Republicans For Biden

That's an actual thing, it's real. If you ever wanted a clear and "in your face" admission to the fact that the two political parties in America are actually serving the same masters, this is it; Biden's campaign is reaching out to anti-Trump Republicans...


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Beat Trump, whatever the cost, has been Biden's and the DNC's message since the start of this election-cycle. They have no vision of their own, nothing to offer to the people other than a return to politics before Trump, and they'll sell their soul to the Devil if that's what it takes. You see, unlike Bernie Sanders, Trump WAS successful in his campaign against the establishment of HIS party, and it's large parts of THAT establishment that is against Trump right now. In other words, Biden's campaign, representing the Democratic party establishment, is now reaching out to to the Republican party establishment to form a solid front in their common goal to get Trump out of the Oval Office...

Just think for a second what that means. It means Biden's campaign and the Democratic party as well, are trying to form an alliance, an unholy alliance I would say, with the neocons who reigned supreme during the George W. Bush years. Here's where the hawks and warmongers of both parties are always in agreement. Here's the reason why politics is nothing more than a stage-play, and why it doesn't really matter which party holds the Oval office at any given moment. It's also an indication as to why the Democrats would rather lose to Trump than lose to Bernie Sanders; four more years of Trump doesn't affect the power they wield in Washington and within their own party.

One of the neocons they reached out to is Bill Kristol, who was one of the leading warmongers in favor of the invasion of Iraq:

In 2003, Kristol and Lawrence F. Kaplan wrote The War Over Iraq: America's Mission and Saddam's Tyranny (ISBN), in which the authors analyzed the Bush Doctrine and the history of Iraqi-U.S. relations. In the book, Kristol and Kaplan provided support and justifications for war in Iraq.
source: Wikipedia

Like Kristol, Biden has always been on the wrong side of history where America's foreign wars are concerned. On foreign and economic policy there's simply no difference between the parties. Also they are both equally concerned with holding on to power withing their respective parties, so Kristol dislikes Trump's base as much as Biden dislikes Sanders' base, so of course Kristol will gladly help Biden win. It's hilarious, or it would be if it wasn't so depressing, but it could very well be that Kristol wants Biden to win more than Biden or the Democrats themselves want to win. And, don't get me wrong, it's a clever strategy from Biden as every vote counts, but it's all so damn hypocritical and dirty, and whatever the outcome, the American voters will be screwed yet again. Please watch this short video, as Kyle Kulinsky can explain this much better than me at the moment...

Biden Campaign Starting 'Republicans For Biden'

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