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Welcome back to the What's Up Curation from the ecoTrain Community! In this new season we bring you posts from the community relating to mental / emotional wellness and self improvement. Its so good to see so many of you posting around these very important themes, and you have so much wisdom and great knowledge to share. These are challenging times in many ways, and i think its fair to say that our global mental health has been stretched to its limit in recent months. We desperately need more tools and ways to help us weather the storms and the challenges. Our leaders and governments do not seem to want to offer us help or guidance, and instead simply continue to punish us for not complying with the Status Quo. Therefore it is up to us to help each other through these times, because together we are stronger, and our collective wisdom and knowledge needs to be shared and heard!

So I hope you enjoy and learn something useful from this weeks curation! If you do find a post that you like then don’t forget to follow the person that posted! That way you will see more of their posts in your feeds.

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Simple ways to avoid arguments!

I think avoiding an argument is a basic life skill. Just think, how many times it popped into your head to talk something negative about someone. If you count how much annoying thing you see around and strat an argument there, there's no way you can live in peace. The same thing actually happens to each of us.

We all have so many different opinions and perspectives. It's hard to agree on everything. But this also doesn't mean we have to end up arguing what we don't like. Many times, you will find yourself in an ugly argument too. So knowing how to avoid that to increase your mental wellness we should know a few things.

  • Reshaping thoughts.

Maybe you are thinking too much negative, maybe you have to stop accusing others of the problem or maybe you are not looking into the right place for the problem; whatever it is; changing our thoughts can help us to reduce the urge to argue.


The Choice To Seeing Futility In Pressure And Hastiness In Life's Ventures.

A time comes in life where people struggle with what they should be, who they should be and the paths they need to thread in life. Sometimes we make decisions and choices out of desperation and these eventually leads to the ultimate mistake. Being pressured is one of the reasons why we eventually succumb to things; there are cravings we have in life, needs and sometimes habits that we often cultivate.

Eventually these things would end up becoming addictions but because we already know this, we end up struggling with the dilemma of doing the right or wrong things. Irrespective of the fact that we learn from the mistakes of others it doesn't mean every single day we don't struggle with the pressure of staying away from things that would eventually cause these mistakes.

Each and everyday in the life of a human is a struggle; we deal with having to make sacrifice, making the tough call for the cause of the greater good, putting our happiness on the line because it might just be the fountain of someone else's sadness. We struggle with keeping up to speed with our conscience, the split personality we face when it comes to satiating our excesses or choosing to be ignore this innate desires.


ecoVillages Update 40. Phase 1 - Spiral Earthship Tiny Home workshop and build will start soon!

The sun is back and its time for action! Winter passed by very swiftly for me, even at freezing temperatures living in a yurt. Nothing beats a wood burner to heat a yurt up, and im very grateful to have had a safe space. The same can not be said for living in a yurt in the Portugal summers, which peak at 47 degrees Celsius. This is motivating me even more to get building our first earthship tiny home as fast as possible. I am just about to finalize the design, which has now evolved from a hexagon to a spiral! I much prefer the round shape of the spiral than the straight sides of a hexagon, and i think i will be able to build it very quickly indeed! Since i have now chosen to make a tiny home it means i do not need any planning permission.. i can literally just starts building whenever I am ready.. and I am almost ready!

I have several goals for this earthship build. One of the most important aspects is to TEACH PEOPLE as we build, and my aim is to complete the structure and roof within three or four weeks. That is pretty fast, and with a group of around 14 people i think it will be very achievable. Another goal is to build this earthship on a small a budget as possible, whilst still creating an earthship that performs well in summer and in winter. If i can do this for less than 10,000 Euros I will be very happy as that will mean that we have a model that most people can afford and build for themselves. With dozens of people trained up and ready to build in this area, it isn't hard to see how Earthships could easily gain much more traction in this area and beyond. All we need is a working model to look at that works, and people trained up how to make it.. and that my friends is the mission I have chosen to take!


Forest life: Let the light in and contemplate

One of the "issues" of living in the forest is the lack of sunlight that can be experienced on certain hours of the day. When too much time is spent in absence of sunlight it's easy to feel tired and gloomy, which is ok but only for a certain amount of time.

I live next to a rural road so it was always a question on my mind whether to clear up some of the branches of the trees to let more light in or keep them there to avoid being exposed to all the cars that pass by.

I kept saying to myself that I would clear them up when the shelter was looking better so people wouldn't look down on me while it was at this stage covered in plastics and all. I also would think: "hey this is all part of the process and it's all beautiful, plus I show it on social media so I shouldn't be ashamed that people passing by saw the evolution from this to it's final stage".

Anyway, all these questions were forcefully answered from an external source since once a year the trees at the side of the road are cleared of the branches that get to close to it. I woke up one day to find a group of orange suited workers entering the plot where I live and talking loudly.


Keep me in Balance with Solidarity and Treatment of Others.

Exhausting myself trying to convince others of the value of my reasons is a waste of time and opens the door to bitterness. However, if I abandon my own path due to lack of courage in the face of the difficulties that arise, it would lead me to enter through the same door. People have over us the power we give them. It is as simple as that. The opinion of the world cannot prevent me from being able to realize my potential. I respect everyone, but above all, I respect myself..

Contempt is the vain attempt to disguise aggressiveness with the veneer of kindness. In the end, it is nothing more than an act of violence like any other. But I will not allow myself that blow. All aggressiveness reveals the amount of misunderstanding that the other person has in relation to himself, to his pains and weaknesses. All hatred originates from the inability to deal with difficulties, to face problems and to seek improvement through the improvement of the self in living. Irritation is an unconscious sign of insecurity, of the fear of not being able to overcome the obstacle that opposes a desire. Hatred is the poison of the fruit whose seed is fear.


ECOLOGICAL INSTANT - miniseries, originally filmed in 2014 - finally being released TODAY!!!

Finally! When I originally joined steem in 2017, I took the username 'ECOinstant' because of my long lost mini series that has been lost in post-production hell for the last 6 and a half years.

Today I am thrilled to announce that the series is finally complete! I am currently uploading it to youtube!


Facilitating off-grid sustainable living, local trade & commerce!
ecoVillages is a new paradigm in self sufficient building and living, based on empowered groups that live off-grid with little to no bills or debt using earthship biotecture. What lies at the core of ecoVillages is that it is a model that embraces decentralisation in every way. We make sure every aspect of life is as close to home as possible, and under an individual’s control!

Our primary goal is to facilitate others to build and live in the most sustainable way using earthship biotecture, to provide a lifetime of self sufficiency with almost no ongoing bills and maintenance. Our model begins in rural areas with a lot of land available at low cost. Our model is decentralised and so homes will be spread out with each person or collective owning their land outright, but are a part of a strong and supportive community.


How To Support This Vision

1. Delegate or donate to @ecotrain to support this project.

I would be very happy to hear your comments, and any enthusiasm you might have for such a project! When I ask for people to delegate to the @ecoTrain, THIS is the ultimate goal of your delegation. Yes we support the amazing people that are on Hive with it, but there is so much more.. Who knows... some of you may well end up living in this very community, wouldn’t that make the perfect ending!

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If you post using the #ecotrain tag and receive our up-votes then please consider donating something to @ecoTrain once the post has paid out. In this way we can make Hive more quickly and secure the land sooner rather than later! Of course you can always just donate without posting using our tag, and we will use it to keep empowering the @ecoTrain and the people who support us.

3. Share this post, and tell people about this vision!

The re-blog button is only a click away and could change someone life! If you love this vision, please share this post and share this message with someone who might appreciate it!

I leave you with a smile, and HOPE! Sometimes people let hope become a reason to keep doing nothing, but other times once we have done everything we can, we can then only hope!

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