What Do You Need To Let Go Of? πŸ¦…

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What Do You Need To Let Go Of?

let Go of means the stage when you feel if this will happen you will be really happy

Buddhist philosophy suggests that we simply choose to let go of that which makes us unhappy

There are many things in my mind that I really want to let go of seriously ☹️

  • financial freedom
  • the job πŸ˜‰
  • few peoples
  • the internet
  • family things

we all are stuck into many things in our minds but what all can see that how financially you are strong. πŸ’° It happens a lot with me and maybe you have to face the same situation. maybe you think that you are financially strong but there is sure a person around who can and surely make you feel that you are not.

I think when I will manage to make myself financially free, when there is no need to do a job then I think I will be from all the things. Money is not everything in life we should have good relationships with other people too.

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But there is a stage when we think and understand the valve of the money.
I am not financially strong from my childhood days I have even been teased for the little things by others. There are still some dim memories in my mind my parents still share their experiences with us. I am proud of my father and mother too they made me be here.
There are surely good and bad days in life but we all some memories are just pinned in our heart πŸ˜‘

I have started earning from the days when I finished college. I have learned the way to earn real money and that was just a start I guess.

you can say now I am but it's not my own.
I have a dream to live a life as we all see in the movies after retirement.
a house , parents , wife 🀭 , kids, and animals.

But is a dream if I will not try to achieve it from now.
we all need a secure and safe life with a decent job. In my country, the parents prefer government jobs more than other jobs (most of them ). I think we can do any if we do love that one in the start don't care about the money try and focus on earning things as much as we can. If you will learn better you will surely earn better

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If I will manage to make a few sources of passive income them I think I will be free to achieve the goals that I am made of what I dream.

#hive , splinterlands and other passive income tokens can sure help me to achieve my goals and sure gonna make me rich πŸ€‘.
let hope all things will go as I have planned.

The is a very famous Quote

If You Are Born Poor It’s Not Your Mistake, But If You Die, Poor, It’s Your Mistake.
β€’ Bill Gates

so choose your steps wisely and earn a good wealth before you die and enjoy life and do what you have dreams.

Never forgot one thing you should be grateful for because what you have someone has a dream of that. So learn to be grateful. Be Thankful. πŸ™πŸ˜€

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