Technocracy Rising: The New Normal, Inner Technology & A Greater Reset


Under the auspices of the World Economic Forum (WEF), global policymakers are advocating for a “Great Reset” with the intent of creating a global technocracy. ... The lockdown and its consequences have brought a foretaste of what is to come: a permanent state of fear, strict behavioral control, massive loss of jobs, and growing dependence on the state. ... Only massive opposition can slow down and finally stop the extension of the power grip of the tyrannical technocracy that is on the rise.
- Antony P. Mueller, “From Lockdowns to the Great Reset”

Indeed, the mad rush towards the total global domination of humanity by technology has been kicked into overtime since the convenient arrival of the pandemic that never was.

The Great Reset is underway, and with it the overt rise of a new technocratic normal has begun. The powers behind this Great Reset are no longer hiding the true intentions of their agenda, and the future according to their Orwellian vision is plain for all to see, and it isn’t very pretty for those who value human freedom, independence, and the importance of love over fear. At the very same time, however, humanity is awakening at a rate of speed never seen before, as there is a massive global awakening underway, and it seems the race is on between the world waking up in time to stop this technocratic madness and those building the technocracy. People across the planet are waking up to the illusions that have bound humanity for centuries, waking up to their own inner power, waking up to the realization that the current power structures of the world neither serve humanity now, nor do the powers that be have any intention of ever doing so, no matter their claims to the contrary.

The Rising Technocracy

The emerging Covid1984 world order, unless stopped, will see every human being plugged into an inescapable technocratic grid through smartphone apps and digital passports, each of us merely a number behind a screen, ruled by algorithms that determine social credit scores based upon one’s behaviors. These social credit scores will in turn either grant you privileges such as the ability to travel or enter a movie theater or buy food items deemed nonessential, or deny one access to such basic human rights, soon deemed privileges granted by the technocrats and their appointed overlords of humanity. The social credit scores of those who insist on refusing to conform to this new normal will eventually be so low they will hinder and could potentially even prevent employment altogether, possibly even land a person in a re-education facility designed to reprogram the mind into a more conformist mindset using all manner of unethical persuasion.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon replace a large chunk of the human work force, for the benefit of humanity they say, in order to create a more efficient and productive system whereby world hunger is eradicated, human suffering associated with poverty eliminated, and social justice exists for all. The global population must also be greatly reduced to levels where a perpetual harmony with the earth is achieved. This is what the Great Reset is all about, they say, to create a better, more peaceful and abundant world with equality and justice for all. All those who aren’t killed off in the process of population reduction of course.... It sounds great, truly beautiful in fact, like a wonderful path to an earthly paradise, with only a few personal sacrifices to be made along the way. But it is all a lie.

The powers that be already have the means to eradicate world hunger, and choose not to do so. They currently already have the means to save the planet through alternative energy and sustainable agriculture, and yet they choose instead to starve it. They don’t just refuse to take real steps towards eradicating world hunger, they actively attempt to starve populations into submission to the imperial global domination efforts.

There is no shortage of food on this earth, but rather so much excess in the west that enough food is thrown away in this country alone to feed most of the starving people all around the world. And yet somehow there is still a global epidemic of hunger.

The empire gives their war machine practically unlimited funding, through fractional reserve banking combined with a bit of taxation without representation, and then instead of using it to feed the poor, they use it to kill them in endless wars-for-profit and global domination.


The same ones who claim to care about the safety and freedom and equality of all humanity when they talk about implementing the technocratic order of rule through advanced technology, are the very same ones who supply the bombs being dropped on weddings and school buses in Yemen, while supporting the government responsible (Saudi Arabia) for imposing an illegal military blockade on the famine-ridden country, a blockade directly responsible for blocking medicine and food and is thus directly responsible for literally starving and making millions of innocent children sick and dead.

Those like Bill Gates who parade around the world behind the guise of philanthropy use Africa as a massive testing ground for dangerous new vaccines that have injured and killed thousands in the name of protecting those same children in multi-million dollar vaccination campaigns, all while refusing to spend a much more modest amount of money for known solutions to the very real problems facing those same impoverished people - namely clean drinking water - which is historically by far the number one reducer of disease in the world.

Documentary I put together several months ago exposing Bill Gates and his global vaccination agenda below:

These technocratic pseudo-philanthropists talk about sustainability and living in harmony with the earth, and how advanced technology is the key to bringing about such a future, but they already have the key and refuse to use it. The western war machine uses more than half of the global oil supply every day, but strangely you don’t hear Bill Gates and Co. using their publicity to call for the end of western imperialism and the eradication of the military industrial complex. The same ones pushing for a carbon tax in the name of environmentalism fly in their own multi-million dollar personal private jets, so clearly it isn’t about solutions, but more control over and profit off the tax cattle.

Meanwhile greed-based, materialistic consumer-driven corporate manufacturing is the leading cause of pollution in the world today, and yet those claiming to fight for a brighter future for our children somehow deem these same corporations as fundamental to their new technocratic normal, while small family businesses have been deemed ‘nonessential’. And then they want to claim that new technology and further control of the masses is the solution. They already have the technology that could save the world, eradicate poverty and equalize humanity - free energy - and they actively suppress it and punish those who attempt to make it public because it threatens the entire existence of their global corporate world order.

The seemingly overpopulated earth could in fact be changed in such a way without reduction of population so that the large populations learn to exist in harmony with the earth in sustainable cities and the like as has been done before in ancient times by Native South American tribes in Columbia. See the documentary below, From the Heart of the World: The Elder Brothers' Warning, in which an ancient city built in harmony with nature is showcased:

But instead of actively working towards creating such a more sustainable way of life, these misguided, greedy, power-hungry technocrats spout off plans to reduce the population alongside introduction of new technology they say will somehow ‘save us’ while at the same time putting millions of us out of work and quite possibly on the street. Sure, AI replacing the life-sucking minimum wage jobs may be great in that nobody should be working such meaningless jobs anyway in an enlightened society, but their plan is not to empower these former minimum wage worker serfs to live a happier, healthier life post-employment.

“You will own nothing, and you will be happy,” is one of their mottos for this new technocratic normal, but they, of course, will continue to own so much more than any of us ever did to begin with, because their notion of ‘equality’ doesn’t include them. They, as the technocrats behind all of this emerging technology, aim to be the ones controlling the technology and thus controlling humanity. The domination of humanity by technology is the plan, but they do not plan to be among those dominated by it. This is why technology that would actually help to empower and liberate humanity is suppressed, while they focus on building technology that can be used to control humanity and enslave the planet.

Trans-humanism is an integral part of the plan, whereby technology will be used to extend the life of man, making his body essentially ‘eternal’, or at least able to live for hundreds of years. Of course this privilege will be reserved for the select few, the ruling class, the technocrats for whom the technology is being developed, and not for mankind.

They speak of creating a new species of machine, and of computerizing the human brain. They speak of vaccines that would target the ‘god gene’ in order to wipe out ‘religious extremism’. They speak of colonizing Mars as the only means of survival once this planet’s resources are depleted, and spend billions towards that end, instead of focusing their time, energy and money on conserving earth’s resources and creating true sustainability right here and right now. They even wish to alter human evolution with DNA implants, or so they say, whatever that might mean. They speak so much of future technology being rolled out to ‘save’ and ‘protect’ and ‘equalize’ and ‘evolve’ humanity, but they won’t address the very real solutions that already lie in our hands, easily within their reach, as opposed to some distant technocratic utopian vision. And they fail to see that the greatest form of human evolution that can be attained is the evolution of the human soul from its egocentric animal nature to its higher divine nature of selfless love flowing from a state of oneness with All that is.

Even the merging of man with machine is on the table, and now openly talked about, and according to some it is the only way to avoid the new technology taking over completely and eradicating humanity altogether. A new race of machines that could annihilate humanity if we don’t merge with it, I suppose the thinking goes. It sure does seems like that is where they seek to take us if they are able... New quantum computers put all previous technological computing to shame, and such technology could very well outthink and thus outwit humanity, possibly even those who are creating it. Many sci-fi novels and movies have been made addressing such a potential future, and it seems that future is actually now fast approaching if the technocrats are able to achieve their goals.

I am convinced that masks are an integral part of this technocratic plan, part of the ongoing dehumanization of humanity in preparation for the attempted complete technological takeover of the human mind, however that might be realized.


Already, the minds of many are nearly completely controlled by technology and those manipulating it, by the smartphones and social media addictions, by the lies daily fed to them on the TV screen, by the advertisements tailored just for them, and by the search engines that choose what results they will see depending upon what is deemed appropriate according to their dataset. Technology is already used to program your mind to see what they want you to see, to buy what they want you to buy, and to vote for who they want you to vote for. Already humans are developing more intimate relationships with their technology than with the humans around them, and it is taking a toll on human relationships, which may soon become all but obsolete.

To them, you are not a precious individual human life to be loved and cherished. No, to them you are but data to be harvested, and energy to be exploited for their gain.

Technology already has a grip on our minds, but it hasn’t yet fully taken over. What is humanity once we have been fully turned into machines? What is the human race once we have all been literally turned into cyborgs - half man, half machine? Would we not have already lost our humanity? And why the obsession with technology as the means to ‘save’ humanity, when that means is ever with us, but simply ignored and suppressed?

Why the obsession to create technology so advanced that even those creating it actually fear it may be capable of wiping humanity off the face of the earth and replacing us, and yet they continue to push forward with the aim of creating and deploying such technology on a global scale? Are these men even humans?

Regardless, it seems only insanity could be driving such an agenda. But I think there is more to the story than this.

What if those behind the emerging technocracy are well aware of a truth that more and more of us are awakening to, the truth that such technology is totally unnecessary to achieve that which it is being advertised for, because all such technology is only an external representation of inner technology that lies dormant within each and every one of us? If this was the truth, then they would know they are in a race against time to manufacture and use such external technology to enslave humanity before the awakening of humanity reaches a point of realization on a global scale that such inner technology, available to everyone and not just the select few, can achieve everything the technocrats claim their technology will be used for but in reality won’t.

If the People realized they had ‘superhuman’ powers lying within them that could easily help to solve all of the ‘problems’ the technology already enslaving us is promised to do, then there would not only be no ‘need’ for such technology, but also no need for the technocrats, nor for the entire ‘Matrix’ system of control with its greed-based materialistic societal constructs that most have come to rely upon.

Spirituality, Inner Technology and the Greater Reset

I propose that this really is the case, and there is a Native American story about human history - the ‘fall of man’ from a state of peace and harmony with earth, the ensuing forgetfulness of our true identity and inner power, and our attempt to remember through the ‘invention’ of external technology that in reality only mirrors our own inner technology, inner technology which forms the true blueprint for all external technological advancements. I first read this story in a book called “The Divine Matrix” by Gregg Braden, and it was relayed to him by a Native American wisdom keeper one evening in the high desert of northern New Mexico. The story goes like this:

There once was a time, a long time ago, when humanity lived in peace and harmony, at peace with each other and in harmony with the earth. We recognized our oneness, and we had full knowledge of and access to our inner power to connect with one another and the earth, and to connect with God, thereby making what we call ‘miracles’ a normal day-to-day reality.

“People knew the language of the rain, the crops, and the Great Creator. They even knew how to speak to the stars and the sky people. They were aware that life is sacred and comes from the marriage between Mother Earth and Father Sky. In this time, there was balance and people were happy.”

But then something happened, and people began to forget who they were, and began to feel separate, increasingly living life without a sense of direction or connection. From this loss of connection to one another, the earth and the Creator, they began to fight as a means of survival, even fighting the same forces of nature which gave them life.

“Soon all of their energy was used to protect themselves from the world around them, instead of making peace with the world within them.”

But the memory of who they once were lived deep within them, in their subconscious, and during their dreams they would at times remember they had the power to heal, bring rain and speak with their ancestors.

“As they tried to remember who they were, they began t build the things outside of their bodies that reminded them of who they were on the inside. As time went on, they even build machines to do their healing, made chemicals to grow their crops, and stretched wires to communicate over long distances. The farther they wandered from their inner power, the more cluttered their outer lives became with the things that they believed would make them happy.”

According to the wisdom keeper, the story hasn’t ended yet, because we are the ones who are at this very moment writing the ending. Whether or not we will remember who we really are and what immense power lies within us in time to bring healing to our broken world, or whether our mad rush to create an all-powerful set of technologies in place of our own divine power ends up destroying us all - the choice is still ours to make, for now, but time is quickly running out.

That we all do in fact have access to such inner technology is being demonstrated more and more so with modern science, and throughout the rest of the book, “The Divine Matrix - Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief,” Gregg Braden documents this very phenomenon through references to modern science and ancient spiritual traditions alike, alongside real-life experiences of his own. Such metaphysical works are no longer rare, with more and more scientists being forced to recognize that the old way of looking at the world through a lens of separation, with humanity being composed of separate human beings who are merely machines, is entirely erroneous.

It is becoming widely recognized and more and more well known that the power of the human mind includes the inner power to heal the physical body.


This is just one example of an inner ability, the power to heal ourselves, that external technology and synthetic ‘medicine’ has for decades been doing for us, and often not doing all that well either, treating the symptoms while ignoring the root causes of disease. With this realization, on a wide enough scale at least, the need for Big Pharma completely disappears. And so it is with all of the other inner technology that isn’t yet as widely known about or accepted. But all such inner technologies are still becoming far more widely known and accepted than they used to be. Telepathy and clairvoyance are just two examples.

For those who doubt the reality of such metaphysical capabilities, Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi” has so many firsthand accounts of the ‘miraculous’ that one would be hard pressed to deny them all, particularly when compared to the latest scientific discoveries of quantum physics. As such happenings are becoming more commonly reported, it becomes more and more difficult to dismiss them all as hallucinations, figments of the imagination or magic tricks. I even recall watching a video by a practicing professor who relayed how she has on occasion been able to bend time, becoming more adept at the ability the more she realized for herself the ultimate Reality of this Universe. Such accounts are so widespread, and abundant all down through the ages - from bilocation to levitation to the reading of minds, and so much more. But the real miracle is overcoming fear and learning to love unconditionally, realizing the ultimate Truth that lies hidden within us all.

I do not think it is any mere coincidence that the rise of the advanced technological age has mirrored the age of awakening across this planet, and as more and more people awaken to various once-hidden sinister realities about the modern technologically-based materialistic power structures (and spiritual/metaphysical truths), so too does the advancement of this external technology also speed up. Since 2001 it seems, the race has been on, between those seeking to develop extremely advanced sci-fi style external technology to enslave humanity, and humanity awakening to the inner technology that would render all such technology along with the system built upon it both unnecessary and ‘outdated’.

For years now, humanity has become increasingly addicted to technology, particularly the television, the internet, and most recently smartphones. And as much psychological harm this has already done, it has also done much good. Such technology has connected humanity like never before, helping bring us to the point of realizing that humanity truly is one interconnected family, and that anything done to any of us is in some way really done to all of us. As the flow of information around the whole world has become almost instantaneous, it has become increasingly difficult to ignore the suffering of those in far off places and to deny the role we all play in perpetuating such economic disparity through our support of a system built upon the exploitation of the poor across the developing world - the imperial power structure that is now beginning to collapse.

There are those using this technology to dumb down society and control humanity in previously unimaginable ways, but there are also those using the technology to in fact remember what that technology represents - the inner connection between all of us, the earth, and our Creator.

For the latter, this technology will likely soon become irrelevant or at the least unnecessary to maintain that connection, but without it the former cannot maintain their control over the minds of the masses, and without this, they will be unable to establish their tyrannical technocracy.

Once the People realize that through self-empowerment they are able not only to survive without the great daily struggle brought to you by the corporate/government makers of the greed-based materialistic work-buy-consume-die culture/system, but also to thrive while living a happy, peaceful and purpose-driven life that is not based upon working one’s life away ‘for the system’, then the system will simply vanish and humanity will finally shine forth once again in all her beauty.

We can all thrive and live abundant, fulfilling lives doing what we were created to do - using our unique gifts and creativity to make the world a more, beautiful, peaceful and enjoyable place to live - and such a lifestyle must not come at the expense of others but will in fact empower others as much as it empowers us. Once we find freedom from the system exploiting us all, we can build a better world that is based not upon exploitation but liberation, not upon greed but sharing, not upon materialism but spirituality, not upon separation but unity, not upon fear but love, not upon perpetual war but peace, not upon a mentality of lack and victimization but abundance and empowerment. We can all thrive if we cast off the chains that have been used for centuries by the various power elites throughout history to enslave and control us for their benefit alone.

See the documentary, “Thrive”, which does a phenomenal job of exposing the way by which the materialistic power structures of the world perpetually keep humanity from reaching her highest potential, and how we as a people are truly capable, and indeed ready, to thrive in a world built upon truth, peace and freedom rather than perpetual debt slavery and war driven by greed and deception.

Many people are angry, and just want things to return to normal, they just want the old normal back again, and I get it. But the old normal wasn’t sustainable, on that point the misguided technocrats and politicians are correct. The old normal of perpetual debt-slavery, war, and economic disparity had to die, in order for the dawning of a new age of peace and freedom to emerge. The old greed-based corporatist society built upon perpetual fear and division was no good, and had to collapse. This is a good thing, as much as those fighting the new technocratic normal wish to return to their old way of life. The collapse of the Matrix system was inevitable, and the fall of the Empire cannot be avoided. All empires that have ever risen to power eventually fall, and our time has arrived.

Those orchestrating the Great Reset knew this, and they were waiting, ready to rebuild a new technocratic future in the very same image of the old system, but perfected to degrees of global domination that even the most despicable tyrants and emperors of the past could only have dreamed of. But it does not need to be this way. The old culture had to die, yes, the system must collapse, and the Empire is falling, but we need not accept the new normal being foisted upon us. We can opt instead to use the destruction of the old normal to create a brighter future for us all, a future built upon the greatest human ideals of unity, love and freedom rather than on soulless robotic ‘species’ and the insanity which intends to breed them.

They have orchestrated a Great Reset in an attempt to use the collapse of the old system to usher in their technocracy and continue their ruthless reign of global domination, but we can orchestrate a Greater Reset, opt out of the tyrannical new normal, and create our own independent communities, come up with our own sustainable solutions, and work together collectively towards the healing of this earth and indeed all of humanity. Not by coercion, censorship or advanced external technology that could potentially destroy us in the process or create even greater class disparity than already exists, but by the gifts we have been given, by working together towards the same goals that we all share - peace, freedom, abundance, happiness, joy and the end of needless suffering around the world.

I do not think it is a coincidence that the two biggest events orchestrated by the global elite to further consolidate their power and push forward their imperial agendas - 9/11 and Covid1984 - have also been the two largest catalysts for awakening in the modern age. We are likely at the largest and most important crossroads of modern history, and the choices we make today will effect our world for generations to come.

None of us on our own can change the whole world, but every single one of us can change ourselves, and that is indeed the only way the world changes.


If we don’t unite to create change for the better, those who are working tirelessly to change it for their own benefit and no one else’s will no doubt succeed in their creation, ultimately creating a far more despotic future than even George Orwell could have ever imagined, one so insane that it may even end up destroying its creators in the process.

For some, the first step towards such an alternative future could be as a simple as taking off their mask - both the physical one hiding their smile from those around them, along with the metaphorical ones we all wear from time to time to hide our true selves from the world we’ve been long taught to fear.

Looking for the opportunity in situations instead of dwelling on the apparent negative nature of things is a must, as every situation, no matter how painful and unwanted, offers opportunity for growth and expansion. Just as this seemingly awful destruction of a now quickly dying society offers the opportunity to build in its place one that is so much better for everyone but the technocrats and corporate oligarchs, so do individual situations arising around the world due to the current upheaval hold similar opportunities, if only we look beyond the surface of things.

Meditation can help get the mind off the many problems of the world and focused on the unchanging reality of the love and light that is hidden within us all, just waiting to be released to help propel us into our greatest potential.

A great short video below, filled with motivational words of wisdom from Dr. Wayne Dyer on freeing ourselves from the false sense of self (ego), I found to be quite powerful and worth sharing.

Rising above the two-party political illusion and putting aside religious differences to find common ground to unite around is absolutely necessary. For those into anime, I found the following short film to be quite powerful, and it may prove to be helpful in helping us to wake up to the prison they have built around us and then freeing ourselves from it:

We must refuse to be victims any longer, and seek self empowerment by any means possible, rising above fear and choosing love instead - rising above both the fear of the ‘pandemic’ and fear of the technocracy being built in its wake.

Focusing on building our own independent communities, our own inner development, and ways to create the better future we want to see rather than on fighting the system is probably the most effective way to counter the technocrats and their tyrannical agenda to rule the earth.

As I was preparing to write this post, I stumbled across an amazing video that just so happened to be focused on much the same topic, the push towards quantum control of all biological life and what that means for humanity. The 5G rollout, potential micro-antennas to one day be implanted within humanity, and the quantum computers currently being developed, what does it all mean and where is all this technology heading?

Highly recommend watching, as it covers quite a bit of info I don’t even touch on here, from the new Conspiracy Detectives channel, video by Rex Bear of The Leak Project and Penelope Jean Hayes, who come to essentially the same conclusion that I and many other awakening souls have come to. And this is that the true quantum computer that contains all knowledge and power lies within each one of us and connects us all, and that the remembrance of our true identity as an eternal soul and access to our inner technology through connection to this divine spark within is the ultimate human goal and only salvation from those attempting to ‘take from Satan what they could have gotten from the Lord’ so to speak, by attempting to build externally for purposes of consolidating power over others what they could access internally to empower themselves and everyone else as well.

Free from fear, connected once again to the love that binds all life as one, empowered and yet not seeking power over any other, dominated by no man, system or technology but instead sharing wisdom and knowledge with all, this is where our true power lies. Together as equals we will either rise to our greatest potential or we will fall into the chains of oppression being built around us by the Orwellian technocracy that is emerging before our very eyes. A new age is upon us, and there is no escaping it, no going back to the way things used to be. The only choice we have is whether it will be a golden age of peace and freedom, or an age of darkness and oppression the likes of which the world has never seen. The choice is ours and the time is now. Time is short, what choice will we make?