciousness is being taken away and the raw and real version of them isn't the bodies they're carrying and while I don't believe in reincarnation I believe the mind is limited to understand the unlimited possibilities that exists or comes with the afterlife. Now there might be reincarnation, this I don't know but then everyone has encountered a spiritual event that moulds their belief about things like, heaven, hell, nirvana or everlasting thereafter and it's as a result of my spiritual experience and understanding that's made me form the belief that there's no coming back to life taking another consciousness of something different.

Despite My Belief, Let Me Play The Reincarnation Game

But then we exist in a different form which means our spirit and soul continue existing endlessly in a diverse plain where we who alive knows no cognisance of. In reality life's huge our universe is an enigma and events might happen quite different and that's why I will play this reincarnation game; now if I could choose, what would I wish to be reincarnated into?. This is simple, everyone has hidden desires of what and who they want to while they currently exist on earth. The truth is that we all love earth and the beauty it manifests, everyone is drawn to its physical pleasure and the joy we derive from living in such a dazzling universe. But then, most times people wants to be different, to be a better version of themselves while being reincarnation into life again

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This is exactly me; the truth is that we're ignorant of the diverse beauty that exists beyond our nomenclature. We have a stereotyped definition of beauty due to what we've been exposed to by our mere physicality however I don't care personally and this is why I'll love to be reincarnated into a stronger and better version of me while still existing on earth and probably born in Africa to the same parent but then a more healthier version free from the niggling health challenges and sickness I'm currently going through. One thing is, we love familiarity, while some people are tired of the flaws and ills in our world and can't wait to exist differently in another plain. I'm still part of the people who wants to come back as me while being different and stronger.

The reincarnation game is something we love to play because it tickles and deals with our innermost choices and desires. The things we hate about this world might be strong enough to get on wishing we were different people under a whole new circumstances still bearing or holding on to our consciousness in a whole new body but then this sht looks more science fiction than reality. Our experience is who we are and sometimes losing it is what scares us most about death. In reality I don't believe in reincarnation, rather I believe in a diverse supernatural occurrence and I believe a lot of believe also have things they believe in. My believe has formed or shappened my life and way of life to an extent and it's been wonderful to of course out a whole new belief of reincarnation to the table. While I don't want to be a god, or living in Pluto or even the black hole, I chose to be back again as me, different stronger and better

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