In The Court Of Avarice (An Original Poetry)



As moles,
sniffing; the aroma, calling
like well cooked pottage,
in a shabby cottage
in the middle of nowhere.
our eyes observes
darts from left to right.
like a sparrow
seeking for things so bright!
like goblins; in love with coins
and things that bounce and oinks

Greed is as vaseline
that greases the heart.
our palms twitching
to the rhythms of treachery.
like an addiction
to dip fingers into the soup pot.
we're caught in the act
by our conscience
stew crawling from our fingers
down to the elbows
yet no eyes sees us.

In "highs" in "lows"
our necks in the gallows.
life is one mad throng
and we're like eels,
slippery as it feels
mad men in heels
living off the thrills
looking at diamonds and gold
and having no heart
to turn away in this mad frenzy.

every time it thumps
a second dies
and vanity is shortened
a minute is a million years
for today we're born
and tomorrow we die
yet, yet still our lane is vain
drowning in thirst
for blinking lights
and shallow treasures

In our quest for cupidity,
our dreams are transcending
into avarice.
like a pig in a sty
we have been fattened
for the whole world in our stomach
and yet we covet the universe
craving to taste the moon
while setting a course
for the sun.

As moles, sniffing
the aroma, calling
like a siren song,
it's rhythms, bawling
mauling and nibbling into us.
like a bacteria,
in a hysteria, we're maddened
by this thoughtless quest.
the noise of jangling coins
in our ears like music.

Written by @Josediccus.


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