Covid1984 Vaccine Coercion: Bribes, 'Passports' & The Push For Global Mandatory Vaccination

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Employing bribery to coerce a population to receive otherwise unwanted medical intervention, especially when combined with a deprivation of rights for all those refusing to accept said state-sponsored medical intervention, seems like exactly the type of tactic one would expect to be employed in Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia or maybe communist China, not the so-called 'free world' of western society. At the same time, one would think the health industry and government leaders would hardly need to bribe a population to receive a much needed efficacious treatment for a deadly disease causing a global medical health emergency of catastrophic proportions, and yet that is exactly what is happening with the new unapproved experimental mRNA and adenovirus injections being marketed as totally safe and effective vaccines that are hailed as the only means of ending a deadly 'pandemic' said to be wreaking havoc on humanity to this very day, and the key to a return to normal life.

Wholesale bribery on a scale never before seen in the medical industry is being used all across the world in an attempt to overcome what the imperial globalist technocrats are calling 'vaccine hesitancy', in a desperate attempt to get one of several unapproved experimental Big Pharma injections into the arms of at least 90% of the global population, a goal that is unprecedented even in the age of modern Rockefeller medicine, that they well know cannot be reached without coercion and de-facto mandates. Why people are so hesitant to get the experimental injection surely varies from one to another, but the reality that a majority of the population lies in the ranks of those being split into the camps of the 'anti-vaccine' folks on the one side and the 'vaccine hesitant' on the other, can hardly be denied.

Such a high level of hesitancy and indeed staunch opposition to this one particular 'vaccine' rollout can be chalked up to a number of factors, no doubt for some the fact that the injection remains in its experimental phase as an unapproved treatment, for others lack of proven efficacy seen in the increasing number of fully vaccinated people being diagnosed with and even dying from 'Covid19' is surely a factor, while for others the hesitancy is derived from the unusually high number of reported adverse effects and injuries compared to previous vaccines being witnessed and experienced by so many people around the world, and still others may be hesitant due to the well established pattern of increased deaths in the weeks following vaccination campaigns all around the world - what one prominent virologist described as 'the curve of deaths' being 'followed by the curve of vaccination' - while many others are understandably hesitant or opposed to receiving an experimental injection after already recovering from infection by the so-called virus that many medical professionals say and some studies indicate produces natural immunity, while many more simply don't feel the need to take part in the biggest human medical experiment in modern history by taking a jab that is being advertised as an effective preventative from a 'virus' that for most has a 99.9+% survival rate.

As the percentage of the population which was eager to receive the experimental injections is quickly being reached across the planet (around 30-50% in many countries, even lower in some), the social engineers and their minions all around the world are increasingly turning to bribery as a means of coercing people to get the jab that they really just don't want. Such efforts illuminate not only the desperation of the vaccine-pushers but also the true form of government in the US and most western nations being a corporatocracy, with the lines between corporate America and Uncle Sam growing increasingly unclear by the day.

Both governments and big corporations are offering bribes for 'vaccine' recipients in an effort to increase 'vaccine' uptake, and they are doing so to push an experimental injection on the entire population which will be highly profitable to the Big Pharma industry at the expense of anyone and everyone who is adversely affected by it, as it is widely recognized that all pharmaceutical drugs have some adverse effects and historically all vaccines have caused harm to some percentage of recipients, some vaccines causing much more or less harm than others.

This private-public partnership was evident from the very beginning of the development of these experimental injections, with Trump's Operation Warp Speed being a government-funded military surveillance program sponsoring the development of the injections by six chosen private companies. This merging of state with corporation to form the foundation of the technocratic 'new normal' and a new form of governance was clearly apparent in the way both states and corporate giants imposed their own mask mandates. Now as the 'vaccine' rollout is in full swing, corporations which mandated masks are shifting to offering bribes to 'vaccine' recipients, and in some cases already beginning to require vaccination for employees and patrons, while the government attempts to coerce people into taking the injection with its 'new rule' announced last month by President Joe Biden: "Get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do."

As I documented in my last post on the subject, the new CDC guidelines 'allowing' for the fully vaccinated to now enter society without masks were issued as an 'incentive' aimed at helping to overcome 'vaccine hesitancy', a bribery of sorts for those sick of wearing the mask, as clearly reflected by Biden's 'new rule'.

Meanwhile the scale of bribery being employed to increase 'vaccine' uptake is global, and here in the US the number of new bribes being offered to entice the 'vaccine hesitant' to take the unapproved experimental injections seems to be growing by the day. In both China and Mexico, residents are literally being paid cash sums to get vaccinated, while Israel has bribed its residents with the rollout of its 'green pass' digital vaccine passport program, whereby the digital 'green pass' issued to all recipients acts as a condition for the re-entrance of the population into society, barring those without their pass from entry into most businesses and public places.

On April 9, in an article entitled "Israel shows Britain how it’s done as ‘world class’ vaccine passports kickstart clubbing, boozing and indoor dining," The U.S. Sun reported that, "Israelis now have to use the app, which is linked to an individual's personal medical records, to check in at swimming pools, clubs, restaurants, cafes, sports stadiums, and cultural venues like cinemas."

Screenshot_2021-06-01 Israel shows the way as vaccine passports kickstart clubbing and boozing.png

This trend towards a return to relatively normal societal life following a year of destructive lockdowns and other tyrannical measures being dependent upon vaccination can be seen in the opening line of the article: "From Iceland to Israel, a number of countries have started to lift lockdown measures for residents who can prove they have been jabbed against Covid." What this also means, of course, is that those who are not vaccinated will still be demanded to live under the tyrannical measures which have verifiable caused so much irreversible harm and destruction around the world including the loss of thousands of small businesses in America, sharp rise in poverty across the western world, and doubling of number of people affected by sever hunger in the developing world alongside an increase in child deaths by starvation across Africa, just to name a few of the countless adverse effects of the lockdowns and related 'pandemic' measures now being widely lifted for the vaccinated. In reality, this so-called 'return to normal' is in fact an entrance into the technocratic 'new normal' of the Orwellian Covid-1984/Covid-9/11 global biosecurity state being ushered in under the guise of combating a global health pandemic (that never was), via the WEF-sponsored 'Great Reset'.

That this is the plan not only for Israel, but the whole world - for a person's ability to function as a normal citizen within society to be dependent upon vaccination - can be clearly seen in the title of a Spectator article published all the way back at the end of February when Israel first implemented its 'green pass' program, which describes "Israel's vaccine passports" as a "model for the world."

Screenshot_2021-06-01 Israel’s vaccine passports could be a model for the world The Spectator Australia.png

This vaccine passport program is described as being key to enabling the vaccinated "to return to semi-normal life," a "path to providing the vaccinated with privileges" that were, just one year earlier, considered to be basic human rights that will now be denied to the unvaccinated, who will admittedly "have fewer privileges".

Now Israel is rolling out a ‘green passport’ that should enable the vaccinated to return to semi-normal life. This could lead to freedom to travel and even entrance to places like gyms and shopping centres, while the unvaccinated will have fewer privileges.

Chili is the latest country to implement a vaccine passport program, on May 27, which, like Israel, grants to the vaccinated the privilege to exercise basic human rights otherwise being denied to the general population and all those who don't take the shot.

The pass, which can be downloaded on a person's mobile phone two weeks after receiving their second shot, gives the bearer permission to move about freely in cities under lockdown to go to the supermarket, pharmacy, or for open air exercise.

Those without permits, by comparison, have to print out a permission form every time they want to leave the house, which is allowed for essential reasons only.

As vaccine passport programs continue to be rolled out around the world and an increasing number of corporations both inside and outside the US alike begin to require vaccination as a condition for employment, attending university, traveling by air or sea, and use of various other societal services, those of us who have been aware of the mandatory vaccination agenda of the emerging global technocracy from the very beginning of the so-called pandemic can't say we didn't see it coming. All the way back in August of last year, for example, the title of a National Geographic article on the subject openly stated: "COVID-19 vaccines could become mandatory. Here’s how it might work. After a COVID-19 vaccine is available, you may need to get inoculated to go to the office, attend a sporting event, or even get a seat at a restaurant."

You walk toward the arena, ready for a big game, tickets in hand. But what you see is a long line wrapping around the corner of the building and a bottleneck at the entrance as people search their pockets and purses for a small piece of paper. To be cleared to enter, you’ll also need that document—proof that you’ve received a COVID-19 vaccination.

This is the future as some experts see it: a world in which you’ll need to show you’ve been inoculated against the novel coronavirus to attend a sports game, get a manicure, go to work, or hop on a train.

Now this future is coming into being in real time, and still there are people out there who insist that those warning of an imminent two-tiered society where the vaccinated will be treated as privileged first class citizens while the unvaccinated will be relegated to the realm of second-class citizens if they are not eventually outcasted from the new technocratic 'smart' society altogether, are but paranoid conspiracy nuts. I for one am convinced that reporting on the unfolding of this technocratic future before our very eyes in real time in no way constitutes paranoia, but rather good journalism. And right now bribery in all sorts of various forms is being employed on a wide scale as a primary means of coercing a predominantly hesitant population to 'voluntarily' receive the new experimental injection, the new mark of obedience to the emerging global technocracy that is slowly beginning to replace the ritualistic muzzling of the slaves in the form of universal masking.

The Epoch Times reported in early May that, according to numerous local residents in various Chinese districts, the government was offering bribes in amounts ranging from 100 yuan ($15) to 300 yuan ($45), and even up to 500 yuan ($77) in some cases, the cash bribes sometimes following initial incentives or offered alongside gifts in the form of free eggs, milk, rice and movie tickets that had apparently not been effective enough on their own in increasing 'vaccine' uptake to levels acceptable to the Chinese authorities, despite China being reported as one of the most vaccine-friendly nations in the world.

In this Twitter video, a man is standing in the street, holding a poster that reads: “Get 200 yuan a person for taking a jab.” The loudspeaker keeps playing the same information: “Good news! Get 200 yuan for vaccination.”

Meanwhile independent journalist Derick Broze (@dbroze), who currently resides in Mexico, visited and spoke with residents of two out of the more than dozen towns in which all of the residents are refusing to receive the experimental injections, reporting that Mexican authorities were offering substantial cash payments in an attempt to bribe the locals, as two of the locals he spoke with "noted that the state government is offering 950 pesos (about $50 USD) to residents who get the shots, with additional payments per child in some cases."

The indigenous woman we spoke with said that the local health authorities call residents and attempt to persuade them to take the vaccine. In some cases residents are told they cannot continue to get healthcare without the shot. Still, the people of Betania have rejected the shots.

The reasons for such bribery is clear, because without some form of coercion, the Orwellian goal of vaccinating every single man, woman and child on the planet, or even just 90% for that matter, will never even come close to reaching fruition.

"For Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, vaccinating all Mexicans is a matter of responsible national health policy as well as social justice," CNN reporter Rafael Romo wrote in March, in a mainstream piece about two of the "whole towns" that "are refusing Covid-19 vaccines in Mexico."

Screenshot_2021-06-01 Whole towns are refusing Covid-19 vaccines in Mexico.png

Such bribes are quite clearly part of an agenda to vaccinate "all" people, in this case Mexicans, but on a global scale all of humanity, and such bribery is indeed being rolled out on a global scale, but possibly becoming more widespread across the US than anywhere else - in the heart of the western empire itself.

In what may be the most outlandish cash bribery scheme to date, the Mayor of Detroit announced that, starting May 3, the city is offering unlimited cash to any Detroit resident who signs up for the program, in the form of a pre-paid $50 MasterCard debit card for each fellow Detroit resident they drive to a vaccination station for a first dose, as a part of its so-called 'Good Neighbor' initiative. Although there is a three person limit per carload, there is no limit on number of total residents fellow Detroiters can book first dose appointments for, and then cash in at $50 a pop when dropping them off to get the first dose of their experimental mRNA injections and yet again when dropping them off for second dose injections. This enables anyone in Detroit who is able to convince fellow residents to get the jab to rake in some serious dough, with the only limit on cash to be made being hesitancy among fellow residents, thus providing the perfect incentive for people to turn to unscrupulous means of convincing their friends and neighbors to get the jab.

“We’d love to see people embrace the card as an incentive to reach out to friends and family in Detroit to let them know that if they want to get vaccinated, they can be transported by someone they know and trust,” Mayor Mike Duggan said. Of course such a scheme also invites people to attempt to convince those who don't want to get vaccinated to receive the injection anyway, and increases the chances of coercion from among family and neighbors, particularly in the cases of the elderly and teens who are more easily persuaded, and cash-stricken individuals (of which the oppressive lockdowns have created many) who may be more easily persuaded by a promise of a cut of the bribe. Such bribery programs have now become more common than not, and are in fact becoming so widespread that it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of them all, with new bribes and incentive programs being offered by different entities almost every day now, it seems.

In the US, this wave of bribery was initially kicked off by Krispy Kreme, the corporate doughnut chain which began offering a free daily doughnut to anyone showing proof of vaccination for the entire year of 2021.

Despite the well established links between intake of high-sugar content junk food and chronic disease, and despite the start of the family fortune of its owners stemming directly from forced labor under the Nazi regime and a family history of direct support for Adolph Hitler and his Nazi SS forces, instead of questioning whether the intentions of the franchise were truly in the best interests of the common man the Big Pharma shilling corporate media hailed the bribery as a philanthropic blueprint for society, and soon countless corporations and states alike began following in their footsteps by offering bribes of their own, from free beer to burgers and fries being offered to those showing proof of vaccination.

Screenshot_2021-05-08 VAERS EUA Data, FDA Advisory Meeting, and How MSM Should Fight Misinformation.png

New York City residents can get a free Shake Shack fries and a burger if they just get the shot, and Mayor De Blasio sells this bribe by telling constituents he wants them to think of vaccination when they bite into those greasy fries.

Residents of New York City are also being offered free 7-day metro cards, tickets to sporting events, the Bronx Zoo, Brooklyn Botanical Garden and Lincoln Center, while Nathan's Famous is offering a free hot dog at their original Coney Island location in Brooklyn, New York, Zero Hedge has reported, and "Juniors Cheesecake is offering a free cupcake-sized taste of their famous cheesecake at their flagship restaurant in Brooklyn until May 31 with proof of full vaccination against COVID-19."

Ohio-based fast food hamburger chain White Castle was offering free cake-on-a-stick for all customers who showed proof of vaccination between April 22 and the end of May. Ironically, the company Vice President said the 'vax for snacks' initiative was just one way to "celebrate customer vaccinations with the promise of brighter days ahead," ABC 6 reported.

“We’re thankful the vaccines are now widely available to all citizens 16 and over so that every adult can do their part to help our country return to all that we love and Crave,” VP Richardson said, and it couldn't be more clear that what many Americans love and crave is the very same toxic junk food responsible for increasingly high rates of chronic disease, obesity, and premature death. “Our desire is for all of our friends, neighbors and Cravers near and far to enjoy good health," Richardson added, because apparently there's nothing that symbolizes good health like a heart attack on a stick or an unapproved experimental injection concocted by seedy eugenicists (over at AstraZeneca) and convicted criminal organizations (like Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson). What else do good corporate American serfs love besides junk food and cash prizes? If you said booze, you'd be right, and the vaccine-pushers know it, so they are capitalizing on all of the alcohol drinks being used as bribes to coerce Americans into getting their jab.

Samuel Adams announced its #ShotForSam vaccine incentive program in a national TV spot - “Your Cousin From Boston Gets Vaccinated” - on National Beer Day (April 7th), in order "to help combat skepticism amongst drinkers with humor," the company said: "Get a COVID shot and get a free Samuel Adamsbeer." Just one week later Budweiser joined the club when the corporate giant announced its offer of one free beer to anyone who showed they'd been vaccinated, to be given out as $5 virtual debit cards redeemable in Budweiser beer at any bar. The company said it would give out up to 10,000 cards, amounting to a cash value of $50,000 in free beer to 'vaccine' recipients.

The offering of free beer in exchange for receipt of experimental injections isn't restricted to private company promotions anymore, either, with the state increasingly working with corporations to offer similar bribes of its own. At the beginning of May, for example, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced New Jersey's own "Shot and a Beer" bribery program, whereby all eligible residents who get their first dose of the experimental injection during the month of May will get a free beer upon showing proof of vaccination at eligible breweries.

"GET VACCINATED, RECEIVE A FREE BEER," is how this bribery is being advertised, sponsored by the companies and promoted by the state.

"The initiative comes as a significant number of Americans say they are still not willing to get vaccinated for Covid," CNBC reported, once again illuminating the true purpose of these bribes is to combat vaccine hesitancy, their true function being a form of coercion.

Much more recently, an NBC10 Boston reporter revealed that Massachusetts is offering its own "shot and a beer" incentive program. "The perks the state is rolling out to try to get you to roll your sleeve up!" Abbey Niezgoda wrote on May 25 in a tweet with a photo of a masked dinosaur being injected, following the caption, "Yes. That's T-REX getting VAXXED." Massachusetts is obviously just as desperate to convince residents to join the global Big Pharma experiment as the rest, clearly indicating just how truly hesitant Americans are to subject themselves to this Big Pharma experimentation. "A shot & a beer? J&J and an IPA? The incentives to get people vaccinated in Mass. on @NBC10Boston!" the reporter remarked.

One might wonder why the health implications and indeed the irony of supporting a so-called public health campaign with bribes in the form of harmful alcoholic beverages as well as sugar-filled and greasy junk food is never so much as mentioned a single time by the legacy media in all of their reporting of these countless incentive initiatives. One may not wonder quite so much as to why so many of the politicians and other social engineers who have for months been pushing demonstrably harmful 'public health' measures in the name of battling 'Covid19' are now also pushing demonstrably unhealthy incentives to get the totally 'safe and effective' experimental injections into the arms of the population they purport to care so much for. If 'public health and safety' was indeed the top priority of these politicians, 'experts' and social engineers driving these agendas, one might wonder why not a single one of them or the mainstream media talking heads has to my knowledge called for a ban on cigarettes or liquor, or advocated for a healthy diet mandate alongside their mask mandates when unhealthy diet is well established as a leading cause of chronic disease, and a CDC study the fakestream media itself is clearly well acquainted with found that obesity was a leading contributing factor to the development of serious disease in 'Covid19' patients, with some 78% of all Americans who were hospitalized with or who died from the so-called virus being overweight or obese. One might cease to wonder about any of these apparent contradictory public health stances and ironies when one realizes that all of those driving the Covid1984 agenda are puppets, whether knowingly or unknowingly, of a Big Pharma industry that profits off of disease and sees a healthy population as the biggest threat to its profit lines and corporate monopoly on the health industry.

We should also keep in mind that instead of using their executive power to ban harmful and highly addictive drugs such as cigarettes, liquor and deadly Big Pharma opioids while issuing mask mandates in the name of public health and safety, these governors used their newfound dictatorial powers to shut down small health food stores while keeping liquor stores open, and to shut down churches and clothing stores while keeping abortion clinics open. So as the likes of these who are now attempting to coerce their constituents into getting an unapproved experimental Big Pharma injection with various bribes, in some cases with free beer and junk food giveaways, we should not be so naive as to think they are doing so because they actually care about the health and safety of the public, but clearly because they serve a highly profitable pharmaceutical industry and technocratic agenda, both of which, for some less than perfectly clear reasons, want these new experimental injections in the arms of every man, woman, and child alive on this earth.

The latest establishment vaccine push has been a concerted effort to coerce children into taking the jab, following the FDA authorization of the experimental injections for use in 12-18 year olds and the beginning of trials in infants as young as six months old, despite children sitting at a near zero risk of harm from 'Covid19'. Just one example of the truly pathetic propaganda being peddled in a concerted effort to program the youngest of children (and their guardians) that you (and everyone else) cannot "get your lives back" until you get "the shot," can be seen in the video below. And for all the kids who have been deprived of a healthy social life for the past year, as many if not most have, the promise of being able to play with their friends again only once one gets the shot has got to be of major psychological impact to a young, developing, and inherently trusting mind. Truly disgusting, if you ask me, to direct such rank propaganda at the most innocent among us, who also just happen to be the absolutely least at-risk segment of the population, no less...

In Toronto Canada, one pop-up clinic was even luring kids aged 12 and older to get the experimental injection over the weekend with no parental consent required, by bribing them with offers of free ice-cream - surely a new low, being that children previously needed parental consent before being given experimental injections, or any vaccines for that matter.

But no more, the Canadian Health Minister has said parental consent is not needed...

And many Canadian governorates are not requiring parental consent before injecting the unapproved experimental shot into children's arms, children who are not even at risk of serious illness or death by 'Covid19'.

As reported by The Star:

The provincial Health Care Consent Act states there is no minimum age to provide consent for vaccination and a child does not need external permission to receive one.
In York, those 13 and under require a parent or guardian to attend to give verbal consent, or they need to sign a consent form.

Peel Region had initially asked a parent or guardian to provide “informed consent,” when announcing appointments would be open Thursday to anyone 12 and older, in a press release Wednesday morning.

Later that day, the region changed its tune, saying approval was no longer needed. Peel told the Star this was to remove barriers.

Toronto Public Health said it will not be asking for parent or guardian approval, citing the Health Care Consent Act.

A number of adults were understandably angry at the pop-up clinic using ice cream to bribe kids to get their shots without parental consent, and loudly protested this egregious violation of parental rights and unethical abuse of a child's ignorance and desire for sweet (but not all that healthy) treats like ice cream.

Nor is this restricted to Canada, with the City and County of San Francisco California now having also issued a public health order to allow children 12 and over to consent to vaccination and allowing vaccine providers to rely on that consent alone without obtaining additional parental consent.

If that wasn't bad enough, such unethical attempts to bribe inadequately informed youth to get their shots come as the "CDC investigates dozens of reports of heart inflammation in teenagers and young adults that occur four days after their second dose of Moderna or Pfizer vaccines." The reports of heart inflammation in children following mRNA injections that led to this investigation are widespread and common enough that the Seattle Children's Hospital has advised all health care providers to "consider a diagnosis of myocarditis or pericarditis in any evaluation of chest pain following COVID-19 vaccination," and to promptly report all such cases to VAERS (the US vaccine injury database).

At the very same time, NBC propagandists are also busy attempting to coerce kids into getting the 'vaccine', painting 'anti-vaccine' parents as a threat to the health and safety of teens and young adults.

In New York, Governor Cuomo has announced the latest and far more extravagant bribe aimed straight at the kids, a state-sponsored raffle with the prize being "50 full scholarships — including tuition and room and board — to any public college or university, in an effort to encourage young people to get the COVID-19 vaccine," that will be handed out to kids aged 12-17 who get the injection in the six weeks following the announcement made on May 26. As will soon become clear, a coordinated campaign was launched during this last week of May that would run for the next six weeks through July 4.

Screenshot_2021-06-01 State to raffle�off college scholarships to young people who get COVID-19 vaccine.png

The Governor's messaging is clear: Get a shot, get a free ride to college.

Cuomo also "announced that the Empire State would offer a free $20 scratch-off lottery ticket to the vaccinated for a chance at a $5 million Mega Multiplier Lottery." (Zero Hedge)

A number of other 'vaccine' sweepstakes and giveaways are also sweeping the nation, going way above and beyond the paid time off offered by a number of companies to incentivize their employees to get the shot, and some of these, too, are aimed at bribing children to get their shots.

On April 28, for example, the Houston Chronicle reported that "Harris County approves $250K in spending for vaccine freebies," to "increase the rate of vaccination," especially among children and teenagers.

To increase the rate of vaccinations, the Harris County Commissioners Court approved giving incentives to citizens.
“We desperately need these people to get vaccinated, particularly the young people,” County Judge Lina Hidalgo said.

Meanwhile, in another clear attempt to bribe teens, NBC News reported on April 27 that West Virginia was offering $100 savings bonds to anyone aged 16 to 35 who got vaccinated. “Our kids today probably don’t really realize just how important they are in shutting this thing down," Gov. Jim Justice said during a news conference, despite children being at nearly zero risk of symptomatic 'Covid19' and Dr. Fauci himself admitting that 'asymptomatic carriers' are not driving the spread of the so-called virus. The only risk children would pose, then, is as asymptomatic spreaders, being at no risk themselves, and schools packed with children had previously been shown to be one of the safest places to be as far as spreading of the 'virus' goes, if it even exists as such having still to this day never been isolated and thus proven to exist.

A month later and Newsweek would be reporting that, "Two new studies from Hospital Pediatrics have concluded that COVID-19 hospitalizations among children have been inflated by at least 40 percent," clearly indicative of an even lower rate of 'Covid19' harm to children than the already extremely low official rate of hospitalization and death among children, and more intentional inflation of the COVID numbers being used to both manufacture and then perpetuate this 'pandemic' that never was. As summarized by Newsweek: "Hospitalizations among children were already extremely low relative to adults, but the new figures cut the key coronavirus metric by nearly half and make the actual rates among kids even smaller."

"Scientific and media reports that inaccurately portray the risk of COVID-19 to children can do harm by alarming parents and providing justification for ongoing restrictions to in-person education and other programming. Via these studies, parents and policy-makers should be reassured that pediatric hospitalization for severe COVID-19 disease is indeed rare," the experts added.

And yet even following this revelation, the push to vaccinate the children continues to this day, and so does the bribery being used to entice both kids and adults alike.

On May 12, CBS News reported that Ohio would be giving five residents $1 million dollars each in its new vaccine lottery, "in an effort to raise vaccination percentages."

The Ohio Governor argued that those saying the lottery was a big waste of taxpayer funds were wrong, and that the real waste was the manufactured vaccines not being used (due to vaccine hesitancy and anti-vaccine sentiment, no doubt). What the Governor and news outlets fail to mention here is that the development and manufacture of the 'vaccines' were also taxpayer-funded through Operation Warp Speed, and yet the manufacturers then turned right back around and sold the experimental injection right back to the state for a profit.

Colorado has its own sweepstakes, and anyone who was vaccinated by June 1 was automatically entered to win...

Most recently, Governor Gavin Newsome announced that California "was hopping on the vaccination lottery bandwagon Thursday evening by offering 10 vaccinated residents the chance to win $1.5 million each, while another 30 residents will win $50K cash prizes," a total of over $116 million in taxpayer-funded cash prizes being used to bribe taxpayers into getting injections they don't want to get.

Among the other states running vaccine lotteries is Maryland, with its 'VaxCash' program giving away $40,000 a day to vaccinated residents for 40 consecutive days starting on May 25, finishing off with a grand prize drawing of $400,000 on July 4 - the day picked by President Biden to celebrate our newfound 'freedom' from 'Covid19', if enough Americans take the injection that is - for a total of $2 million in taxpayer-funded bribery prizes aimed at coercing taxpayers into getting an experimental taxpayer-funded injection that they don't want to get.

Screenshot_2021-06-01 $2 Million VaxCash Promotion – Maryland Lottery.png

"The Maryland Lottery $2 Million VaxCash Promotion is a public outreach campaign consisting of a series of statewide drawings to help raise awareness and increase the number of Marylanders that are vaccinated for COVID-19," the official Maryland Lottery promotion page reads.

Just days before Maryland's 'VaxCash' lottery was launched, on May 21, Oregon Governor Kate Brown unveiled the state's 'Take Your Shot Oregon' campaign in which "all vaccinated Oregonians 12 and older" will be eligible for the cash prizes or scholarships, which include "one $1 million prize, 36 $10,000 county winners, and five $100,000 scholarship winners," for a total of $1.86 million in taxpayer-funded prizes being used to bribe 'vaccine hesitant' taxpayers. Like the many other similar programs rolled out across the country, the scholarship prizes going exclusively to those aged 12-17 are aimed at increasing vaccine uptake among kids and teens who absolutely don't need them, and who are likely at an even higher risk of harm from these experimental shots than are adults.

Also among the states offering vaccine lotteries is Kentucky. "The Kentucky Lottery is giving a free Cash Ball 225 ticket — which usually costs $1 per ticket — to COVID-19 vaccine recipients ages 18 and older. Lottery officials will give 225,000 free tickets out to vaccinated residents in the state," Zero Hedge reports, a $225,000 cash value in bribes.

"I hope this shot at $225,000 will be the incentive needed for more Kentuckians to get a vaccine," Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said. "Helping keep our Kentucky communities safe and a free chance at winning hundreds of thousands of dollars is a win-win for everyone involved." It's a win-win for everyone involved except all those recipients who end up being adversely effected by the experimental injection of course, but Andy Beshear doesn't seem care about them, only about the profit-driven, technocratic agenda to get more shots into as many arms as possible, as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile the NFL has said it will be giving away 50 Super Bowl tickets to vaccinated people who shared why it was important to get the shot and several MLB teams are offering vaccination on site at their stadiums as well as bribing them with a free ticket to a game. ( Zero Hedge)

And taxi services Uber and Lyft are offering free rides to vaccination sites between May 24 and July 4, President Biden tweeted, the same time period as the weekly Maryland vaccine lottery is taking place, as this is clearly the time of the big final push for vaccination by way of bribery, before more hostile methods of coercion are introduced.

Screenshot_2021-06-02 California Joins The Long List Of States, Companies, Sports Leagues Bribing Americans To Get Vaccinated.png

If it wasn't already, it should be abundantly clear by now where all of this is heading, and if it still isn't clear enough, a Bloomberg piece published on May 14 entitled "What Happens When Vaccine Incentives Aren't Enough?" - strongly advocating for compulsory vaccination as "necessary" - should help everyone understand that those behind the vaccination campaign currently underway have no intention of allowing this experimental injection to remain voluntary except in name only.

Screenshot_2021-06-01 What Happens When Vaccine Incentives Aren’t Enough .png

The plan is and always has been to coerce the entire global population to take this shot, in one way or another, as has been clear to all with open eyes and ears since the beginning of this whole pandemic ordeal, and the bribes are but the latest phase in the very clear path to mandatory vaccination, with the next phase being implementation of vaccine passport programs, followed by increasing difficulty for the unvaccinated to function in society as proof of vaccination becomes required for more and more activities until the vaccine has become de facto compulsory, if not mandated directly by government order. This was again made abundantly clear in the more recent Press release from the French National Academy of Medicine on 25 May 2021 (published May 27), which recommends to both "implement without delay the “vaccination pass” previously recommended" and "to make the vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 required" in many cases, including for government and healthcare workers, as a prerequisite to travel and attend public gatherings, and for all students before the start of school in 2021, as well as for all workers in and everyone engaging with "the retail, catering, hotel and hospitality sectors, cultural and sports establishments."

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Screenshot_2021-06-01 “Obligation” is not a foul word when it applies to vaccinating against Covid-19 – Académie nationale [...].png

Already, at least 130 US colleges and universities will be requiring students to receive the experimental 'Covid19' injection in order to attend classes this fall, none of which are allowing exemptions for those who should have natural immunity following recovery from previous infection. An increasing number of employers in various industries are also beginning to mandate vaccination, in much the same way the big corporate chains began mandating masks as a condition of employment last year. A number of health care systems across the country have now mandated vaccination, and many more are pressuring workers, if not outright forcing them to take the jab. The same type of pressure is being levied against people across the country and indeed the entire planet. The US cruise ship industry has begun requiring vaccination for all passengers and crew members, and some airlines have announced plans to eventually require proof of vaccination, a Forbes report revealed, also listing sports, restaurants and concerts as "businesses that may eventually require proof of vaccination" using a universal US digital 'vaccine passport' being developed by the Biden Administration. Sports venues and a few other businesses already require negative 'Covid19' test results for entry, and a total of 30 countries are "considering or already using a vaccine-passport scheme as they seek to return to normal life," Business Insider also reported.

In a recent move that is reminiscent of the 1960s and signals the birth of a new form of segregation, one Chicago restaurant has even separated its dining area into two sections - one section for the vaccinated and one for the unvaccinated. As with the racist segregation of our nation's past, this modern form of segregation will be intrinsically linked to two distinct classes of people - first class citizens and second class slaves. If this is not the future we wish to leave to our children, we must unite and act now in opposition to the emerging tyrannical technocracy, because the only thing that can stop this mad rush to Orwellian insanity is widespread resistance to the establishment agenda.

As the march to mandatory vaccination continues, vaccine passport programs continue to be implemented around the world, and corporations, governments and even sports teams continue to offer bribes in a desperate attempt to coerce an increasingly hesitant population to receive a new and unapproved experimental injection, the one exceedingly relevant question that everyone should be asking is: Why do so many companies and states need to bribe populations to get vaccinated against the 'deadliest pandemic of the century' with a proven 'safe and effective' vaccine? And when even all of this extravagant bribery somehow fails to convince a large percentage of the remaining unvaaccinated population to take the shot, will those who are not yet asking this question finally begin to wake up?

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