Documented Harms of Long-Term Mask Use, Bacterial Pneumonia & the Pandemic That Never Was - Part 2


If you haven’t read Part 1 of this deep dive yet, I highly recommend doing so as I did not write this to be 2 stand alone posts.

But to briefly summarize... In Part 1, we looked at some history and similarities between the 1918 ‘flu’ pandemic and the 2020 ‘pandemic’ - namely that all the deaths driving the pandemic of 1918 were actually caused by bacterial pneumonia, while close to half of US deaths attributed to ‘Covid19’ were also caused by pneumonia, and also that these are the only 2 cases in American history that widespread mask use was taken up alongside mask mandates and immune-depressing policies of lockdown-style isolation. At the same time we looked at a few examples of establishment claims that masks are entirely “harmless” compared with some of the major documented harms of long-term mask use, mainly hypoxia/hypercapnia and ‘mask mouth’, and then firmly established that masks can most certainly cause and contribute to the onset of bacterial pneumonia through inhalation of the bad bacteria that can build up in the mouth due to the ideal conditions for bacterial growth created by long-term masking. In doing so, it was conclusively demonstrated that the establishment is lying to us about known mask harms when they tell us long-term mask use is totally safe and harmless, and, ironically, they are doing so in the name of ‘health and safety’!

And now let me open Part 2 of this investigation with the concluding words of Part 1, before picking up right were we left off:

The evidence is abundant, and the chain linking long-term masking to bacterial pneumonia clear for all to see. Anyone who claims that long-term mask use cannot cause or contribute to the development of bacterial pneumonia is either ignorant, intellectually dishonest, or lying to you.

Yes, those may seem like quite strong words, especially coming from a post in which I specifically asked readers to do their own research and come to their own conclusions, which is again why I hope readers will take the time to go through and see all of the extensively documented, convincing evidence for themselves that simply cannot all be summed up in a couple of introductory paragraphs...

And now, without any further ado, let us continue to dive the rabbit hole of mask harms, and the role(s) universal societal masking is playing in the bigger scheme of perpetuating the pandemic that never was (and yes, plenty of evidence that there neither is nor ever was any deadly ‘Covid19’ pandemic).

A few more documented and potential harms of daily masking

Additionally, any bacterial infection stemming from the buildup of harmful bacteria in the mouth or on the mask surface, not just bacterial pneumonia, can be caused by long-term mask use, including Strep Throat. In fact, it is quite possible this has already occurred.

An unusual outbreak of Strep was reported in Michigan public schools last fall, with the medical director at the local health department describing the situation as “a bit strange,” considering all of the ‘Covid19’ measures were being adhered to, including mask wearing. Officials were baffled how this could be, considering Strep spreads in just the same way they claim ‘Covid19’ spreads. At least one official involved, the Shepherd Public School Superintendent, Greg McMillan, theorized that masks could indeed be to blame.

He said the schools have been taking a ton of precautions for COVID-19 but he points out that not washing masks enough could be helping to spread the bacteria and that putting masks on different surfaces could spread it, too.

Other documented but less serious mask harms include ‘maskne’, the trendy term given to acne caused by long-term mask use, and yeast infections of the mouth, also known as thrush.

From “Your Mask May Be Causing Candida Growth in Your Mouth”:

As if “maskne” weren't bad enough, there’s another skin problem to worry about during the COVID-19 pandemic: candida overgrowth. It’s basically a yeast infection around your mouth.

It’s commonly known as thrush, and extended mask wearing is creating the perfect conditions for it to develop.

Anyone who’s worn a mask in the summertime knows that it can get hot under there. And masks offer the perfect conditions for overgrowth. “Candida thrives in humid environments, much like the one created under your mask,” says Lucy Chen, MD, a board-certified dermatologist at Riverchase Dermatology in Miami. “While a face mask can’t be the sole cause of a skin infection, the combination of heat, humidity, and a tight mask could worsen underlying conditions that prompt a fungal or bacterial infection,” she says.

As with breathing related issues, the new CDC recommendations to specifically wear a tight fitting mask will only exasperate the underlying problem with mask use already contributing to the increase of both fungal and bacterial infections.

It is worth noting that one of the common symptoms of thrush just so happens to be loss of taste, which also just so happens to be one of the supposedly unique and common symptoms of ‘Covid19’...

Another serious health issue being played off as a purely unique symptom of ‘Covid19’ in order to sell the establishment pandemic narrative is the presence of ground glass in the lungs, which can be caused by, among other things, the inhalation of cotton fibers. In “Masks: false safety and real dangers, Part 1”, the study authors detail their research into the mask material makeup of the 3 types of commonly used masks, which found that the risk of inhaling loose and potentially dislodged microfibers and particulates in cloth (cotton) masks was very real, this likelihood compounded with re-use following washes. The risk was equally present in medical masks, with a myriad of potential harms arising from the inhalation of the synthetic microfibers used in their construction, including various chronic respiratory diseases.

The authors conclude:

When partial airway obstruction, i.e. masking, is added, deeper and more forceful breathing occurs. When this phenomenon is combined with the particles found herein on microscopic examination of the face side of newly unpackaged, never worn masks, there can arise the risk of a dangerous level of foreign material entering lung tissue. Furthermore, worn masks can only either lose these particles to lodge in the lungs of the wearer, or they would accumulate during use, to the burden (both biological and debris) of non-mask material carried on the inside of the mask.
If widespread masking continues, then the potential for inhaling mask fibers and environmental and biological debris continues on a daily basis for millions of people. This should be alarming for physicians and epidemiologists knowledgeable in occupational hazards.


There are even more potential harms of long-term mask use I won’t get into here, with links for further research attached at the end of this post. But of all the harms, the psychological ones may end up being the most detrimental of all.

The Fear Factor

“Wearing a mask reinforces fear,” Dr. Shane Neilson, MD, accurately noted in a peer-reviewed article published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal - “The surgical mask is a bad fit for risk reduction”.

Remember the sinister-looking beaked plague mask from the Middle Ages that instilled fear in onlookers? Wearing a mask reinforces fear.

And fear, in turn, as the ancient sages knew and modern research is now proving, causes disease - all manner of disease. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Fear may well in fact be the single leading cause of illness in the world today, and the unprecedented level of perpetual ‘pandemic’ fear fueled by the establishment media and aided by universal masking has and will continue to cause and contribute to the development of disease, often leading to death, in untold numbers of people, many of who’s conditions no doubt are and will continue to be falsely attributed to ‘Covid19’.

To summarize, from the Functional Medical Institute:

Living under constant threat weakens our immune system and can cause cardiovascular damage, gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome, and decreased fertility.


Other consequences of long-term fear include fatigue, inflammation, yellow fat accumulation, type 2 diabetes, clinical depression, accelerated aging, and even premature death.

WebMD also notes that chronic anxiety and stress causes suppression of the immune system, premature coronary artery disease and heart attacks, among other things.

Ironically, those intent on perpetuating the fear and universal masking in the name of your health and safety, just so happen to be the very same ones who stand to profit from all of the fear- and mask- and lockdown-induced harm caused and contributed to by these Orwellian policies, including the countless diseases that will both arise and worsen due to the immense scale of immune suppression these ‘public health’ policies are achieving.

Once all the veneers of deception have been peeled away from the pandemic narrative, we are left to see the establishment ‘reality’ for the illusion it is, left standing in the midst of the perpetuation of a pandemic that never was, face to face with the real threat to public health and safety, a global epidemic of fear, and universal societal masking as a principle means of reinforcing that fear and perpetuating the illusion.

Masks & the pandemic that never was

As for the establishment claim that there are no health risks associated with wearing masks and that long-term mask use is entirely “harmless”, it has been conclusively demonstrated in this post that these claims are outright lies. If the ‘experts’ really cared about your health and safety, and truly believed there was a deadly pandemic ravaging humanity, they could be honest with the world about the documented harms and potential health risks associated with masks (as many initially were), and at the same time make the case that the alleged benefits in protection from the [not so] deadly ‘virus’ outweigh the risks and potential harm. But they can’t do that, because the ‘pandemic’ they claim the masks offer the public protection against doesn’t exist, and the reality is it never did.

Extensive research published in the peer-reviewed PDMJ seems to me to conclusively prove, using all of the available data (medical and otherwise), that there was no pandemic in 2020. The study found that overall death rates did not rise in 2020 disproportionately to previous years, nor was there any excess sale of medical oxygen. If there were no unusually large excess of deaths, there was no pandemic by the very definition of a pandemic. It’s that simple to understand. This is why, since April 2020, the media has been focusing almost exclusively on number of ‘cases’ rather than deaths.

The authors of the study - “Pandemic?” - note that: “Dr. [Genevieve] Briand [PhD] found that the proportion of total deaths in US by age group did not change from before COVID-19 to after its peak incidence in the US.”


Briand’s research showed that for all weeks of 2020 ‭to date, a consistent proportion, among ‬different age groups, of deaths from all causes occurred. Her research was quickly removed from the internet almost as soon as it was posted. The publisher, then censor, was Johns Hopkins University, with known financial ties to World Economic Forum and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, each of which has taken an active role in promoting COVID-19 as the catalyst that justifies a New World Order.

Unprecedented wide scale censorship of information challenging the establishment narrative, particularly information coming from medical doctors and other professionals in their fields, has been a principle means of selling this pandemic that never was, along with coordinated smear campaigns launched against those who dare voice their dissent, with the number of dissenting medical doctors alone in the thousands, and still growing. Just one example in the short clip below:

If a deadly novel coronavirus or any other similar virus was in fact responsible for any or even all of the deaths attributed to ‘Covid19’, it did not cause any particularly notable amount of deaths, hospitalization or sale of medical oxygen in excess of previous years, meaning its impact was no greater than the impact of such viruses like influenza that are with us each and every year.

Furthermore, Dr. Briand also found a strange and peculiar anomaly during the weeks where deaths attributed to COVID peaked in April, a highly unusual drop in deaths from all other causes that almost exactly equaled the number of rise in deaths attributed to COVID!


This suggests, according to Briand, that the COVID-19 death toll is misleading. Briand believes that deaths due to heart diseases, respiratory diseases, influenza and pneumonia may instead be recategorized as being due to COVID-19.

~ Quotation from the now-censored (unpublished with note from the editor), well-written piece initially published by the Students of John Hopkins in the NEWS-LETTER (archived here).

The CDC and whole of the establishment disputes these findings and anyone claiming there was no excess death rate (above the small expected increase due to a steady upwards trend over the past decade), arguing that there was in fact a massive unprecedented surge in both total deaths and in death rate. However, the above-mentioned, independent, comprehensive study of the CDC’s own data, conducted at the end of the year, found the opposite - as can be seen in the attached chart (summary of their findings, via PDMJ).


Furthermore, their peer-reviewed research actually found a drop in number of obituaries, arguably a far more reliable indicator of actual deaths than the numbers released by a compromised establishment organization that has been caught deceiving the American People to perpetuate the pandemic narrative.

If only a fraction of the roughly 300,000 deaths attributed to ‘Covid19’ were actually caused by the new disease according to their own data, then what could possibly account for the excess of over 300,000 deaths, if there truly was such an excess number of deaths in 2020? It sure can’t be ‘Covid19’, no matter how real it may or may not be.

So... If the true 2020 death toll actually exceeds the expected excess deaths for the year, such an excess in deaths can easily be explained by the destructive, Orwellian, non-scientific based ‘pandemic’ measures. Such as... Increased stress, unprecedented levels of media-induced chronic fear and anxiety, lockdowns, increased poverty, depression, universal masking, widespread weakened immunity, etc.

All of this will naturally lead to... More sickness of all kind, increase in deadly disease, more suicides, more drug abuse (and overdoses), more auto accident deaths, bacterial pneumonia, heart attacks, strokes, crime (including homicides), hunger, lack of critical care for cancer patients, and the list goes on.

Examples of all of this have already been observed, not unsurprisingly, as we were forewarned about much of it at the beginning of it all, and yet the devastating, demonstrably harmful ‘safety’ measures were deployed - starting with the fear, then the lockdowns, then the mask mandates and now the rabid push for permanent universal masking and vaccines for all.

It really isn’t all that difficult to see just how the ‘pandemic’ measures alone are capable of creating all of the ‘excess’ deaths attributed to ‘Covid19’ and then some, all without the aid of any new deadly virus ravaging the planet at all.

As it is, this so-called novel coronavirus dubbed ‘SARSCoV2’ (or ‘2019nCoV’) was never isolated (purified), and thus to this day has never been proven to exist. Isolation is the accepted scientific gold standard of virus identification, and yet for some strange reason, still to this day no one in the entire global medical community has taken it upon themselves to isolate the ‘virus’ in order to properly identify it and prove its existence. Though largely ignored, this fact is widely admitted, by the scientists who are said to have initially ‘isolated’ it, by the authors of the FDA/CDC ‘SARSCoV2’/‘2019nCoV’ PCR test manual, by the Pfizer vaccine manufacturers, and most recently by a spokesman for the Chinese CDC in an NBC News interview in late January.


When the NBC correspondent asked why the information China has about the virus still hasn’t been shared with the world yet, Dr. Wu Zunyou replied: “Well, they didn’t isolate the virus, that’s the issue.”

The entire pandemic illusion rests upon a partial DNA sequence taken from a patient in Wuhan, China who was exhibiting flu-like symptoms, which was then passed on to the WHO and used to computer generate a genome sequence then passed off as the ‘virus’ - from the PCR tests used to diagnose ‘Covid19’ patients and create the global ‘case’ totals, to the ‘vaccines’ that are legally and medically speaking not even vaccines being used in the so-called fight to ‘slow the spread’, and everything in between.

At the heart of the illusion is the PCR test, which, although being labelled as “not for use in diagnostic procedures” and other similar qualifications, is being used as the primary and often sole “diagnostic” tool in determining and counting ‘Covid19’ ‘cases’. But there is a major problem with this, a whole host of problems in fact, not the least of which is the high cycle thresholds being used in the US and Europe.

“Its inventor, Kary Mullis, who received the Nobel Prize for inventing the PCR manufacturing technique, is reported to have said that it was for research purposes only and not for medical diagnosis,” former UK physician, Janet Ménage GP, has noted at the BMJ. He certainly did made clear that it was incapable of diagnosing disease. (1, 2)


Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize in Science for inventing the PCR, is thoroughly convinced that HIV is not the cause of "AIDS".

One wonders if he might have similar convictions regarding the so-called novel coronavirus being the alleged cause of ‘Covid19’, if it does exist as such.

But, more importantly:

With regard to the viral load tests, which attempt to use PCR for counting viruses, Mullis has stated: "Quantitative PCR is an oxymoron." PCR is intended to identify substances qualitatively, but by its very nature is unsuited for estimating numbers. Although there is a common misimpression that the viral load tests actually count the number of viruses in the blood, these tests cannot detect free, infectious viruses at all; they can only detect proteins that are believed, in some cases wrongly, to be unique to HIV. The tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves.

The above quotation is taken from an article by John Lauritsen published in the New York Native all the way back in 1996, and a Reuters ‘fact-check’ was forced to admit this understanding may indeed be “a fair reflection of Mullis’ views.” It is thus extremely relevant to the discussion of PCR tests now being used to “detect genetic sequences” that are “believed” (or at least said), “sometimes wrongly,” to be unique to a new ‘virus’ that hasn’t even been isolated.

In an eery twist of fate, Mullis passed away just months before the ‘pandemic’ arrived and only week before Event 201 was held, no doubt much to the benefit of the establishment agenda. We can, at least to some degree, be fairly confident where the Nobel Peace Prize winner would have stood, were he here to witness it all play out. He was a pain in the medical establishment’s side until the day he died, making the unwelcome demand that they actually provide evidence that HIV causes AIDS, and he made his views on the ‘experts’ like Fauci quite clear, calling him and all the high-level ‘experts’ out as the frauds that they are.

“Guys like Fauci get up there and start talking, and he doesn’t know anything really about anything, and I’d say that to his face. Nothing.
“He doesn’t understand electron microscopy and he doesn’t understand medicine. He should not be in a position like he’s in.
“You know, those guys [up there on the top] have got an agenda, which is not what we would like them to have, being that we pay for them to take care of our health in some way.

“They’ve got a personal kind of agenda. They make up their own rules as they go. They change them when they want to, and they smugly, like Tony Fauci does not mind going on television in front of the people who pay his salary, and lie directly into the camera.” - Kary Mullis, award-winning chemist & inventor of the highly acclaimed PCR test

Maybe America shouldn’t be so willing to blindly believe what Fauci and his ilk, who are so willing to lie right into the camera to sell a specific political agenda, tell us about the ‘virus’ and how we should go about living our lives in response to the ‘pandemic’ it is said to have caused. They’ve been caught lying so many times, contradicting themselves on almost every major point of the narrative, you’d think this would be self evident by now. Maybe most Americans really are still just sheep, exactly as Mullis described them to be...


Regarding PCR cycle thresholds, the higher the threshold, the higher the rate of false positives will be, even if the partial sequence of the coronavirus it is said to be testing for does actually exist. Most labs in the US have the cycle thresholds set at 35-45, and most European labs from 30-40. One recently published study found that at a cycle threshold of 30, the tests would produce a 70% rate of false positives, with a cycle threshold of 35 producing a 97% rate of false positives, while even the New York Times declared that the high cycle thresholds being used in the US can be expected to produce a 90% rate of false positives!

Even Dr. Fauci himself has said that any cycle threshold above 34 is essentially meaningless in determining virus-positivity.

“If you get a cycle threshold of 35 or more, the chances of it being replication-competent are minuscule,” Fauci said in the video conference linked above, before adding that, “you almost never can culture virus from a 37 threshold cycle…even 36…it’s just dead nucleoids, period.

And as reported in The NY Times: “Most tests are set at 40. Some at 37.”

Boom. Proof of a global scamdemic, straight from the horse’s mouth. There is no pandemic, and there never was. Some estimated 90-97% of ‘cases’ being used to sell the scam are ‘false positives’, with any ‘true’ positives still only representing a match to a computer generated partial sequence of a virus that has to this day still not been proven to exist.

Even if it does exist, it hasn’t created a pandemic, nor has it been demonstrated to cause ‘Covid19’.

It wouldn’t be the first time that faulty PCR testing created a pandemic that never was. It happened before, and it took months before it was discovered that the ‘epidemic’ didn’t exist, and only by comparing test samples to the isolated virus, at which point it was observed that all of the whooping cough-positive cases (as per PCR results) were in fact not cases of the virus at all!


It’s the “story of the epidemic that wasn’t.” A whooping cough ‘epidemic’, that is, which raged for months, caused hundreds to be vaccinated, and all kinds of pandemonium to ensue. Sound just a bit familiar? It should, because it’s happening all over again, but on a global scale. Of course there was only one problem...

Not a single case of whooping cough was confirmed with the definitive test, growing the bacterium, Bordetella pertussis, in the laboratory. Instead, it appears the health care workers probably were afflicted with ordinary respiratory diseases like the common cold.

This seems just a whee bit relevant considering even the authorities have been forced to admit that the currently used PCR tests can give out false positives by identifying other coronaviruses, including the common cold.

Back to the story:

Now, as they look back on the episode, epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists say the problem was that they placed too much faith in a quick and highly sensitive molecular test [PCR] that led them astray.

Nobody can say the writing wasn’t on the wall well before the 2020 pandemic that never was kicked off last winter. It’s almost as if those who saw it took it as a blueprint rather than a warning...

Which brings us back to the present. In summary:

The magnitude of deception resulting from this misuse, overuse, over-cycling and over- advertising of PCR as a COVID-‭19‬ testing technique, along with frequent exhortations by politicians to “get tested,”‭ can hardly be overstated. This is the core of the problem of the ‬public falsely believing that there is a pandemic, and that its name is COVID-‭19.‬ (”Pandemic?”)

Many are chopping at the branches of the poisonous Covid1984 tree, with far fewer hacking at the roots. Many insist with an almost absolute sense of certainty that they just know ‘Covid19’ is real, and it’s just the ‘pandemic’ that’s a hoax. The ‘virus’ is real, they argue, just 94% hype.

But what exactly is ‘Covid19’? It’s a disease that hasn’t been proven to be caused by a virus that in turn hasn’t been proven to exist - a disease that has a vast and ever growing array of symptoms, ranging from absolutely nothing in most people who catch it (‘asymptomatic cases’), to mild cold-like symptoms and slightly more severe flu-like symptoms, to pneumonia and heart failure and sepsis and other deadly ailments, and in the most extreme cases even motorcycle accidents!

The picture gets more sinister when you begin to realize that just about all of the [not so] unique symptoms being used to identify ‘Covid19’ can also be caused by long-term mask use, or some combination of masks, isolation, and fear. Pneumonia, one of the leading ‘Covid19’-induced causes of death - long-term mask use and weakened immunity; ground glass in the lungs - inhalation of mask particulates; shortness of breath - mask-induced hypoxia, hypercapnia; loss of taste - thrush; and the list goes on. These symptoms are of course surely not always being caused by masking and the other ‘pandemic’ measures, but how many times are they? It’s hard to say for sure, but all of the ‘Covid19’ symptoms can also be easily explained by other quite common, known causes; none are truly unique to ‘Covid19’.

What is unique to ‘Covid19’ is the unprecedented level of artificially-induced chronic/perpetual fear, the use of lockdowns to battle infectious disease, the obsession with implementing universal societal masking as a new permanent normal, along with the unprecedented level of wide scale censorship and deception used to sell a pandemic that never was, and perpetuate this COVID illusion into eternity.

This is where masks are key, as a tool to reinforce the fear and perpetuate the illusion of a deadly pandemic. As long as universal masking is in effect, masks are a daily, hourly, even constant reminder of the ‘pandemic’. Without them, people would begin to lose their fear of the ‘deadly virus’ because it is nowhere to be seen anywhere around them except on the TV screen and in the faceless crowds, with the masks acting as the reflection of this illusion.

They need universal masking, because without it, there is no visual reinforcement of the fear, and without that, the illusion crumbles as the fear it is built upon slowly fades away. All of the adverse effects caused by long-term masking are an added benefit to the powers that be, or maybe a well intended consequence, but either way they can all be lumped together and blamed on the next ‘wave’ or latest strain, or, as already appears to be happening, on ‘long-haul’ COVID.

In a new age where everything must be a symptom of ‘Covid19’ to keep the illusion alive, the NY Times is literally attempting to convince its readers that everything from hair loss to swollen toes, and muscle pain to teeth randomly falling out, are all a part of a wide range of delayed symptoms of ‘Covid19’, surfacing months after people initially recover from the ‘virus’. Thus the term “long-haulers,” those who carry symptoms for life it would seem, symptoms that can surface months, maybe years after initial infection...

Oddly enough, many of these symptoms are perfect descriptions of expected ‘mask mouth’ symptoms - “teeth falling out, as well as sensitive gums and teeth turning gray” - while others are definite symptoms of hypoxia and hypercapnia, including “brain fog” and “muscle aches.”

Elsewhere, clear thrush and other potentially mask-induced symptoms - discolored tongues, mouth ulcers, skin rashes - are being called the latest unusual COVID symptoms, with one even earning a new name, “COVID tongue”! There’s even a good chance a simple headache is ‘Covid19’ too, so just play it safe and stay home and isolate - never mind that headaches are the most commonly reported adverse effect of mask use, it’s probably COVID!

Whether or not all these particular cases are adverse effects of long-term mask use is unclear, but they sure well could be, and already have been for others. Some effects absolutely will occur after such widespread long-term masking, it’s guaranteed, it’s already happened, and the media will be all too happy to blame it all on COVID, admittedly without a single shred of evidence linking them, because it must be, because everything’s COVID now...

And that is exactly how one would expect a fake disease that doesn’t actually exist to act, but is instead rather a conglomeration of a bunch of other diseases and symptoms - all packaged together and then re-labelled as one single disease called ‘Covid19’, the magical disease that just never stops giving, never stops mutating, keeps coming back again, wave after wave after wave after wave, definitely here for the long haul.

It should be obvious by now if it wasn’t already that the madness will never end until we make it end, and as long as we are willing to cling to the symbol of the illusion, the symbol of fear, the symbol of slavery, that is exactly how long the illusion, the fear it is built upon, and the prison being built upon these two will endure.

It’s time to take off our masks, and in doing so unmask the entire illusion for which the mask stands. Taking off your mask is not just an act of resistance, it is an act of kindness, not only for yourself but for your children and the entire next generation of humans to walk this earth. Because no child deserves to grow up in a society of faceless slaves, born to mothers in masks, taught to keep their distance from friends at all times, living in a world where facial expressions are a thing of the past and loudspeakers never stop blaring the latest propaganda about how dangerous the new strain of virus is, and how the requirement to produce a valid vaccine certificate/immunity passport in order to buy groceries is just ‘for your safety and the safety of all our customers’.

The writing is on the wall, and it has been for a long while now, from the ‘flu’ pandemic of 1918 to the “epidemic that wasn’t,” and from the never-ending “15 days to slow the spread” to the current prediction for an additional “7 years” of coronavirus before the ‘vaccine’ finally stamps it out.

Most have probably forgotten by now, if they were ever aware, that at the beginning of it all the WHO stated that there was “no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission.”

As absurd as such a statement sounds to most now, it is just yet another facet of this ‘pandemic’ that echoes back to the ‘flu’ pandemic of 1918, when US government researchers attempting to infect 100 volunteers with the influenza virus through every method conceivable to a mind that was convinced it was a highly contagious disease, instead found a conclusive lack of evidence of human transmission. Try as they might, they couldn’t transmit influenza by any means from one human to another under controlled experimental conditions, nor was the isolated bacterium assumed to be the cause of the illness able to induce the illness in a single test subject.

The overseer of the experiment later wrote:

“We entered the outbreak with a notion that we knew the cause of the disease and were quite sure we knew how it was transmitted from person to person. Perhaps, if we have learned anything, it is that we are not quite sure what we know about the disease.” (NCBI)

Words that seem to echo through time, as relevant now as they were a Century ago. If there is anything to be learned here, it is that we should not be trusting those who refuse to learn from history and therefore refuse to admit that they really don’t know what they claim to know about viruses in general and ‘Covid19’ specifically. They don’t have a clue about the very thing they claim to be experts in, only unproven assumptions and an adversity to those seeking hard evidence - just as Kary Mullis said.

“Now, more than a century later, not one single controlled experiment has proven that viruses are contagious,” The Bernician concludes.

In this light, it would be a lot less surprising if, just like with masks, the WHO’s claim regarding no evidence of human to human transmission turned out to be true, and that its official stance was later updated to fit the narrative due to political pressure as opposed to any newfound evidence indicating otherwise. After all, it’d be pretty difficult for a ‘virus’ that doesn’t exist to be transmitted from one human to another anyway, whether by ‘asymptomatic carriers’ or the sickest of the sick...

#MaskOff, or forever be enslaved.


Resources for further research regarding mask harms:

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