Food Photography (Some Amazing Nigerian Delicacy)


I'm technically a foodie and this is because I was exposed to good food while I was younger. In this first picture I want to be showing you Beans and fried potatoes with egg basically I like experimenting with food and I'm not sure anyone has eaten this kind of food combination. The Beans was cooked separately and the stew was made with majorly palm oil and onions with of course tomatoes and not forgetting the major ingredient which is pepper. Pepper is a spice that's consumed a lot by Nigerians because it gives food a kind of different mentyl and quite chilly taste. This food is quite rich in protein and I love eggs with this. Potatoes are great so on this one I had to fry the potato


On this picture I want to show you jollof rice, fried meat and plantain. Jollof rice is very difficult to prepare and that's because you need to put the right amount of ingredient as well as the knowing when to stirr the pot. You have oil, rice, ginger, seasoning, processed tomatoes and fresh tomato then the curry powder too. This isn't really a jollof rice cooked by a professional. This one is exactly home made and well I had to take my time to fry the plantain and meat (beef) in vegetable oil separately. This one is better served really hot I like plantain a lot and the frying process is good as well. So here you have it. Jollof rice and plantain with fried meat.


On this picture I want to be showing you palm oil sauce and yam . This is a native style of eating yam. Most people generally prefer eating yams with egg or well they make it into pottage or eat it as porridge by all means. However this style of eating yam is well unique. The pepper is basically the main ingredient of the sauce and the sauce had, onion, garlic and ginger as well as curry leaves. There was the use of palm oil and of course groundnut oil too. The yam is cooked plain, boiled for about 20 minutes and the source is prepared. It's a southern eastern Nigerian style of eating yam.


So basically, this other one here isn't cooked by me, it was cooked by my aunt in the house and I guess I should show you, it's just plain goat meat cooked in a little water, thyme, curry, scent leaves, dried grounded pepper, a little tomatoe and of course seasoning. I love meat a whole lot and sometimes I try things as this. In a nutshell it's great to have some of these delicacies. If you're not a Nigerian you can actually get to purchase this in Nigeria restaurants all over the world, infact a much better version. So here you have it guys, these are some of the food I cooked and ate during the past week. What do you think? Know any Nigerian delicacy?

All Images Owned & Taken By Me

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