Bill Gates, The Supervillain

Is Batman a supervillain? No, of course not. He's just a fictional superhero comic-figure who fights the forces of evil in his fictional city of Gotham. He's a troubled man, for sure, who had a traumatic experience involving the death of his billionaire parents, but he used that experience to do good, and he directs much of his inherited wealth toward his lonely fight against the villains that make Gotham City unsafe for the regular citizen.


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In the failure of a film that is "The Justice League", Batman is asked by "The Flash" what his superpower is. Batman responds: "I'm rich." If Iron Man were to be asked that same question, surely the answer would be the same. Since the title of "Iron Man" in our real world has already been co-opted by another billionaire, Elon Musk, I'll hereby bequeath to Bill Gates the title of "Dark Knight"; Bill Gates is our real world Batman. However, unlike the fictional character, Bill Gates is the supervillain of this story, something he's been able to cover up by manufacturing a public image of one of the world's biggest philanthropists; this is nothing new and something I've written about on numerous occasions, a strategy that's been deployed by all insanely rich people throughout human history. The King's "divine right" to rule was coupled with his benevolence towards "his" people, just like J.D. Rockefeller's right to own his billions was coupled to his manufactured image of a friendly old man who handed out dimes to the common folks. In the same vein Gates' popularity now hinges on the general public buying in to the publicly broadcast image of a super rich hero fighting for good all over the world...

I've also written about the threat of the corona pandemic being used by the rich and powerful to further enhance the surveillance state; three weeks ago I wrote about the Corona Panopticon, followed by Corona Politics, Capitalist Corona Engineering and Corona Placebo?; all posts about how this largely manufactured pandemic is being used to further consolidate power on national and global levels. You see, when you already have more money than you could possibly spend in a lifetime, what else is there to gain? That's obvious: more power to control the people you've screwed over to gain all that money in the first place. And Bill Gates, our real world supervillain, is at the front of the war for that power. I wouldn't go as far as to say that he's evil; he might well believe that what he's doing is for the good of all people. It isn't though. What's beyond doubt, is that what his riches allow him to do results in a nightmare scenario, the likes of which were already imagined in Orwell's "1984" and Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World".

Now, what am I talking about here? The answer to that question is revealed in the video series by the The Corbett Report, with the first installment coming out two weeks ago (linked below). Three parts in total have been released by now, all of them 20 - 30 minutes in length; I implore you, dear reader, to watch them all. James Corbett, who also publishes on Steemit, does a wonderful job of diving into Gates' history of leveraging his wealth in order to control the world's response to the pandemic through his Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. It's a highly disturbing history, one that paints a bleak picture of our immediate future that would make George Orwell roll over in his grave, but one that is necessary for us to understand if we're ever going to effectively fight against it. Our real world comic book heroes aren't heroes at all; they are the supervillains striving for literal world domination. Cue evil laughter...

How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health

Part 2: Bill Gates' Plan to Vaccinate the World
Part 3: Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid
Part 4, "Meet Bill Gates" will follow soon, so subscribe to the Corbett Report channel while you're at it ;-)

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