The Narratives & Complexities That Arises When We Look At The Cause Of Failure & Rejection


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There's not one right attitude for handling most dire circumstances or situation in life. Sometimes we do what we deem as the right thing and it ends up badly for us, sometimes we do what we feel is the the wrong thing and it ends up really well for us this shows that most times the outcome of the things that happens to us is hardly determinant on ours actions. One thing I've learnt in life is that sometimes we don't need to attain a height of perfection for people to accept us but then there's always a stage of rejection which we often experience and we begin to think that we're facing these series of rejection due to the the fact that we're not standard, up to par, good enough or even perfect and this is often because of the inferiority we feel everything we experience rejection.

Life is big and sometimes we find ourselves enclosed in a circle of people with the same mindset and do not see anything worthwhile in us but then we fail to understand that life is big and we might never really meet the people who would find us worthwhile and valuable and this is saddening. Some people might never find true happiness in life and this is because they might never find the right job, the right friends, the right adventure or even the right kind of love. On the surface, this seems sad but then it's reality and it doesn't exist to please anyone. If people however are never exposed to the right things for them they'll end up having to always blame themselves, their attitude, their way of life or even everything they stand for.

We definitely understand all this but then we can't help it when we're slipping into pain. The human anatomy is somewhat perplexing. The things that we're aware of can still torment us, sometimes it's like we're a giant wall that seems unmovable but then in another moment it seems as if we're a pillar of salt melted by the rain. Shedding tears, showing grief and weakness is something we might never be able to overcome this is because it's a inexplicable ingredient that makes up our essence and that's why we often feel the need to save ourselves from emotional torture, we already know the things that causes us pain but then we'd still go for these things and end up blaming ourselves for the contrasting actions we take in our lives.

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In reality no one is safe from rejection or pain and this is because life will bring us toxic experiences, difficult situation and add it up with the most wrong people and this isn't our fault. Sometimes we blame ourselves for not knowing how detrimental some people might be to our lives but then we aren't omnipotents and we can't tell what people will become, we can't immediately tell what will become of someone immediately they step into our lives smiling and seemingly looking to become close to us. Life is generally a risk and every decision we make will somehow reflect our innate desires and inklings and even if we fail, it shouldn't be with us to dwell on the regret of what we shouldn't have done and what we shouldn't have done.

No matter how impure or perfect we feel, there's someone always worse or better than we are and we can't be totally everything we seek. It's not bad to accept that we're recipients of rejection. How bad or how good we are doesn't determine why we feel, face or experience rejection. Like I said earlier, there's no need to go through the pain of feeling extremely sorry that we can't get what we want sometimes the only thing we need when we experience rejection, being left out or feeling different is to change where we are, because it's not us who needs to change, its the people and the place that needs to change . That said sometimes impatience shouldn't be our watchword, time might seem too long but then time itself is only a mirage.

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